Monday, April 26, 2010

1st Birthday Memories

Other than the stories and memories we share with him, I know that JJ won't remember his first birthday party. BUT, I do know that he had a really good much fun as I can imagine any one year old having at a party. He had no tears about anything, only claps, smiles & happiness! Of course, he loves eating and spending time with everyone. He got to play, and even swing! in the backyard since God gave us such a beautiful day to celebrate!

Big sister has to wait another few weeks to have her own birthday celebration, but she also had so much fun since she there was a birthday cake AND her grandparents AND three most special friends Avery, Lilly and Simon were here.

There were many special people here to share the day with us. It is almost impossible to narrow down to just a couple of my favorite pictures to post, so here is a small :) collection of the photos we captured on April 17th!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Measuring Up

JJ checked in with his Dr. today, and here is how he "measures up" at 1 year:
Weight 25 lb, 1 oz (90th percentile)
Height 30.5 inches (between 75-90th percentile)
Head size at the very top of the charts (between 97-100 percentile)

The last few food restrictions have been removed :), and peanut butter is in the near future! Three shots are now in the books, and so is an overall healthy report! Praise God!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I have lots of great pictures to share from JJ's party, but today I wanted to share the story of his cake. The story goes something like this...he loved it! He never hesitated one second when Daddy put it in front of him. He started a little slow with the balloons made of icing, and picked up momentum! Above, you can see the "before" picture. Now, take a look at the fun he had:

Here is the "after":

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Happy, Happy 1 Year, Sweet Boy!

Today, we are celebrating the 1st birthday of our sweet JJ. God has given us an amazing 12 months with a healthy and happy son. At one year, JJ really enjoys swinging, taking baths and playing with any kind of ball he can find. He loves to eat, and within the past two weeks, has given up on baby food and moved along fully to anything else we will give him. A few of his favorites are cereal bars, yogurt, green beans, mac n cheese, grapes, cheese, goldfish, and teddy grahams...although we have not found a table food yet that he doesn't like. When he is done eating, he enjoys throwing his food onto the floor :)

Within the past few days, he has moved along from rolling and army crawling/scooting to "real" crawling and is starting to try pulling up on furniture. JJ has eight teeth, with another ready to pop through. He loves to clap, jump in his Jumperoo and uses the words DaDa, ByeBye, MaMa, JJ, Ball, NaNa. He plays the cutest games of peekaboo you'll ever see by either putting a blanket over his face and then off, or putting his head on the ground and then popping up real fast!

JJ is a happy, lovable, healthy and sweet little boy. He will snuggle any time you give him the chance and that is so nice since his big sister has never been one to snuggle. We cannot believe a year has passed, but are thankful to be spending this special day celebrating with JJ and those who love him so much.

Enjoy this video which highlights the sweet first year of his life.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Easter Morning

These are just a few days late. Our apologies...we have been enjoying beautiful weather day after day AND (unbelievably!) getting ready for a first birthday party.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter

Happy Easter from a little boy who, once upon a time (yesterday), loved an Easter bunny....and from a little girl who did not!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter Prep

Sydney has been working hard to get ready for Easter! Yesterday, I got to experience coloring eggs with her. She was so good (no disasters with the dye!) and had a great time. I am looking forward to continuing this tradition with her (and JJ) in the years to come.

We left the eggs to dry while we went to dinner and the hockey game in Nashville last night. Today, she put the finishing touches (stickers) on her eggs.

Quite proud of the final product :), and we only broke/cracked 1 egg in the process!

A couple of weeks ago, when we visited Georgetown, Sydney made & decorated rice krispie eggs with her Nana.

She was proud to showcase her culinary skills, and the treats really were good!

It is her nature to make the most out of a holiday (or any other day), but I think Easter is up at the top of her list.