Monday, August 25, 2008

Sydney Grace at (wow!) 15 months

As of tomorrow, Sydney is 15 months old! Wow-how hard that is to believe :)

Our baby girl is continuing to blossom and it is really amazing to watch her development. Since she started walking in late July, she wants to be on the go constantly. She is happy in her stroller and her car seat, but any other restraint (such as a high chair, float, or us holding her) is not appreciated AT ALL! She really has not exhibited fear at all yet, which I guess is both good and bad.

Sydney continues to learn many more words...I am pretty sure that I cannot list all of the words she is using, and this post will probably be my last attempt to do so. Without a doubt, her favorite words are That!, Doggie, and ByeBye--she has songs for each of these words. Other words she uses include "All Gone;" Dada (there are also All Gone and Dada songs); Moon (points to it), light (also points); ball (for grapes and balls); uhoh; milk; plane (as she watches it and waves "bye bye"); NoNo!; Yhea; Yay!; Mimi (this is what she calls me); Baby; Nana; Water (with no "t" sound); tickle, tickle, tickle; duck (also quacks); and bird (sometimes calls a bird a "B"). These are all that I can think of right now, and there may be a few others.

She loves to explore and loves shoes (which is a big change!) She still loves most foods, and some of her favorites are Arby's roast beef, mac n cheese, Chickfila chicken, grapes, watermelon, bananas, muffins, peas, mandarin oranges, cinnamon apples, waffles, cheese, french fries, and ICE CREAM! When food is really good, she shakes her head and says "mmmmm." Her latest thing at meal time is using ketchup and ranch as she sees us doing this too. Her naps are still 2-3 hour afternoon naps. One new thing she is doing is giving hugs. She started giving them to her bear we call "Cheesecake" and then me, and now Daddy too. Just in the last couple days, she has been coming up to us without prompting and hugging just makes my heart melt! (She probably knows she can get away with anything with a sweet hug) She also will blow a kiss, but not as often!

Not really sure she has a favorite toy right now...she plays with all of the old favorites on occasion but is really too busy :) to stop and play for very long. She loves books, and has her favorite pages memorized (as to what will be on a certain page) and wants us to turn right to those. She also loves going to her "Sydney" chair, even though sometimes that's only for a few seconds at a time. Music (whether it is on the radio, or her own made up song) is one thing always making her smile. She is a very happy and healthy little girl. Almost every single day, and sometimes multiple times in a day, we get the question---"Is she always that happy?"

We are really looking forward to a fall full of fun with our little girl!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Daddy's Birthday!

Sydney and I wish her Daddy a wonderful Happy Birthday! Sydney's Daddy turns 30 today, and now I'm not the only one in the 30 club :)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

More Beach Photos

Here are some family pictures from the beach last week:

Sydney the lobster and Daddy the alligator

Sydney rode this ferris wheel (below) with us at the Wharf--this is the South's largest/tallest ferris wheel. She was not scared at all, and waved to her Nana, who was on the ground watching.

Me and my happy baby girl

Enjoying time in the ocean

Sydney Grace with her Nana and Grandpa

Sydney and Mommy outside of Lulu's

Sydney"taking" her Daddy for a walk
----And, one last family photo

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sydney's Beach Trip

We have many pictures to share from our trip last week to Gulf Shores, but not much time at the moment. We had a great trip, and hope to return in the years to come! Here are a few of Sydney and more family pictures to come in the next couple of days!

She loved playing with the fountains at the entry to the zero-entry pool. This was a favorite spot of SG's all week long.

Sydney Grace also loved floating in her Lady Bug in the ocean.

She also enjoyed playing in her inflatable pool on the beach.

She did not like the sand...well, let's be more specific about it-she HATED the sand. She did not want it on any part of her, and actually did not want it on us either. It did not "grow on her" as the week continued.

So, who says that sand toys are only for the sand?!

More fun at the pool!

Ready for bed!

Friday, August 8, 2008

On the Road Again...

Early tomorrow morning,

leaves for

She's got her beach toys, and all her bathing suits and floats! Time for fun at the beach! We're all ready for our first trip to Gulf Shores!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Our trip to the Greenbrier

Sydney's Grandpa and Nana were nice enough to take the three of us with them for a wonderful stay at the Greenbrier in West Virginia Sunday-Tuesday. It was such a beautiful place, and we all had such a wonderful time. Here are a few pictures from the Greenbrier:

Overlooking the first tee at the Greenbrier Course...this course is a former Ryder Cup course and Jeff and Grandpa got to play it.

In front of the landmark Spring House.

So I'm biased, but she's more beautiful than all those pretty flowers :)

I love this one of Sydney and Daddy reaching out for each other in the pool.

And now we know where the big mouth smile our girl has came from. She had fun in the baby pool too!

The end of the pool looked right out onto the golf course...really neat! Daddy and Sydney shown here watching the golfers in the WV State Amateur.

Sydney with her Grandparents in front of the Spring House.

The front of the hotel...everything there was absolutely unbelievable and gorgeous!