Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Our old (and new) "normal"

In the past week, our family has rejoined "normal" life....back to a real alarm clock, back to packing lunches & backpacks, back to work and spending a couple days a week with "kids" over the age of 4, back to serving in the ministry capacity we so enjoy at church, back to swim lessons and other church activities and opportunities that take a "break" during summer.

We have also added a few things to "normal" life...Sydney playing soccer with coach Jeff, JJ sleeping in his big boy toddler bed & starting school, Luke drinking from a sippy cup & spending two days a week at Sarah's, Jeff playing in a basketball league with 3 buddies, Mommy starting a new bible study at 6am on Mondays with "Starbucks Sisters," & teaching at GHS 2 mornings a week.

As I transition & Jeff and I begin balancing a few more tasks, I am reminded of how much HE has blessed us in this season of life.

Here are my two big babies as we picnic'ed (a word?) in the yard one night last week. They are so much fun. And their baby brother?! Well, I'm pretty sure he is the best baby ever...anywhere... really!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Pure Excitement

Knowing he would be so excited, we had the video rolling when we first asked JJ if he wanted to go to school a few days ago! (We are not sure why the video uploaded from Jeff's phone sideways, but, nevertheless...)

He has been begging to go to school every day he has been with me as I drop off Sydney.

More to come...his first day is Tuesday. :)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Yes, he's big too

Big enough to ...

gather blueberries and peaches on a recent
fruit picking trip to Lebanon!

This was a fun day for the five of us.
 He and Sydney made a good team!
This summer, they have picked strawberries, blueberries and
peaches...and our freezer is full of fruit!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

She's Big Enough to...

(Continuing with my theme from earlier in the week...)

Sydney is "Big Enough" to be in preschool for her 2nd year.

Her first day of school was yesterday! Can you tell she was happy?!

She has been so excited to go back to school and had me laughing out loud as we left the house yesterday morning...she was running out to the van saying "School, HERE I COME!" :)

Highlights from her first day included playing outside, eating lunch with her friends (very excited about this part), chapel and craft time. She also told me she liked asking her teacher lots of questions...imagine that!

We are thankful to be at a school we already love & in a class with special friends like Audrey Wallace, Asher Pettus and Ava Drake- with many new friends to make! Her buddy Layton Richey is just across the hall too!

And Mommy is also thankful that she's not "big enough" to be gone all day every day...just yet! :)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Big Enough to...

swing like a big boy (professional chalk design provided by big brother and sister)

& "help" Daddy pick peaches.

Time is flying by and all three of our babies are growing & changing so fast. They all "moved up" at church this week. Reflecting on just one day, today... JJ successfully blew bubbles on his own outside. Sydney is wearing her soccer uniform around the house. Luke is getting his fifth tooth! Big Stuff!

Each day brings new excitement. We love every minute of it...well, except we wish the minutes would stop flying by. Jeff sent me this blog posting today, which echoes our sentiments.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Washington D.C.

Jeff attended a national conference for church administrators in Washington D.C. the first week of July. Sydney, Luke and I tagged along while JJ had some extra special time with his grandparents in Georgetown.

We had such a good trip! We arrived a day before his meeting started and had a chance to do a 3 mile walking tour of the DC area with a highly recommended tour guide. We learned so much...Jeff and I had neither one visited DC since we were elementary school age, so this time around was quite different & much more meaningful. Sydney and Luke were troopers on this tour that lasted 3.5 hours in the > 90 degree weather.

The walking tour took us by the monuments, the White House, the war memorials and much more. This was all very exciting. The war memorials were gripping-we should all be so thankful for those who sacrificed so much.

Here, Sydney and I are on the site of the WWII Memorial.

It is a breathtaking tribute and very moving.

Daddy, Sydney and Luke stopped to get their picture taken in front of Lincoln's statue at the Lincoln Memorial.

We stood in the very spot where Martin Luther King Jr gave his "I Have a Dream Speech." We were in awe.

The same day, we also visited the Natural History Museum of the Smithsonian.

After our "tour day," we had four more days to enjoy our time at the National Harbor area and the Gaylord National, our hotel. Jeff had a great experience at the conference.

Some of Sydney's (and our) other highlights included watching the "dancing" fountains, taking a boat ride to old town Alexandria, enjoying the special pool area at the hotel, playing in the sand at the harbor's restaurant and shopping area and having the opportunity to watch some amazing fireworks 3 nights in a row (July 2, 3, 4)!

We are so thankful to have taken this trip together and look forward to returning to Washington with all 3 of our kids when they are a bit older. It is a place we definitely want to make sure that they each experience.