Wednesday, September 28, 2011

JJ: School & Speech

Our little boy loves school. The picture above was taken when we first told him he would be going to school, and he is still very enthusiastic about it!

One of the reasons we decided to send JJ to school this year @ 2 is to help with his speech development. We have been concerned....we have been praying....been worried....for a while....yet encouraged to remain patient as he develops. As most of you know, he had surgery to correct his tongue when he was 15 months old.

The first month of school for him has been so good...he is learning many new words-we have never known him to learn so many words in such a short span of time! Just last week, I got a note from his teacher-(an excerpt from her email)...:

"JJ had a great day!! In bible time I asked the kids, "What did GOd create on Day one?" and he said, "Light!"
What a SMART boy!!"

This was HUGE for him! He understood the question, knew the answer, and verbalized "light" before any of the other kids. We were very proud!

Also last week, we had him visit a speech therapist at the Medical Center for assessment. He cooperated very well and completed two tests for Ms. Lauren. The tests scored him in two different competencies: comprehension, and verbal expressiveness.

The tests gave us a lot of statistics, but boiled down to this: he tested above average on comprehension (tested at the level of a 2 yr 8 month old). He tested below average on verbal expression (tested at the level of a 1 yr 9 month old). He is 2 years and 5 months. Basically, according to this instrument his speech is about 8 months behind average in speech at this moment.

While the test confirmed that he needs some extra work here, it also dispelled other fears.

We will begin visiting his speech therapist on a regular basis. She was very encouraging that with early intervention like this, we can overcome and surpass his slower start in speech. It is also a big time praise that his comprehension is above average!..-We know he understands what we say-even if he fails to follow instruction from time to time :)

She does suspect that the tongue issue he had to "compensate" for the first 15 months is a factor. She also suspects that his older sister does too much talking "for him" ...imagine that :) She also was glad that he is in school 2 days each week.

Here's to prayers and continued development as we help our precious JJ work in this area!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Straight Path

Tonight, Sydney asked me: "Mommy, how does God makes our path straight?"

I am amazed that she is learning scripture at age 4 (!) and so thankful that she is curious about God.

Some of my happiest moments are watching/listening as she skips around the house singing about Jesus umprompted.

Here she is after our trip the other day to buy for children aided through Operation Christmas Child. She was SO excited to find gifts for these children...for an entire week, she asked me every day when we could do this. She knows very little about poverty but does realize that there are children who do not have homes, toys, clothes & Jesus.

We are so thankful that God has blessed her with such a compassionate heart.

Proverbs 3:6 In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Sydney has now played in her first two soccer games. She is having a lot of fun, (and the coach and I are also).

Her uniform is the smallest size available but huge on her. She thinks it is so fun to wear shinguards and cleats!

I found two cute fans in the crowd at both of her games...

This fan stays in his chair for a few seconds at
a time, and only occasionally runs onto the field ;)

This fan is content to watch from
his prime spot...thank goodness!

She almost scored a goal in her first game and she did score on Saturday!!! She was so proud and excitedly told me 'I never thought I would do that' :)

Go Sydney!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

On the Move

This is the sweet face of an 8 month old boy on the move!

In just the last few days, he has moved from rolling within a very small area to rolling, scooting and 'army' crawling all over the place!

He spots something interesting within his view and works to get to it!

Got it !

So much for Mommy's plans of him waiting a while longer :)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

1st Day of Preschool

JJ's first day of preschool was Tuesday August 30! He had been so excited to go! When I left him, he simply looked back at me and said "bye bye mama." It is always a good feeling to leave my babies when they are so happy.

Two of his favorite parts about school so far are using his "backpack" and "choo choo" (Thomas) pillow I bought him for naptime.

All the reports we have received from his teacher (...eating, sleeping, interaction, flexibility...) to this point have been very positive!

The other night, he was singing part of the B-I-B-L-E song for us which is BIG progress!

Friday, September 9, 2011

1st Soccer Practice

Last Monday, Sydney had her first soccer practice. She told us after practice that she really had fun! We are very proud of her.

I'm proud of her coach too...he was well organized and the girls responded well to his plans/ least most of them ;)

Her team plays their first game tomorrow morning, although it's doubtful she will get to play because she has been sick almost all week. Her fever was down tonight and she had more energy-we'll see what the morning holds.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

8 Months

My sweet Luke is 8 months old today!
Luke-you bring us so much joy!

At 8 months, you are becoming more stable sitting up and are rolling & scooting to get where you want to be. You have 6 teeth, with another getting ready to come through any day. You love jumping in the Jumperoo, eating yogurt and "talking" to us. So far, we've heard dada, mama, and something that sounds like bye bye.

Over the weekend, you ate your first puffs. Your fan club was much more excited about this event than you were.

They adore you and think you are so awesome. They are right! Love you!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Look Who's...

sleeping in a big boy "Toy Story" toddler bed?!?!

JJ has been sleeping in his converted bed for over a week now. The first night he was a little confused and it took some extra time for Mommy to spend with him before "lights out." He has yet to climb out and his napping/sleep schedule is still consistent. Boy, we have been blessed with three good sleepers :)