Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Date With Our Son

Today, Buddy and Nana drove down to BG for the day to spend time with the four of us. They watched Sydney for a couple of hours while Jeff, little Jeff and I went on a "date" to the movies. We had been planning to take him to the Hot Rods game today but the rain caused us to change our plans. This was our first outing with just him. The movie was "State of Play," (really good!) and he slept through the entire thing :) I'm sure Sydney had a big time here at home too.

Tonight before they went home, we ate a nice dinner at Buckhead!

Tonight Sydney decided to bring him some toys to "play" with while he was wide awake on the lounger.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Just Guess!

One of these pictures is 23 months old, the other 11 days old. Which one is Sydney? Which one is JJ?
And in the nursery?

Even if you can guess correctly, we see strong resemblance between these two. They are both doing great and in their Daddy's lap right this moment.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Any Doubt?

Any doubt whose son this is?

Check out those long legs as he stretches! Those are 10 day old legs :)
Any doubt whose brother this is?

He loves the Boppy Lounger too! (He's taking a nap on it now as I type)
Today, JJ has started being awake a lot more and we've enjoyed looking at those beautiful blue eyes and talking to him more! I went to my appointment and got to visit with Dr. Gass today and got a good report. He had good things to see about the fast pace of my recovery and we got to talk for a few minutes about our amazing little boy!

Tonight, Colleen Mathews, one of the students in the group (and President this past year) I serve as advisor for at work came to visit and brought gifts for Sydney and JJ. These students went way overboard on their gifts to us, but it was so nice of them to think of and shop for our two kiddos. Sydney got to open ALL of the presents and then looked at Colleen and said "presents, more presents"...its' going to be a fun 2nd birthday of hers coming up in less than a month :)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Tummy Time/Playtime

I am falling more and more in love with this little boy every day :)
Today, Daddy decided it was time for JJ to have his tummy time to help him build those strong muscles...Mommy is not a fan of tummy time since Sydney HATED it so much. We have a strong little guy:
At first...

But soon after...

And then, he had some success at raising that head up. This was pretty cool to see from our 9 day old little guy.

After that was over, he had more fun trying out the playgym we have. We are really enjoying reusing all of the things we used just two years ago :)

Daddy caught me watching/admiring my little boy as he was trying to take it all in:

And very soon after all this action, he collapsed on his Mommy!

One other exciting thing for JJ today was that we took him out to a restaurant for the first time...we dined at Moe's at an off hour and he slept in his carrier the entire time. Goodnight!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

His First Ball Game

Today, we took JJ and Sydney to a WKU baseball game-his first game! Of course, we hope this is the first of many, many ballgames for him. At 8 days old we figured it was TIME to get this boy to the hill for a game! It was exciting since the only places he has been so far are the hospital, Doctor's office, and the park.
Here they are before we left...

And at the game...

Today we were invited to a special picnic at the game, so Sydney enjoyed peanuts, chips, cookies and JJ said "where's mine?" Seriously though, he was awake for most of the time we were there and did very well. The temperature was in the high 80's, but we found shade for our two.
And after we got home, it was Daddy time...

I'm telling you, she is also becoming a Daddy's girl. :)

And a kiss for her brother :)

Friday, April 24, 2009

What a Difference a Week Makes

What a difference a week can make...Last Friday, JJ was born. Today was his official due date.

Last Friday, I was recovering from surgery and meeting my little guy for the first time. This Friday, I enjoyed walking outside with my family, working on his baby book and even spending an hour or so in the sun in my favorite lounge chair on the deck :)

Last Friday, I was the only one he knew. This Friday, he has already turned into a Daddy's boy...despite the fact I am his only source of food right now!

Last Friday, Sydney threw a fit when she first came to meet JJ and saw Mommy in the hospital bed hooked up to "stuff." Still, a week later, she walks around the house and says "Mama Okay" several times each day. I still think this is one of the sweetest things...she is reassuring herself that her Mommy is okay, and she is right! Also on this Friday, she hugs & kisses him, touches his hands and feet and talks to him every chance she gets. She reminds us to be quiet ("SHHH! Brother sleeping) when he is asleep, which is most of the time for now.

Last Friday, Jeff and I made "big plans" to get up on Saturday and go for a walk in the maternity wing. This Friday, our "tomorrow" plans are to go to a WKU baseball game.

Last Friday, his first night in our world, little Jeff slept in the hospital nursery. This Friday he sleeps in his bouncer in his bed :)

Last Friday, I couldn't imagine yet what it was going to be like adding another member into our happy family. This Friday, I can't imagine him not being a part of it.

And, I couldn't resist posting this picture of Sydney sporting her new Elmo sunglasses from her Granny/ is the case with anything Elmo-she loves them.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

First Bath and Visit from Papaw/Granny

Last night we gave JJ his first bath at home...he did not like it very much :(

We also got a nice visit from Granny and Papaw today as they came to BG for the day. They spoiled Jeff and me with breakfast from Chickfila and for dinner we had homemade sides and some of the best steaks we can remember. They spoiled Sydney by playing with her, and JJ by holding him all day long.

We also got to visit with my friend Dwan and two of her kids, Mattie and Noah. She also brought us a nice meal to enjoy in the next couple of days.
And NOW, it's time for a walk in this beautiful weather!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Day of Fun Firsts

Today we took Sydney and JJ to the park for a picnic and to let Sydney to play. Daddy chased her and played too, while little Jeff slept and I just enjoyed watching all of them.

As you can see, our little guy was very excited about his first trip to the park!
Tonight we did one of our favorite things and put the double jogging stroller to use as we ventured out on our first walk as a family of four.

Sydney was very excited and JJ stayed awake too!

Earlier today, my good friend Julia (who was out of town at a church event over the weekend) stopped by with one of her sons to meet our little boy! Soon JJ will have a little girlfriend as the McNabb's will welcome a little girl in late July.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

First Family Pictures

Taken today, April 21st

Monday, April 20th-The picture looks blurry around Sydney because she is waving her arms back and forth in excitement

Sunday, April 19th-Coming home day!

Saturday, April 18th

Friday, April 17th-The first meeting...Not exactly the meeting I would've dreamed of (can you tell by the look on my face?), but it was what it was...

As you can see, the pictures show happier faces as the days progress...especially from big sister who is now really enjoying time with her baby brother.

As far as an update, JJ is now four days old, and this morning we went to the doctor and he had a good report...he is gaining weight, and everything else is going really good too. Last night was his second night to sleep at home home and Jeff and I got over 6 hours sleep (!!!!!) as our boy slept from 11-2am (we woke him up to eat), then 230-530 (we woke him up again). We were really excited about this!

Earlier this afternoon, my parents (Buddy and Nana) left to go home. They helped us get home from the hospital, cleaned, cooked, laundered many loads, and much more. It was also very nice for Sydney to have all the extra attention as she adjusts to "brother, baby brother" being around. The FOUR of us say thank you "BuddyNana!"

Monday, April 20, 2009

Somewhere over the rainbow...

God has blessed us with two beautiful children.

We are having so much fun learning about what our little guy is all about while we watch his big sister fall in love with him too :) Being home again, I fully remember that I have the husband any new Mommy would be jealous of-not sure what I would do without him.

Sydney and JJ watching Elmo for the first time together.

Tonight, this was the site out our back door.

Not one, but two beautiful rainbows.

Needless to say but these pictures don't really do them much justice. (our kids or the rainbows!)