Friday, March 30, 2007

Jessica's Belly

Here is Jessica's Belly as Sydney grows....




Sydney's room

Here are some early pictures of Sydney's Room. Here are two views of her crib and bedding and a picture of the glider and ottoman that will get a lot of action during the middle of the night I am sure by both Mommy and Daddy. So far it appears strong enough to support Daddy so that is great news! :-) Next week we should get our dresser that we ordered 6 weeks ago. Have a good weekend and enjoy this weather!

Side view of the Crib

Front view of the crib

Sydney's Glider and Ottoman

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Sydney's 1st Picture

Sydney's first picture. :-)

Welcome to Sydney Grace McClanahan's Place. This is the place for updates on Sydney include pictures, video, and commentary.

Sydney is 31 weeks as of March 29, 2007.

Thanks for visiting!

Jeff & Jessica.