Saturday, March 25, 2017

Neil Armstrong

JJ, As a part of 2nd grade, it was your turn to be in a wax museum at school.  You were to study, dress up like and prepare a speech about a famous American. 
You were Neil Armstrong-the first man to walk on the moon!

We borrowed an astronaut costume from a friend and modified a Buzz Lightyear helmet. 

You had fun creating your display and learning about him. 

Daddy and I were both glad we could come and see you.  We are proud of you.


Most classes came through too, including Kindergarten and 4th grade :)

I met Queen Esther, Squanto, JFK, and even Donald Trump among several others.
However, you...Neil Armstrong...were the best!
Love you!

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Goodbye Braces

Sydney-February 1st of 2016 you got your braces (and a lovely expander-ha).

You have rocked them!
You have been the best patient ever. 

TODAY was a big day-----off they came! 

And your smile, as always, is absolutely beautiful......

Bring on the gum!!!!!!

PS.  This is the note ("invitation") your brother JJ gave me for tonight. 
Those two boys celebrated right along with you today.
Love you.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

JJ's Basketball Season

JJ-you sure do love basketball!  You had a great season and are sad it's come to an end.
This season you played on the Ducks, and you learned so much.
Most of all-you had FUN!

We are proud of how aggressive you've become at defense and how you've worked to release your shot quicker.  Hands up in your face or not---you are shooting that ball.  Often times, it works out just fine for you since you are taller than almost everyone.
Your rebounding and ball handling is improving all the time.

Of course, you enjoy having fans at your games-your grandparents each made it to two games and Mrs. Henderson came to see you and Conner too.

We're thankful that Upward has been a great option for you the past three seasons.
I hope you know how much your Daddy loves you and enjoys being one of your coaches.

Great job #2!  It's such a blessing to watch you do something you enjoy so much...
Your #1 fan 

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Luke Takes A Shot

Luke-you've just about wrapped up your first season of basketball.  You were a Bear and played in the K Upward league  We did not expect you to enjoy it as much as you did.  By the 2nd game of the season, we were riding through town and you were thanking us for letting you play. You said it's " too hard to pick" if you liked basketball or baseball more. 

You loved scoring (in one game 7 times!), and were not a big fan of passing!  During the first few games, there were no passes and so we would try to encourage you to get an assist.  While you didn't like that plan at first, late in the season you did that too.

I think part of the fun was getting to play the same sport that your big brother also enjoys.  Every week we would have your game and shortly after you got to watch him play in his.

You were a JOY to watch-sometimes you would spontaneously run off the court to give me a hug or Daddy a high five.  Hope you enjoyed him coaching you as much as he did being a part of your first time playing basketball.  We love you #15!  Can't wait to watch you do your next thing...

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Celebrating Luke

 Luke, you had a great 6th birthday!
On the big day, you played in your first ever! basketball game. 
You scored 4 points and your grandparents were all four there to see it with us.
You picked lunch at your favorite place and they made sure you had the royal treatment!

We ate cookie cake at home and you had a few presents to open.

The night before your birthday, you had your school and church
friends at a party with Chuck E Cheese.
You were so happy!

I know it was such a special night for you at a place you've always enjoyed.
And I am so very thankful we could do this for you.

After watching your sister and brother in years past, it was your turn to go in the ticket blaster. 
You even caught the "magic ticket."

Later that night before bed, I asked you who of your friends had the most fun at your party.
"ME!" you said :)

Love you 6 year old-you are an amazing gift and little boy!
Can't wait to be a part of your next year!

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Happy 6th Birthday Luke!!

Happy Birthday Luke!  It is so hard for me to believe that you are 6!
It's surreal how fast you are growing up, but you wouldn't have it any other way.

You are having a great year in Kindergarten.

You are full of fun, energy and sweetness.
Life around you is always fun and full of surprises.
You have really enjoyed playing on a baseball team and are excited to play on your basketball team this winter too.  You are doing a great job as you continue learning to read!  In the past couple of months you've lost your first two teeth-one went down the sink, and you pulled the other one out yourself on Christmas Eve. 
Holly, Star Wars, Mickey, pizza, pasta, hot wheels and Legos are your loves.  Playing with your brother and sister is just about your favorite thing in the world. 

We are so incredibly blessed that we can call you son, Luke.  We love you to the moon and back!  Happy 6th birthday ---and I hope 2017 will be a great year filled with adventure, learning & fun for you.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Christmas Break

We had a blast Christmas break and made the most of you having over two weeks off from school. 

Early in the break, we followed WKU to Fort Lauderdale for the bowl game
and a couple days on the beach.
We were blessed with beautiful weather and warm ocean water in December!

 And a big win!

 We got to visit with family and celebrate Christmas!

We played lots of games, watched movies, and spent some time with friends from church.  We enjoyed time at home, even battled the stomach virus x3.

Someone lost pulled out his second tooth on Christmas Eve!
We spent New Years with some of our favorite people
at a really fun place.

Today we started back into the normal routine-I am so incredibly
blessed to be a part of your normal routine.

May 2017 be a great year for all three of you-you are the best!
Love you