Saturday, January 26, 2008

Happy 8 Months Sydney Grace!

It has been exactly 8 months since Sydney was born!

During the past month, we have watched Sydney as she learns to crawl all over the place. She's using more "words," taking long afternoon naps, eating Puffs, Cheerios & yogurt, and even sporting a new tooth! The ton of dark brown hair from birth (which all fell out around 3-5 months) is all but a memory, and her new hair seems longer every single day. She loves to wave at us, and at strangers in restaurants or the mall :). Sydney loves being in her highchair and enjoys every type of food (except Banana Mixed Berry) we have ever given her...she gets mad at us almost every time the sippy cup is empty, or the food is gone. We are also in the beginning stages of pulling up. She loves to make clicking noises with her mouth, jump in her Jumperoo, play with her walker and mostly just crawl around and play with all of her toys on the floor. Her favorite "word" at the moment is "BaBaBa"...She also loves being around Brownie and Topper.

Posing for her 8 month picture in her Sydney chair

We thought we had a special surprise for her today...a Busy Ball
Popper...apparently it was scary; she hated it :(

On a happier note, here is a video of her from earlier today jumping away!!


Saturday, January 19, 2008

Toyboxes and Toys!

Today, Jeff (mostly) :) and I finished putting together Sydney's toybox! This special gift was given to Sydney by her Nana and Grandpa for her first Christmas. It looks beautiful in her room, and we're sure she will enjoy it for many years to come.

Sydney Grace on top of her toy box

Her latest favorite toy is her Chicco Walker, given to her by her Granny and Papaw for Christmas. It's too soon for her to walk with it yet, but watch the video to see what she can do!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Fun with meal time

A funny thing has been happening around here lately...At Sydney's meal time, Brownie and Topper have been lurking around the highchair :)

Sometimes Sydney shares.

Every now and then, she gets a kiss. Note to reader...we do not allow this very often :)

Sometimes, she wants us to help her. However, more and more, she wants to be a big girl and do it on her own. :(

...and after she's done, sometimes she and Brownie like to hang out in her "Sydney" chair together.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Time with Friends

Sydney got her first tooth yesterday! Her bottom left tooth is showing, and starting to come through her gum! If she would let me, I would pry her mouth open to take a picture, but I don't see that happening at all :)

Yesterday, Sydney and I got to spend the day with our bestest friends Stacy and Avery! We had a girl lunch together, and hit several shopping spots! It was a special day for all four of us.

Also, developing in the last week...Sydney has been sitting herself up from the crawling position to play.

One of her favorite things right now is playing ball with Mommy and Daddy. We roll her the "Jingle Ball" she got for Christmas, and (if she doesn't pick it up to chew on it) she rolls it back! We have a video of this to post, but it'll have to wait til Daddy gets home and can help me do that.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Fun at Home...(sweet home!)

With all of Sydney's (and our) recent travels, the three of us have had a weekend full of fun playtime at home!

Last night, Sydney tried her first bite of "Puffs." She did a good job picking them up, (and some of them actually even got to her mouth) but Brownie ended up getting a few dropped Puffs herself :)

We're still working on the crawling thing-at this point it's more scooting on our stomach but depending on our hands to pull us along:)...but moving toward her pals Brownie and Topper is not a problem at all.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

Sydney has been celebrating her first New Year with a special New Year's Eve party last night, and some fun time at home today with Mom and Dad. After traveling through several states and over 2,000 miles in the past week and a half, it was nice for all of us to to have some time at home to play with Sydney and her new toys!

We went to a "wear your pj's" New Year's Eve Party last night at Dwan and Jason's.

Sydney with all the "Big Girls"

Snuggling in bed this morning with Daddy

When you are now using your lounger to sit on or crawl on, then a new year means officially saying goodbye to the Boppy Lounger. :( To the attic goes the Lounger!

Happy 2008 to all!