Saturday, May 30, 2009

Losing Hair

It was bound to happen, but JJ is losing his hair! We can tell a big difference in just the last few days, as it is quite a bit thinner on top and lighter on the sides. Sydney was 3-4 months old when she lost most of hers, but he is getting an earlier start.

Today, we had a great time enjoying the weather and made the most of it by visiting (for the first time) the family pool we have joined. Sydney loved it ("poooool!") even though the water was freezing. JJ slept in his stroller.

Later this afternoon, we walked to a neighborhood park a couple of miles from our house.
And one more picture I forgot to post earlier this week...Sydney enjoying her own piece of "Elmo cake" on her birthday.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

A New Car!...

...For Sydney that is! Let's rewind to the day after Thanksgiving '08. Some people refer to this day as Black Friday?!?!?! Anyway, it's one of my favorite days of the year, and an annual "holiday" for my Dad and I as we shop the stores offering the best deals at some awfully early hour(s) in the morning :) Last Thanksgiving, the first stop was K-Mart as we sought out a a special car at a special price for our special girl. We were there early(!!) and the first two in line, and it was a good thing, because once they finally opened the doors, we got to capture the ONLY pink battery powered Barbie Volkswagen! AND, ever since we have planned to give this to Sydney for her 2nd birthday.

It is already a big hit with her, although she hasn't learned that she can hold the pedal down to keep it going. She touches it, the car moves a foot or so, and then she shouts "Again!" I'm sure she'll figure it out soon enough.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sydney's Elmo Party

Sydney's party was very special...we even got nice weather! She loved the pizza (2 1/2 pieces), the Elmo cake :), opening presents and (of course!) playing at the park with her cousin Lilly and other guests! Here are some pictures that highlighted her special day.

With her Elmo cake that she had been talking about all week long!

With Mommy & Daddy & Sarah

Sydney was very lucky to have all of her grandparents and her three cousins and aunt and uncle come for the party. The only three family members missing here are Sydney, Lilly and me.

Enjoying that "Elmo cake.".

Playing with Lilly was a lot of fun too...and it was VERY hard to get either one of them to stop for a picture.

More playing!

Sydney WHEEEE!!!

Sydney's "bigger" friends had fun too :)

Opening her presents

JJ was ready to party too, although he slept through most of the party as he was held (mostly) by Papaw and Sarah.

After most everyone left, she got to let go of her balloons with Buddy! ("bye bye balloon")
Our little girl had a very special day! I have been blessed with many happy days myself, but this one ranks right up there because of how much I enjoyed being there to watch my little girl have SO MUCH FUN.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Two Years Old!

Today, our precious Sydney Grace turns 2 years old!

We are having so much fun being with this 'full of life' little girl every day. She is so happy that it makes us smile just to watch her move through life.

Her favorite word right now is "OKaaaayyyyy," and it is so cute to hear her say it. She loves Elmo, Dora, and going to the park (Sydney wheeeeee!). Her favorite toys are books, her cottage and Little People. She loves to ride in what she calls the "Elmo movie van," sleep in her "big bed," and loves us to sing many, many versions of "If You're Happy and You Know It." On at least a nightly basis, we turn on music and she "shakes it" for us...hilarious :) Sydney loves to eat and some of her favorite foods are cookies, Chickfila chicken sandwich (can eat almost an entire sandwich on her own), cheese, baked chips, Fazoli's breadsticks, Arby's, pasta, bananas, and ice cream. She is also learning every day more and more about what it means to be gentle with her baby brother. As far as using the potty, we have made a little progress there as she will at least sit on the "Dora potty" sometimes...hopefully more progress there soon!

What a blessing this little girl has been in our lives...we love you more than you will ever know sweet Sydney.

Below is a video that highlights Sydney's 2nd year:


Pictures of her party and a special present from Mommy and Daddy coming soon...

Friday, May 22, 2009

"Sydney, How Old Are You Gonna Be?"

(That's right, baby will be on Tuesday!)

And tonight, Sydney started saying "I Wuv You." "Wuv you Dada, Mommy wuv you." She even told her brother "Wuv you, JJ." :)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Just Can't Believe It

I'm having one of those moments when I JUST CAN'T BELIEVE IT...God has blessed US with these two special children. It's not so easy for us to "get pregnant," but with some help, he let US have both of them....A little girl who is as sweet as can be, but also has a wild streak like her Mommy :) Add to that this little boy who looks more like Daddy, but also has stolen my heart.

Right now, I'm sitting in JJ's favorite chair (his Daddy's chair), snuggling with my 4 1/2 week old who is just amazing. He is 1/2 asleep, 1/2 awake :) I miss Jeff being here, but at the same time these "low key" days at home are also the kind of days I just love. I "should" be folding some more laundry, I "should" be cleaning up a list of other things around here, but I'm putting that on hold.

Since I've already had one other baby, I know how fast it happens...I know how fast these moments will pass. So, I've heard some say that after the first child, you just don't have the time to hold, stare, talk to, etc. that you did with that first one. But I'm trying to buck that trend as much as I can and enjoy all the little things about being with this little guy...the floors can wait!

The little girl that God has blessed my life with is asleep right now in her big bed. Speaking of how fast the moments pass by, I JUST CAN'T BELIEVE that next Tuesday she will be 2! Over the weekend, as her Buddy and Nana were here helping us with our yard sale, they gave her a special early birthday present which Daddy and Buddy put together on Thursday night. Here is a picture of Sydney trying out her new desk...

Monday, May 18, 2009

Hi Daddy

Hi Daddy,
In these pictures, your girl is watching Dora from her "Sydney chair," while your baby boy is hanging out with Mommy on the couch just after eating. (He looks even bigger than yesterday, doesn't he?) I know I have already shared this with you, but I don't want to forget that he slept over 11 HOURS last night. We put him to bed at 9pm, and he woke up at 5 minutes til 8 this morning. What a considerate little guy to be sleeping so well for both of us as you transition back into work!

It's been a great day and that's because we have such great kids. We have been on errands this morning, and had lunch and a long walk at home this afternoon. At the moment, Sydney is napping in her "big bed," and JJ is napping on me in your chair :). So, things are pretty much "normal" around here today. Well, "normal" except for one thing-you aren't here and we miss you so much!

Sydney keeps saying "Daddy back" and "Daddy minute," hoping you will be here very soon. I'm just sure that JJ misses you holding him and talking to him. And me, well, I'm sure I miss you even more than they do! Of course I miss your help, but mostly I just miss you.

Love, J (and SG and JJ)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Our Little Guy is One Month Old

Somehow, our little Jeff turns one month old today!?!!?!! God has blessed our family with a very healthy little guy who is doing just great.

Based on his weight from about a week ago, he likely weighs about 9 lb 4 oz. JJ loves eating :), being swaddled (especially by Daddy,) and rocked in the glider. Much more than his sister (miss Independence with CAPITAL "I"!)-he LOVES to be held. His first month has flown by and he has enjoyed special time at home with all three of us, as well as special visits from family and friends. When it hasn't been raining, he has been on lots of walks in the neighborhood and to the park to watch his big sister play. He is normally very content but has a few times of crying fits in the early evening times. He is a very good night time sleeper so far, and has been going in at least 3-4 hour stretches every night since we have brought him home nearly a month ago. JJ is LONG...especially in his upper body. When I dressed him this morning for church, I realized that his onesie (0-3 mnths) was already tight on him and probably won't be fitting much longer. His pants (same size) are exactly the right size.

Hard to explain, but easier to show, this is his favorite place/way to sit.

Our little snuggler...this is where I found him as I got home from a baby shower earlier this afternoon :) He is so sweet!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

He Slept All Night!

Last night, JJ had a special surprise for us as he slept all through the night. We put him to bed at 1030pm, and he did not wake up until 7am. He accomplished this feat on the day he turned exactly 4 weeks old! He was exactly one week YOUNGER than his big sister who first slept all night at 5 weeks to do the day.

Way to go boy! We like the trend :)

Monday, May 11, 2009

Two Best Things About Being a Mom

Mother's Day 2009 was very special (twice as nice this year!) and my dear husband and best friend made sure of that. But better than having my favorite beautiful flowers planted outside, a special gift to open, cards that brought tears of joy and more, these are the two best things about being a Mommy:

My little guy is doing just great. We took him in to check on his weight today and he is up to 8lb, 13 oz...gain of a whole lb in just 10 days! We are enjoying every moment of him.

Yes, those are my shoes she is proudly wearing :) She is doing great too and is adjusting so well to her role of being a big sister. Her happiness is contagious.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Daddy, Sydney Grace and Jeffrey Jameson all wish Mommy a very Happy Mother's Day! Sydney and JJ want to tell you, "Thank you for being such an awesome Mother to us! We Love you!"

Here is a great picture of Mommy and Sydney & JJ before church.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Celebrating Moms

Yesterday, we got the chance to meet our moms (and dads) in Elizabethtown and have lunch in celebration of Mother's Day. This was also JJ's first time out of BG! We had a nice lunch and visit at Rafferty's. Here are a few more pictures of our time together:

And for the 2nd time this Mother's Day, I get the awesome title of "Mom" too!

In the last couple of years, I've often thought about the fact that it is hard to understand how special it is to be a Mom until you become one yourself. It also helps you understand how much your Mom (and Dad) love you when you discover that overwhelming love for your own child(ren). So, to our Moms-and our biggest blog fans :), we love you and are so thankful for all you've meant to us since we were even smaller/younger than JJ! Happy Mother's Day!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Then and Now

Having another infant in our home is so wonderful and we feel so blessed to get to do this with our precious boy for our second time around. There are also many moments when I (we) think about and talk about how it is so hard to believe that our sweet daughter is almost 2 yrs old. So, this post reflects a little bit about how things are both different and the same THEN and NOW...
Our first family photo with Sydney...THEN!

And NOW...our first photo with JJ came a bit sooner as the anaesthesiologist in surgery with me snapped some of the three of us just moments after his birth.

Our beloved pediatrician with our girl the morning she was born...THEN!

AND with our boy NOW the morning he was born!

First time in WKU gear THEN:

And first time in Hilltopper Red NOW:

Where she slept so well for her first five weeks back THEN...

And, where he is sleeping so well for his first few weeks NOW...

She loved her lounger so much back THEN:

And it is his favorite NOW too:

Sunday, May 3, 2009

First Time to Church

Today we took JJ to church for the first time! He did very well and slept through the entire service but we got to see lots of friends who "met" him for the first time. Sydney did not want to leave Mommy and Daddy when we first got there, but she ended up having lots of fun in the nursery and she told us so when we picked her up.

This afternoon, Sydney and Daddy were watching JJ play in his musical play gym.

Since our last post, we have been to the doctor for JJ's 2 week checkup and he got a another good health report as he has been gaining back his weight and everything else checked out well too. We are very thankful that God has blessed us with another healthy child.

We also had a nice visit with Sydney and JJ's Aunt April, Uncle Tim and cousin Lilly. They were nice enough to watch Sydney as we took JJ to the doctor on Friday morning. Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate so that Sydney and Lilly could play outside or go to the park, but they had fun playing here...and we did sneak a nice walk in!