Monday, March 30, 2009

Sesame Street Live!

On Saturday morning, Jeff and I met Buddy and Nana as we took Sydney to Sesame Street Live in Louisville. We have been holding our tickets with excitement since Christmas! We were pretty sure she would like it, but to say that would be a HUGE understatement! She loved being there, watching Elmo and his friends dance, sing, act and play! She danced, waved, clapped all the way through the show.
Her favorites were Elmo (of course), Big Bird, Ernie and Oscar :). When they left the stage she wanted them to come "back" and she was totally mesmorized. She did not care about snacks or the junk they were selling. Actually, she wouldn't even look at any of us, except to occassionally mention one of the characters or ask were he/she went.

The only thing Sydney didn't really want to do was take pictures during the break because that meant turning her head away from the stage. We are glad to have gotten a couple of family pictures anyway!

I'm sure that this day was extra special for Nana and Buddy since they took their little girl (now 30!) to Sesame Street Live in Huntington when I was just a little bit older than Sydney Grace.
Thanks Sydney for this special memory. We are all so glad you loved the show! You made it a ton of fun for all of us too!

Friday, March 27, 2009


Last night, Sydney slept all night in her "big bed!"

We talked and talked and talked some more yesterday about the big bed and how it would be hers now. (This full size bed has been our guest bed since we got married, but it belonged to both me and Sydney's Nana when we were both growing up). Yesterday, we also moved all of her clothes, toys and things from her old to new room, and put baby brother's bedding on the baby crib she has slept in for 22 months. Daddy and I have been talking all week about how her favorite Elmo sleeps in a big bed (have a book on order) and goes to the potty (have the DVD).

And, Jeff and I were nervous about this transition-nervous because we love our sleep :), and also nervous because she has always loved sleeping in her baby bed. Apparently, this move was a much bigger deal to us than to her.

With the exception of reading a couple of extra books at bedtime to her, and hearing her cry out for 2 (yes 2!) minutes "MamaDada, MamaDada,....," she slept peacefully all last night in the "big bed" (still no covers, no pillows) until I couldn't stand it anymore and went to wake her at 7:30. After waking up, she was SO proud of herself. She was saying "big bed," "big bed!" and telling us about Elmo and how he goes to the potty and sleeps in a big bed too :) She wanted to give us both "five!" Naptime today was also successful!

Tonight, when we told her it was bedtime, she ran into her new room yelling "big bed," "big bed," and tried to climb right in before Daddy lifted her over the bedrail. She is peacefully sleeping again tonight and getting rested for her big date with Elmo tomorrow at Sesame Street Live in Louisville.

Here are some pictures from last night's first night for Sydney in the big bed and new room:

And, this morning:

Check out that proud smile :) We are very proud of you too, baby girl!

We celebrated with cinnamon rolls for breakfast ("roll cookie") and watching Elmo before my doctor's appointment...

It went very well. My blood pressure was high for me, 120/75, but I was assured that it was still a great number for this point in the pregnancy. I am still measuring right on schedule and feel very fortunate and blessed to have been through such a nice pregnancy again this time. Dr. Gass (with a smile) actually commented today that my pregnancy has been so nice, and so "uneventful" (his words). He is ABSOLUTELY right and I am glad he pointed that out so that I don't take that for granted even for a second. I am feeling great and still have lots of energy (Jeff tells me I'm overdoing it multiple times per day). Sydney went with us today and really liked hearing her brother's heartbeat.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Bedtime Routine at Our House

We have a little girl who loves bedtime and has been such a good sleeper since she joined our family 22 months ago TODAY! Tonight is a big night for us, as we attempt to move her to her "big girl" bed. Hopefully she will enjoy her new room and bed.

As last night was her final night in her baby bed (yep, I teared up when we left her), I took pictures of her nightly routine.

First, she picks a book, which her Daddy reads to her

Next, we pray and thank God for all he has blessed us with

Daddy and Mommy (in that order) get hugs

Mommy and Daddy (in that order) get kisses. This is one of the sweetest pictures I can remember :)

Then, she tells us "bye, bye MamaDada" and "light off," as in it's time for you to leave now :)

This is our final view of her every night :)

More pictures and an update from tonight's "big girl bed" experiment to come!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Different Kind of Trip to the Park

When Sydney woke up from her nap today, I told her that Daddy and I were going to take her to the park as soon as he got home...she was very excited!

So as soon as Jeff got home from work, we jumped in the car and headed that way.

Slides, swings, and climbing...this was our vision for Sydney's first spring playtime of the year at our favorite park. Instead, we found that she wanted to ...well, stay busy running around while doing nothing. She was too scared ?! to do the things she could do (ie: swing, go down the slides), but dying to do the things she shouldn't (ie: jump on a moving merry go round with big kids). Here are some pictures that provide a pretty good recap. Quite honestly, Jeff and I spent most of the time laughing at what we saw.

Wrong way, girl!

AND, more running-Didn't get a picture of this, but one time she fell down and got her hands and clothes "dirty" and it was like she was back at the beach playing in the sand... a mini-tragedy :)
Before we left, she did enjoy "driving" the school bus and a little bit of climbing.

Fun times, Sydney sweetheart :)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Proud of Our Toppers

Our Toppers went down to a wonderful Gonzaga team (ranked #10) tonight by 2 points in the round of 32. We hate to see this season end for our team, but a combination of bad free throw shooting and a very talented opponent proved to be just a bit too much for the Tops to overcome. We lost on a last second shot.

Before the season, this team was predicted to finish 3rd in the EAST DIVISION of our conference. What a coach we have NOW :)...what an exciting future we have to look forward to!

Sydney says let's hear it for the Tops!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patricks Day...

from our favorite little leprechaun!

Monday, March 16, 2009

One Month From Tomorrow

One month from tomorrow, Jeffrey Jameson will be born...that is the plan we all have-hopefully he has the same one!

In honor of his soon to be arrival, I have changed the background of the blog and the name...Sydney will begin sharing many things soon :)

He and I are growing, growing fast!

25 weeks vs. 35 weeks below (I do not wear this maternity shirt in public anymore!)

Our doctor's appointment last Friday was great, and we are thankful that blood pressure was still very low, I measured just right and weight gain is, WELL, fine but steady :). I am now the size I was with Sydney when she was born, just one month sooner in my pregnancy.
Over the weekend, we celebrated our special friend Sarah's 30 birthday with a surprise party at O'Charley's given by her husband Ben. Buddy and Nana were in town and also got to go to the party with us. Sarah turns 30 tomorrow! Sarah is so much more than a babysitter-she is a special friend to me and Sydney loves spending time with her (and with Ben too). Happy Birthday Sarah!

Sarah wanted this picture, so we obliged. Laurie is also getting very close...down to less than 11 weeks to go!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

I Bet You've Never Seen...

...a cuter duck in the snow!

We got a big surprise on Thursday night into Friday morning-a couple of inches of snow! This may not seem like a big deal, but this was the most snow we have had all winter long!

Sydney was unsure of what to do at first, since the last time she got to "play" in snow, it was last March and she couldn't even walk yet.

March 2008

March 2009

Here are a few other pictures of her time in the snow...about an hour after these pictures, it all melted away-all that remains in our yard now is a small blob of the snowman that Daddy built for her.

Not sure what to do at first?!?!

Then, she wanted "help" from Daddy

After figuring out that it wasn't so hard to walk on her own, she kept wanting to walk around to the back fence to see "Toppy." We did this over and over again :)

I would say that Sydney helped Daddy build a snowman, but she didn't want to: 1-slow down long enough to help OR 2-touch the snow. She did stop to take a look at his quick creation!

Sydney Grace had fun yesterday! Jeff and I decided that she definitely enjoyed playing in the snow much more than the sand, but one time a year is quite enough for her liking!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Happy about March!

Our family loves March...March Madness is here, and the weather is starting to warm up more and more. This year, March means that APRIL...the month that will bring our almost here!!!

We have a beautiful day here today and Sydney and I took advantage with a nice long walk. This week is Spring Break week at WKU, and baby boy in five weeks means no trip this year, but I am very glad to have all week at home with my girl.
Is it just me or can you believe how big "Daddy's Social Butterfly" looks?

Monday, March 2, 2009

Weekend Getaway for 3!

This weekend, the three of us took a trip to Chattanooga, TN to spend some time away from home as a family of 3, before our 4th member joins us in about 6 weeks! Besides a day trip planned to Louisville to see Sesame Street Live in late March, this will be our last trip away from BG for a few months. Chattanooga was a neat place to visit since it took less than 3 hours to get there, and once we were there, everything we wanted to do was downtown-within about a mile. We stopped to get this picture (above) on our way out of the aquarium on Saturday afternoon.

On Friday afternoon, we took Sydney to the children's museum. Even though about 1/2 of the exhibits were designed for children several years older, she had an absolute BLAST. Her daddy and I both agree that we have never seen her have so much fun within a couple hour timeframe. She loved being free to run around and check out everything they had to offer...and she wore herself, and us :) out!

Friday night we went to see an IMAX movie-it was in 3D and Sydney wore the glasses for about 2 minutes before breaking them. She still enjoyed watching the "fishies." Later that night, Daddy took our girl swimming at our hotel pool. She has not been swimming since August or September, and she had such a big time. Neither one of us could believe how much bigger she looked walking around in her swimsuit :(

Before heading home on Saturday, we visited the aquarium. Sydney especially loved the fish and turtles. She kept saying "fishy, MORE fishy!"
Of course, Jeff and I treasure our time at home, but we also love to travel. Our Sydney Grace has been quite a good little travelling buddy in her 21 months with us. It has been such a bonus to have her along on any adventures we have taken away from home. Thinking back, she has been on special trips with us to Phoenix, Florida (Destin and Orlando), Gulf Shores, Myrtle Beach, the Greenbrier in WV, Pigeon Forge (two times), Dale Hollow Lake, Kentucky Lake, and now Chattanooga. Of course, she has been on multiple trips to visit her grandparents and family. She has really been able to rack up some frequent traveller miles :) We look forward to times when til our little man is ready to travel with us on our next adventures!