Sunday, February 21, 2010

First Family Trip to Disney

Jeff and I decided to take advantage of Disney's "Give A Day, Get A Day" 2010 promotion which allowed both of us to do some volunteer work in Nashville and earn a free one-day ticket to Disney World. We paid for an additional day and took Sydney and JJ to Magic Kingdom for 2 days over President's Day weekend. My parents, who were already "snowbirding" it in Florida, also got to join us for the adventure.

We had sooooo much fun! JJ was an absolute delight to have along for the ride and stayed his usual happy self. Sydney had a blast. She loved meeting the characters (who she calls "my friends"), watching fireworks & parades and riding most of the rides..."Pirates of the Caribbean" and "Snow White's Scary Adventure" proved to be a little too scary for a 2 1/2 year old :)

If you ask Sydney what her favorite thing was, she will tell you "all of it," but Jeff and I will say that meeting Mickey, MINNIE!!!!, Pluto, Donald and even Goofy (although a bit unsure about him) were her absolute happiest moments...I think you can tell that from the pictures.

What a special set of memories we have from this trip! This Mommy almost melted when Cinderella blew my little princess a kiss during one of the parades. There is definitely something a little bit magical about that place.

We are looking forward to taking them back someday when they are a few years older!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

10 Months!

My sweet and happy baby boy is 10 months old today. He is such a sweet baby to be around. He is yet to crawl, but is scooting himself backwards and rolling everywhere. He has 6 teeth now, 4 on top and 2 on the bottom! He loves his baby foods and especially puffs! As far as "words," we're hearing a lot of DaDaDaDa, and a little MaMaMaMa and NaNaNaNa.

The most distinctive thing about JJ at 10 months is his sweet disposition. So many of our friends and family have marveled at how content he is almost all the time. He was AMAZING during our trip this past weekend to Disney World.

We love him so much!

More pictures to post soon from our trip but right now, I have piles of laundry and work for my classes calling me!

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Happy Valentine's Day from our two little sweethearts...

Sunday, February 7, 2010


Sydney has been eyeing Chuck E Cheese's in our mall for a few months. Last month, as she was still very hesitant about using the potty, I told her that we would take her as soon as she was wearing her panties all the time.... She is doing great! For almost three weeks now, she has been using the potty all the time, with only 2 accidents! The only time she wears her Dora pullup is bedtime. We are very proud of her! Here are some pictures of her celebration...

AND...he had fun watching her have fun :)

He is getting SO close to crawling!

Tonight, we celebrated some great football (Go Saints!) by hosting a Super Bowl party for about 70 of our favorite college students and friends. Sydney and JJ both enjoyed all the extra attention from our guests! Sydney enjoyed the variety of foods and cookies(!) and playing with her friend Haddon. JJ wins the best behaved award...once again tonight, we had several comments about how unusually sweet and good he is. He continues to be such a sweet little boy to have around, whether it is just the 4 of us, or 75 of us. One other special surprise for Sydney was that she got to meet 4 of the Hilltopper basketball players who she loves to go to the games and watch. If only Big Red himself could've made an appearance at her house too!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Topper Slippers

Daddy brought these out of the closet a few weeks ago. These "Topper slippers" as Sydney calls them were gifts that Sydney and I opened last Christmas, but hers were too big until now. At 2 1/2, she thinks it is so cool to match Mommy.

We just finished our nightly bedtime routine of reading to both kids, praying, and the latest addition to our the routine... singing "B-I-B-L-E" and "Jesus Loves Me" with Sydney before her lights go out. Hearing her sweet little voice singing those songs truly makes this Mommy's heart well up inside. More than anything, I hope the words within these songs will be words she holds onto for a lifetime.