Saturday, April 28, 2007

Bowling Green Shower

This weekend was another very special one for Jeff and me. Our third and final baby shower for Sydney was hosted in Bowling Green by my wonderful friends from Living Hope at Amanda's house. My mom, Nanny, Jeff's mom, his sister April, and our niece Makayla made the trip to Bowling Green to come, as did Stacy, my closest friend, from Oldham County. My friends Sarah (who will watch our princess), Hannah, and Jane Marie also got to come.

Sydney hit the jackpot again as she received many wonderful gifts. Some highlights included her (well, really OUR...) video baby monitor from my parents (Nana and Grandpa) and my Nanny; her Rainforest Jumperoo from the Linns; and many other wonderful clothes, a Boppy pillow, and much more!

Below are some pictures that highlight the weekend:

Brownie adjusts to the fact that soon she will not be the only "baby" in the McClanahan house as she gives Avery a kiss on Friday night :)

Stacy (and Brian) brought this beautiful (and YUMMY) strawberry cake for the shower-notice how it matches Sydney's bedding with the stripes and polka dots!

Stacy, Heather, Dwan, me, Ashley and Amanda at the shower. I am very blessed to be surrounded with such wonderful friends and "mommy mentors." (I hate it that I didn't think to get this one taken before Krista, Julia, and Liz left...)

My mom, me, and Nanny pose. We were so happy that they could make the trip to Bowling Green to celebrate with us! Nanny wins the award for travelling the farthest to the shower-all the way from Huntington, West Virginia, over 300 miles.

April, Makayla, me and Jeff's mom, "Granny." Along with "Nana," these three ladies also win an award for travelling >160 miles to celebrate Sydney's upcoming arrival with us in our home.

Yep, summer will undoubtedly fly by, and I'll be back to work at Western by the end of August! However, Jeff and are thrilled that our special friends Sarah (with me above) and Dwan (also shown several pictures above) will be the angels taking care of our little Sydney Grace.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Baby shower/Tee Ball

This weekend we headed to Georgetown for what will likely be our final visit before Sydney arrives. On Saturday morning, April (Jeff's sister) hosted a baby shower for me at her home, and Sydney got lots of very nice stuff-everything from clothes, homemade quilts, jewelry, diapers, her swing, and much more! We felt so honored to have a second baby shower and have so many loved friends and family come!

Jeff and I also got to see our nephew Trace, in his first tee ball game of the season! The weather was beautiful, and we both really enjoyed getting to see Trace play!

EDIT: Below is a new picture of a hand knit blanket done by Bonnie Wynn. It was very special and I am sure Sydney will enjoy it. :-) Thanks!

Below are some pictures highlighting the weekend, (in order): Jeff and me at the shower, me with Granny (Jeff's mom on left) and Nanna (my mom on right) at the shower, Trace hitting a line drive at his game, and Sydney's travel boppy swing - her gift from her great aunt Brenda :) and Cousin Kim that we put together tonight after returning from our weekend adventure!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

34 week Update

Today we had our 34 week Dr. visit. We found out that Jessica's weight is doing good, her belly is measuring around 34 weeks, Sydney's heartbeat was 141, and the nurse thought she could tell that she had flipped back around but wasn't sure. Dr. Gass said he should be able to tell in two weeks at the 36 week visit if she has turned around. Hopefully by that point she has turned around since it is unlikely after that point that she will flip.

Below are some pictures from the past few weeks including an update of Jessica's Belly, Jessica with my sister (April) outside of Mariah's, and our new Playard.

Frankfort Shower (3/24/07)



4/8/07 (Jessica and April (my sister who is 16 weeks pregnant)

Chicco Pack N Play

Chicco Playard with the changing table on it and the play mat moved to the floor. (Note from Jessica: After I returned from a weekend trip with Dwan, Julia and Amanda to Pigeon Forge, "daddy" had a surprise for me, as he had assembled Sydney's Playard. That was sweet and a very good surprise!)

Also, see Sydney's diaper bag.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

32 week Dr. Visit (or 33...)

Today Sydney turned 32 weeks old, and we celebrated that occasion by having an ultrasound and appointment with Dr. Gass. We were a bit concerned before this appointment, because at my appointment last week, I measured behind, and although my stomach has certainly expanded lately :), I haven't been gaining any weight over the past few weeks. So, Dr. Gass wanted to take a close look at her to make sure she was growing at the right rate.......

AND BOY WAS SHE EVER! The ultrasound showed that I am actually measuring at 33 weeks (a week ahead), because our little princess is already 4 lbs, 2 oz. She is in between the 70th and 80th percentile compared for this age! (Dr Gass and Jeff smiled as we found this out).

In all seriousness, I am happy that she's big and healthy, like her daddy :) It's much better than thinking that she's not growing big enough at this important stage.

My blood pressure is still very low, and Doc was happy to know I'm still in my normal walking routine, and feeling good.

The only bad news of the day was that Sydney has flipped, and her bottom is where her head should be. She has another 3 or 4 weeks to turn around with her head facing down, or we will have to deliver by C-section. Dr. Gass thinks it's likely she will turn, and we hope so, but either way, we're very happy that our little princess is healthy at this point.

Click on the ultrasound and on the picture on the right, you can see her right eye open and her arm. :-)

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Sydney's stroller and car seat

Jessica and I assembled Sydney's Stroller tonight. It was much easier than we thought it would be. After much research and time spent at babies "r" us testing them out, we determined the best option for us is the Chicco Cortina Travel System. Below is a picture of the stroller with the car seat in it, both side by side and with me pushing the stroller. One key advantage of this stroller is that the handles adjust higher to make it easier for a tall Daddy to push. That was a key selling point. Also, it got great reviews from others on the web. I hope everyone got to enjoy this great spring weather before the cold weather moves in later this week. At least we can watch the Masters this week and wish we could be there. :-)