Friday, January 30, 2009

A Big Boy!

Today, we got to take a look at our little guy, as we had our 28 week visit with Dr. Gass. He was nice enough to "order" an ultrasound for us and we even got several 3-D shots of our JJ. The ultrasound tech told us that only about 37% of 3-D ultrasounds provide clear shots and b/c of our boys position this morning, we were in that lucky percentage. We clearly have seen his face, profile, hands, and even some (what appear to be) big ole' feet!

The most important news of our appointment today is that he is growing well, and I am doing very well too. We found out that he is already 3lb, 3 oz! I measured at 28 weeks (which I am as of today), but he is measuring just one day shy of 30 weeks :)! He is in the 80th percentile and Dr. Gass was very happy with all the measurements, etc-he liked the pictures too!

Dr. Gass reminded me that since I'm having a C-section, a big baby will be just great. I told him that I agreed, but I did not want a 12 lb one-haha. This afternoon, I looked in the "Belly Book" I kept when I was pregnant with Sydney, and she was 4 lb, 2oz at 32 pound more at four weeks later. So, if his current growth continues, he should be at least as big as his big sister was in May 07'.

Dr. Gass also put in a request for JJ to be born on the morning of April 17th, and unless there is a scheduling issue that they call to tell us about, our little man's birthday should indeed be 4-17-09, which we have pretty much known for several months now. We are very thankful to God and our doctor for such great care and a great report.

Happy Super Bowl weekend everybody!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Naming Our Son

Our boy has a name...and I am proud to let you all know that our son, Sydney's little brother's name is Jeffrey Jameson! Jeff and I have actually known for quite a while, since a day or so after we found out "boy" that these names topped my list at first, then our list. And as the days and weeks have passed, we have not really considered any other name than these two that he will bear.

First, there's quite a bit of meaning behind our boy's name. The meaning of Jeffrey is "peace of God." "Jameson," which bears the same meaning as James, means "one who replaces." James was also the son of Joseph, or brother of Jesus.

I want to say that our little man has the tremendous honor of being named after three absolutely wonderful and Godly men...his daddy and his two grandfathers. Of course, Daddy's name is Jeffrey. When I think of the years to come, it will be my constant prayer that our JJ will grow up to be the image of his father. What a wonderful role model he will have to live with and learn from every single day. During our decision of naming Jameson, I remained very insistent :) that Jeffrey be his first name. Personally, I think it is a wonderful honor for both Dad and son. The meaning of Jeffrey is "peace of God."

My father's name is James "Dallas" and father in law is James Raymond (Jim). Anyone who knows us realizes that we have a tremendous amount of respect and love for our own fathers, and we are so excited that our little guy can be named after and in honor of both of them!!! It is especially nice since Dad and Jim are very close friends. For over 30 years, (and along with our mothers) they have shown us such love and support... coached our teams, introduced us to Jesus, assured our high quality education, .........(I could go on and on). We know that each of them will now show love and support to our boy as only such a special grandfather can.

One other special thing about our guy's name is that his first and middle initial represent the first letter in both of our first names, J and J!

So, we're down to 12 weeks, and that is so hard to believe! Jeffrey Jameson is definitely alive and kicking and now the world knows his name. The only remaining decision we have is what we will call our boy on a daily will either be Jameson, Jeff or JJ. We may decide soon, or it may not become totally clear until after he's here. All three are options we are excited about.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Our Little Love Bug

Our little love bug has been doing several new fun things lately, including praying-hands folded and eyes almost closed :) and patting/waving to/hugging her baby "brod-er" (also known as my growing stomach). At bedtime, she tells both her doggies "bye bye," gives them a nice love pat, and hug. She is also really getting into Sesame Street and Elmo.

Baby brother and I had a good checkup yesterday with Dr. Gass and we'll be going back in 3 weeks for another appointment and ultrasound where we'll get to see how big our little guy is getting and take a peak at him again! Dr. Gass also said to get our calendars out and we'll probably go ahead and schedule the big date at this January 30th appointment!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Dreaming of Our Boy

As I see that the "days" ticker I placed on our blog several weeks ago is getting ready to move into the double digits, I find myself dreaming, thinking and wondering about my boy more and more. I wonder who he'll look like; I wonder when his first smile will come; I wonder if he'll hate the sand at the beach as much as his big sister does or if he'll love his "Boppy Lounger," Christmas trees, doggies and the moon as much as she does. Will he be a Mommy's boy or Daddy's? (Sorry Jeff, I think I already have this one covered) Will he want to snuggle and be held, or determined to do it his own way like our girl? Her special friends are Simon (Nimon) and Avery (Ahv-rie)-I wonder who his will be.

Of course, I think about other things too. I have told several people that in a way I feel like I'm getting ready to have my first child. You see, my girl, she's been so easy to care for. Her health is absolutely amazing. With Sydney Grace, we have never experienced an ear infection, trip to the ER, breathing troubles, allergies, stomach problems. She is the healthiest baby I've known of, and the only sickness she's ever known is a couple of high-fever viruses that passed very quickly with the aid of only rest and Tylenol. For her sickness, I've never missed a day or work or even a ball game :) ...So, I wonder-how will Jeff and I handle any of the challenges that might face us in this respect?

AND, my girl sleeps with the best of them! Past her first two nights home with us in May '07, we have never lost much sleep to speak of. Her first five weeks here, we got up with her every 3-4 hours for feeding, AND then I can honestly say that since she turned 5 weeks old, we have never, not even for one hour, lost any sleep. It has been continually amazing and unbelievable. We both realize that this is not the normal scenario and I wonder how we will handle lack of sleep in months to come.

As my little guys baby shower is being planned for next month, I think about how fun it will be for me to celebrate with my dearest friends as we are surrounded by blue this time, instead of pink. I think about how much Jeff is going to love taking his daughter AND his son with us to WKU games, and other events on campus that are so much a part of who we are. I know Jeff and I both dream about our family trips to the beach, the park, even the backyard.

Thinking about the differences are exciting and interesting, but I know some things will be the same. God willing, this little guy will always have parents who will love and support him beyond measure. He also has many other special people who are waiting to shower him with many kids can boast having Four wonderful grandparents, a Sarah, a Dr. Gass and Dr. Chris, a "small group" and family of church friends and other little ones to grow up with, the adoration of so many college students, and love from many other relatives and special friends that our family is blesssed with?

I also think about the great task we have to raise this precious little boy to be a believer in Christ. I think about the verse and our task to (Proverbs 22:6) "Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it." This is, indeed, our biggest and far most important "to do" in the years to come with both of our precious children.

These are just a few of the things that run through my mind these days---we are getting more and more anxious to meet our baby boy, while also trying to soak up every last moment with our Sydney as the next 14 weeks FLY by.

One thing is for sure...I can wonder all I want, but only God is molding this baby boy into the little man he is meant to be. And the rest of us, well, we'll get our first real glimpse into WHO exactly that is beginning in mid-April.

Until April 17th, baby are already loved more than you will ever know.

Us at 25 weeks!
Jeff and I can tell a big difference in this belly picture and the one from 22 weeks, just 3 weeks ago. The weight must be shifting to the tummy b/c I had only picked up 2 lbs in the last 4 1/2 weeks at my weigh-in yesterday at the doctor's office.