Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Celebrating JJ!

I don't think I got to post after our last doctor visit, (Feb 13th -30 week visit) but it is official that our little Jeff will be born on Friday, April 17, ~7:30 am. (Unless he has other plans to come any sooner!)

Here is JJ's cake from his baby shower, which was this past Saturday. (It was as delicous as it is beautiful!)
This past weekend was very special for us, as we had several visitors, including Sydney's grandparents, her aunt April and our special friends Brian, Stacy and Avery. Sydney and Avery had a big time playing together and even though they don't get to see each other all the time, it is obvious they are going to be very special friends as they grow up.
Below you can see them busily playing in Sydney's cottage, and snuggling together and reading their own Elmo books in Avery's special airbed...which Sydney loved!!

Besides playing at home a lot together, they also got to go to WKU's home basketball game on Saturday night with their Daddies and Sydney's Papaw.

Here are some pictures from JJ's special baby shower, which was hosted on Saturday morning by my friend Julie.

Shown here with my friends Krista, Julie, Julia and Stacy. Other friends present who aren't in this picture were Laurie, Dwan, and my sister in law April.
Jeffrey Jameson's Mommy in the middle of his two grandmothers :)

A special centerpiece included diapers decorated and surrounded by personalized onesies, and burp cloths for JJ...thanks Julie!

The shower was a very special time to gather with family and my closest friends to celebrate with BLUE! My little guy got lots of cool stuff and is now prepared to be well dressed for several months to come.

After the shower, Sydney's Papaw stayed with us for a couple of days and they had a big time! They played, read books and more books, watched Elmo, and more. In this picture, Sydney is snacking on goldfish on Papaw's bed (soon to be her bed) as they watch...(guess who?!)...Elmo, on the computer.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Elmo Live = Love

My last post was a letter to my "three Valentines," but there is no doubt who Sydney's special Valentine was this year...and thanks to a special sale (over 1/2 off) we took advantage of a couple of weeks ago, we got her the "Elmo Live" for Valentine's Day. He dances, talks, tells stories, and much more. She loves him :) Here is a video and a few snapshots of her enjoying her first moments with Elmo.

WOW! and BIG hugs for Elmo...

Time to dance Elmo!

My special Valentine surprise, (and my favorite-tulips!!!!)...aren't they beautiful!?!?!

Belly shot at 30 weeks, nicely covered by my flowers :)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Letter to My Valentines

To my precious husband:
Thank you for 13 years of love, fun, care, happiness, and even a few tears. Thank you for all that you are to me and our family. It will be many years before our children realize how special and uncommon you really are as a daddy. You are my partner in life and so much more. God has given me so much more than I deserve in you, and I will cherish you forever and ever. Happy Valentine's Day sweetheart! I love you more every single day.

To my little girl:
I love you more than words can say. I wake up every morning SO excited as God has allowed me to be your Mommy for another day...may I never, ever take you for granted. Thank you for your beautiful smile and disposition. Thank you for making Daddy and I laugh through every day and for your special hugs and kisses. Thank God for your health! You are the joy of our lives, and you are going to be one wonderful big sister!

To my little guy:
I don't know you as well as my other two valentines just yet. But, YOU are the reason there is so much excitement stirring in our hearts right now. I am overwhelmed that God is giving me the chance to experience being Mom to a little boy. Two things I know for certain about you right now: You love cereal and you absolutely love to kick! As April 17th moves closer and closer, I cherish every single moment with your Dad and big sister, but can't wait until that moment when we meet!

I love you all with all that I have!


Monday, February 9, 2009

Sydney and BOB and Elmo (for now)

Late last week, a very special something that we have been waiting for arrived by UPS...

Buddy and Nana's special gift to us (and the TWO kiddos we will have soon) was a nice double jogging stroller. They know that this is something very important to us, and even though we don't jog, we sure do walk some miles :)! We spent a long time finding the right one for us and settled on the BOB Revolution Duallie. We like it so much that we have already started using it, and Sydney gets to bring Elmo along for her rides for the next couple of months. This weekend and the 60 and 70 degree weather we've had has given us the perfect chance to try it out. Sydney loves the stroller, and so do we!

Sometimes, she can't handle leaving him in his own seat!
At the "white out" in Diddle on Saturday before the game started...Sydney was much more interested in keeping an eye on her friend Ben and his tub of popcorn :) that he always gets and shares with her.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Joining the Club

We are now in the club that we feel it is time to join since we will soon be welcoming our little Jeff into the world...the mini van club!

We were able to purchase our new Odyssey from Papaw and Granny and drive it home last weekend after our visit to Georgetown. Jeff and I are excited about all of the extra space and nice features, but Sydney enjoys it the most since she can watch "moo-vie" while riding around!
And a couple others of our girl...

Yesterday morning before church

Taking in the Super Bowl in style and comfort :)...we enjoyed the first part of the game with our college friends and students from church. We caught the last part of the game at home.