Thursday, December 31, 2009

Ready for 2010!

We were with friends tonight talking about how it seems impossible that 2010 is here, and how fast the last ten years have gone by. Is it just us, or were we just talking about yesterday?

This New Years Eve I am blessed to have a sweet little girl who is telling us, our friends and family "Happy New Year!" (One time tonight she said "Happy New House!") I have a sweet boy whose smiles light up my days. God has given us so much.

Happy 2010! This family is ready!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Celebrations (catching up part 1)

Before we headed out this Christmas for family celebrations in Georgetown, we had a few of our own here in BG. After JJ had a few days to bounce back from his hospital stay and illness, we made our annual trip to the Opryland hotel to look at the Christmas lights. This year, we also ate at the Rainforest Cafe, which Sydney loved...once she got used to the large and loud elephant they seated us beside.

Sydney was not exactly in the mood to get her picture taken in front of the large poinsettia tree as we do every year, but we managed to get one of them as we strapped her into her stroller! See the pretty flowers behind them? :)

Here, Sydney shows off her butterfly balloon animal, which was specially made for her at the Rainforest.

The next night, we "rode" on the Polar Express at the Depot in BG. Even though the "choo choo train" didn't move (as Sydney reminded us several times), we had fun getting our tickets punched, walking through the "snow," sitting in the historic train, listening to the story and eating cookies.

See...yummy cookies! AND, she got her own pretty red napkin. Sydney has become somewhat obsessed with napkins lately...strange, I know.

Daddy and JJ were ready to board the Polar Express!

A special visitor stopped in as we were getting off of the train. Sydney wanted nothing to do with him. JJ didn't mind sitting in his lap one bit. Here is a picture of our boy's first time with Santa, although I missed capturing the BIG smile he gave right before this picture was taken.

Even though Sydney did not want to sit on his lap, both of our kiddos ended up with bells from Santa.

The next night, we headed to our friends Craig and Krista Hunt's house for a Christmas party!

What special blessings all of these beautiful children are. only took 3 little girls to hold JJ (youngest of 20+ in attendance) up!

All laughing because Jeff is on the "front row" and still towering over Kenny, Jason & Craig (who are standing on a hearth)

These are my sweet friends...I love these beautiful girls and we all missed you Julia!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Today, we got to celebrate Christmas with our two special blessings....Christmas Day this year was so special. Here are some shots we snapped.

JJ's big present from us this year was a "JJ chair." It is just like the one we got for his big sister for her first Christmas. He really likes it!

We placed Sydney's big gift (literally BIG) at the top of the stairs so she would see it right soon as she did, she started gasping for air and she screamed. She really, really likes her new dollhouse.

JJ's got a week of practice under his belt, and he's starting to learn a little about this opening presents stuff.

Of course, she loves to open them too!

Smiling boy :)

JJ's first Christmas was a lot of fun

And the best part...time to play with the toys!

Merry Christmas everyone! I will have many more special pictures to share in the days to come from our travels and Christmas celebrations leading up til today.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sweet Baby

My sweet boy has had a rough week and a half, capped off by a 3 day/3 night hospital stay. He was a tough little guy, an awesome patient and handled everything so well. Here are some pictures of him from the weekend.

He didn't have many smiles til later on the 2nd day of his stay (Friday), but still, how sweet...this was an experience I would rather "delete" from our past but I learned what a fighter our little man is. I learned how hard it is to watch your child suffer. I learned even more about how much I love him.

Right now, I am thankful for the strong rebound JJ is making as we edge closer to Christmas! I am thankful for modern medicine and related care. I am thankful for a sweet husband who has been, as always, with me every step of the way. I am thankful for Nana, Buddy, and Granny who dropped their own agendas and cared for our sweet Sydney (and us) during this ordeal. I am thankful for sweet friends who called, visited, prayed, and are still bringing meals and more. I am also quite thankful for our calm, thorough and sweet pediatrician who is so cautious when it comes to taking the best care of our kids. AND....

I am thankful that this is the picture I got to snap of my JJ earlier, what a difference a few days can make!

Friday, December 11, 2009


Please pray for our precious JJ.

He is in the hospital right now, diagnosed with RSV, pneumonia, and an ear infection. Dr. Chris chose to hospitalize him last night due to low oxygen levels. He is hooked up to oxygen and IV's and getting all kinds of "special attention."

Please pray that he can start taking his bottle again, and that he is soon able to breathe normally without so much effort and that his medicines and rest will help him rebound ASAP. We know that the Great Physician is watching over him tonight.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Thankful at Thanksgiving

We had a great time celebrating JJ's first Thanksgiving with our families. Undeniably, we have so much to be thankful for in 2009.

JJ had a special treat at Thanksgiving lunch...a taste of homemade banana pudding! YUM!

Me and my girl in our matching sweaters

JJ not as thrilled about taking this first Thanksgiving family photo as we were

Over the holiday break, Sydney got to play with her cousin/special friend Lilly. Can you tell how much fun they have together?

Sydney and JJ with their three cousins

Since yesterday, my little guy has been sick with a mean respiratory virus...he is hopefully on the mend due to some extra rest and antibiotics.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Little Hilltoppers

They really are our little hilltoppers. They love their Big Red toys. She loves watching Red (mostly from afar, although she did give him a high five the other night twice!), and talks about going to football and basketball games all the time. When we approach any area of town near campus she wants to visit him, and she calls the football stadium "Red's House." When any game is on tv, and the band plays a fight song, it is always "Red." Of course, we love it.

These pictures are from a couple of weeks ago at the Homecoming Parade, while we anxiously waited to see "Red," some of our friends and all of the floats. After the parade started, and they were out of the stroller "Red" hugged JJ, while big sister Sydney screamed for him to "go away!"