Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Sydney turns 1 month (and she likes golf)!

Happy one month Sydney Grace :) Thank you God for giving us such a beautiful, healthy baby girl.

Today, to celebrate Sydney turning one month old, we took her to her first golf tournament!

The AJGA (American Junior Golf Association) is holding a tournament this week at the Club at Olde Stone here in Bowling Green. Since the club is private, this may be the closest any of us gets in a while :), but the course is absolutely beautiful.

This morning we walked the front nine holes, and all three had a great time! Along the way, we met a man from Pittsburgh, PA who told us that he had been to golf tournaments all across the US watching his son play, but had never seen a stroller. He was even more surprised when Jeff told him that our Sydney was only one month old today :).....Anyway, it took us about 2 hours, and Sydney was very good....never made a sound through the entire stroll.

Before we started walking the course, we stopped to get a family picture.

This shot overlooks hole #2, and I'm not sure how Jeff ever made it down this VERY steep hill without the stroller (and Sydney) running away....

Sydney and Daddy stopped to pose at the ninth green right before we left. For her first golf outing, Sydney wore her pretty monogrammed golf dress.

We plan to go back tomorrow morning and walk the back nine!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sydney goes to Church!

It's been a week since our last post, and during that time we have had some great family time, spending time running errands, going for walks, and just hanging out together. Again, Jeff and I both thank God for this precious time he has given our family to spend together.

Sydney likes to stretch out on my pillow.

This picture was taken at Montana Grill on Tuesday night. This shot pretty much captures what Sydney does every time we go out to eat... with the exception of Cracker Barrel on Friday morning, when she was awake the entire time, and watched me eat my strawberry pancakes. :)

Check out her hairdo :) ...Anyway, she's really starting to stretch out more lately! (What in the world will we do when she's too big for the lounger?)

The highlight of our weekend was taking Sydney Grace to church for the first time. She stayed awake through Pastor Jason's sermon, and didn't even cry!

Hope everyone else out there had a nice weekend.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Sydney says "I love Daddy"

Happy Fathers Day Daddy! Sydney and Daddy (and I) spent the day together celebrating a very special first Father's Day!

Sydney's first present to her Daddy was letting us all sleep in until 9:00 this morning. (She is still sleeping through every night, with only one interruption in sleep to eat) After such a busy Friday and Saturday, we all three got some needed rest. After Jeff opened a few gifts from his precious daughter, we ventured out to Mancino's for lunch, and then spent the rest of the day at home watching the US Open together.

Our family has been very blessed with a healthy little girl, and special fathers. Jeff and I are both very thankful to have wonderful fathers, and Sydney has an amazing father in her own daddy!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Sydney's Big Weekend

Sydney is celebrating her 3rd (week) birthday with lots of visitors and fun!

On Friday night, Granny and Papaw came for a visit, and to babysit, as Sydney wished Mommy and Daddy a Happy 7th wedding anniversary.

What a special anniversary it was as we had our precious Sydney Grace here to share it with us! We got to go to a very nice dinner date at 440 Main and for dessert at ColdStone, while Sydney got to spend the evening with her grandparents.

Today, Sydney had several visitors, as Ben and Sarah Dahmer stopped in to see her, as well as Charles, Andra, Campbell and Claire Bledsoe.

Sydney really loved seeing everyone, and is looking forward to a special first Father's Day with her Daddy tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Sydney's Cord stump is gone!

Today Sydney's umbilical cord stump fell off-you can tell that we are new parents when this was an event we got really excited about :-)

She is also gaining weight very well now. In fact, we went to her doctor yesterday for a weight check, and found out that she gained 10 ounces in the previous four days! This was wonderful news to us, as we have been concerned about a slow start in this area.

Below are some pictures that highlight our nice day at home from today.

Mommy wearing Sydney Grace in the carrier we ordered a few weeks before she was born. It can hold her from 8 lbs all the way to 25 lbs. After putting it together today and wearing it around with Sydney for a while, I love it, and think it will be very helpful during shopping trips, ballgames, etc. Sydney also loves it as she fell right to sleep after we put her in it.

Brownie and Sydney snuggled together and took a nice nap on Daddy this afternoon-looking at their picture makes me tired.....

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Sydney turns 2 weeks old

In celebration of Sydney turning 2 weeks old, the three of us got out our matching 4th of July shirts from Old Navy. Sydney likes matching Mommy and Daddy. :-)

Sydney also got a very nice gift. Her dresser/hutch combo that her Papa Jimmy and Granny Janet got her (and was ordered 4 months ago) finally arrived and her Daddy and Grandpa drove to Nashville to pick it up. It is made by the same company as her Crib so it is a very good match, and will be very helpful to us. Below is the dresser, and we will add the hutch later when we no longer need a changing table for Sydney :)

Also, her Grandpa Dallas and Nana Helen came down for the weekend to spend time with us and babysit Saturday and Sunday night while her Mom and Dad went to a few small group events.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Sydney likes walks :-)

Sydney is still sleeping well during the night. We took her out shopping for the first time on Monday to Target and we just happened to run into the Renfrows. Aiden got to see Sydney but Sydney was sleeping during the shopping trip. Then last night Jason brought by dinner and got to see Sydney. After dinner, Mom, Dad, Topper and Sydney went on a 45 min walk since we had such great weather. She sleeps well in her stroller on our walks. Sydney was having a big crying fit last night and after determining that she wasn't hungry or needed a diaper change, we thought it could be gas. Well, we tried MYLICON and it worked in a matter of seconds. We'll make sure we always have some of that around.

On Tuesday, Sydney's Granny Janet and Papa Jimmy came down from Georgetown to spend the day with us. We went on a walk with Sydney's Granny and Papa and Topper this morning after they got to hold her for a while. Then, we grilled some great steaks from Fatted Calf and had some side dishes that were brought by Granny Janet that made for a great lunch. Below are some pictures from their visit.

Jason Graham with Sydney.

The McNabbs on their visit to see Sydney. Samuel was in the van taking a snooze.

Mom with Topper and Sydney before the walk. Topper is checking Sydney out. :-)

Sydney hanging out on her Boppy Lounger with her new pretty outfit given to her by Jeff B.

Granny Janet with Sydney

Papa Jimmy with Sydney

Friday, June 1, 2007

Sydney is sleeping well during the night!

Sydney has shown great improvement after her first two nights at home. After talking with the pediatrician, we decided to try out the swing for her to sleep in. Her first three nights were a great success as she slept very well between feedings. This makes her mommy and daddy very happy. We'll work later on moving her to the cradle/crib.

Also, after seeing how much Sydney likes to snuggle in the boppy pillow, we noticed that Boppy makes a boppy lounger for newborns. After reading many reviews of it on the internet, we decided to venture out to Target while Sydney's Nana babysat. So far Sydney gives it two thumbs up. It is very comfy for her and allows her to lay there and either look around or take a snooze. Here is a picture of her in it. Tomorrow Sydney turns 1 week! :-)

Tonight Sydney joined Mom and Dad for our first walk together. She enjoyed it while she slept. Here are a few pictures. It is great that Mom already feels well enough to go for a walk with Sydney. :-)