Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Rail Tales

Last Saturday, our library sponsored a "Rail Tales" program at the old depot, complete with stories, crafts and more on one of the trains.  As soon as I read about it, I thought of someone I love who would love to go! :)

Here he was ready to drive the train!

Thomas and his big sister stopped for a photo before we boarded the train

Once onboard, most ;) put on their new engineer hats and listened to a few different train stories.
The kids, Mommy The lady made them a craft. 
 I found another cute little boy happy to wear his new engineer hat.


Monday, February 27, 2012

Happy 4th(, 1st?!) Birthday Arden

About a year ago, Jeff and I were out walking with the kids and we met our newest neighbor Tara.
Since then, we have become very good friends with Tara, her husband Steven and their sweet princess Arden.  We are very blessed to live just 3 doors down from these special friends.
Sydney and Arden sure love spending time with each other!

Arden's birthday is this Wednesday...that's right, Wednesday February 29th. 
So while she was born in 2008, this Wednesday is her first birthday of sorts! :)   

We are unfortunately going to miss her party on Saturday but celebrated a bit early with each other at Stakz.
As usual, the girls had fun, and they allowed JJ to tag along too :)
Happy 4th Birthday Arden.  Happy 1st birthday too :)  We love you!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Wonderful Weekend

We had the joy of spending last weekend with many of the people we love most.

 Friday afternoon we hit the road and met Nana & Buddy at Monkey Joe's in Lexington.  The kids had two hours of nonstop fun :).  We spent Friday night at their house just hanging out and Sydney and JJ enjoyed doing puzzles with them!


JJ has really been getting into puzzles lately!  "High five" for completing a Nemo one!

Saturday, we ate lunch and enjoyed playing/visiting with Granny & Papaw, and Aunt April & Uncle Tim and our three cousins.  The kids always have so much fun together...and the three below make it next to impossible to take a photo.  However, there is one little boy who is easy to photo...always happy!
 Saturday night we headed to the Linn's house to celebrate a special birthday with Jacy! 

I always enjoy my time with Stacy (Brian too).  Somehow it's been almost  six years since they moved from BG and I still miss her every single day.  So glad we still get to celebrate life's biggest occasions with them!  

On Sunday we attended a great service at our brother in laws church in Lexington.  Luke spent some time with Granny in the nursery and she had him patting the bible :)  Sydney and JJ loved going to Lilly's class with her.

After church, Nana, Sydney and I went to Rupp Arena to see the "Three Classic Fairy Tales" show featuring Snow White, Cinderella, and Belle.  It was so much fun and our little princess had a great did we.  Thankful to have this special memory too!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Get Ready Daddy

       It won't be long Daddy, 
     til your sweet boy lets go
     and takes off. 

     He's gaining more 
     confidence each day.

Get ready Daddy,
 Soon you will be
chasing after 
him instead.

      He's pretty proud of himself-
thinks he's big stuff.

Oh yes, and by the way, (just like his big brother and sister) he hates Monkey Joe.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Super Bowl Party

 A couple weeks ago, we had the pleasure of hosting a Super Bowl party for the college students at our church.  We love spending time with them and also the friends we are honored to serve with.

So lucky to have a Daddy like him!

They were ready for the party!

Three happy people I love very much!
These girls were really into the game (lol)

Brittany brought this hilarious new game called Quelf.  Some of the girls decided to take a break from the football game and give it a try.  Britt and I joined is a funny game. Some of the cards I drew had me serenading Jennifer (left), singing "head and shoulders knees and toes" in a foreign language (which I failed miserably at), and even creating a snorkel mask out of "household materials."
 Princess Belle thought my snorkel mask was pretty funny and she wanted to try it on.
The kids had a big time upstairs too.  Here, Sydney and Layton are playing Hi Ho Cherry O!  So sweet!!!

Oh, and at the Super Bowl party-no pictures of this, but the boys watched a football game  :)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Quick Catch Up

A couple weeks ago we met the Bashams for dinner before a WKU game.  They are special friends that we just don't get to see nearly often enough these days!  Sydney and Simon are 5 months apart....JJ and Naomi only one month.  Cort and Jeff have been good friends for several years & I, too, am blessed to have a friend like Laurie.

We enjoyed dinner (can you tell by looking at JJ?!)  at their favorite Mexican place, which now is on our list too :)

Laurie and I agreed that while it was certainly hectic and full of distractions, it was the beginning of a great night...which was later capped off by a WKU win!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine Surprises

 JJ made Mommy a card at school- so sweet it made me cry.  Many, many prayers have been answered regarding JJ in the past few months.

My sweet husband gave me some beautiful flowers. 
Sydney went with him to pick them out and chose these for me...
her main criteria was "find the most pink ones."

A silhouette of my sweet girl, made at her school. 
What a sweet surprise...I love this!

Luke is a bit young to make anything
(except a mess), but he is truly an amazing gift!!! 

My family made my Valentine's Day very special indeed!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Day

 Three beautiful valentines...2012
 Our princess was excited to write on her own princess valentines for her friends!
JJ's first time doing valentines 
He wanted to write his name (on left).  Not bad! 
Both are proud of their handprint heart crafts we made over the weekend 
They each did their own handprints, and big sister added the wording.
I think his handprints look bigger than hers!?!?

Tomorrow will be a very fun day for both of them...Valentine's Day party time at school!
Wish I could be there too!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Tough Week, but :) Speech Update

Overall, our family has been weathering a pretty tough week.  Someone we love very much was diagnosed earlier in the week with a very serious illness, and we have been spending much of the week praying, researching, learning and searching for answers.  We don't have many answers yet, but look ahead to another significant doctor's appointment on Leap Day.
On Friday, while Sydney was at school, JJ and I (Luke too!) attended Preschool Storytime at church.  We listened to Ms. Cindy read, made crafts, played, and of course, bounced!
God made the dark starry sky & the bright sun too!  Can you tell he was proud of his art work?!

We have not been able to attend many of these events because we have been going to speech for the past five months on Friday mornings at 9am.  Last Friday, Ms. Lauren, who has been working with JJ each week, decided it was time to reassess where we were.  We all knew that he had progressed so much, especially since mid December, but the results blew us away!!

She called me on Tuesday to discuss the results.  Just to compare, when JJ was assessed in early September, his actual age was 2 years and almost 5 months.  His comprehension was that of a 2 year old 8 months but his verbal expressiveness was that of a 1 year 9 month old.  As far as speech, we were at least 8 months "behind."

Fast forward about 5 months....

The same assessment was given a week ago ( his actual age is 2 years and 9 months).  His comprehension  is now that of a 3 year 10 month old and his verbal expressiveness that of a 3 year 6 month old.  ( Speech of  a 3 1/2 year old!!!!!)  Another assessment she gave showed the identical results!

She told us that he would no longer "qualify" !!!! for the school system's preschool program for 3 & 4 year olds with speech (or other) extra needs.  He speech is too advanced!  Also, she sees no reason for us to continue his visits.  We are so proud of him and, of course, thrilled that we chose this path!

And we are happy that our Fridays can now be filled with stories, crafts, bouncing and playing!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Getaway With My Girls

This past weekend, I went on an adventure with 10 amazing women!  We left Fri afternoon and journeyed to Grand Rivers (Land Between the Lakes) to Brittany's in-laws lake house.  From top left, Brooke, Britt, me, Dwan, Gretchen, Kelli, Kara, Karen, Catherine, Michelle & LeAnn.   Together, we study the Word, celebrate, laugh, cry and support each other as our families and our hearts for Jesus continue to grow.
What an amazing place with a gorgeous view!

Our husbands so graciously took excellent care of the kids while we were gone...and I think even spoiled them a bit :)  They also caught onto our excitement in the weeks leading up to the trip and Jeff and others began referring to it as the "slumber party."  I think they pretty much thought we were crazy.  A little silly for a group of women in our 30's??  Maybe so.
Let's see here....together we ate some amazing pizza and treats, laughed, played silly games (note the champs below!), talked, watched silly videos, and laughed more-like "til it hurt" laughing!

Oh yhea, we also slept- a little, from about 3am til 7am, and then up again.  Definitely worth it to spend more time together!

On Saturday, we hung out at the house and then drove to Patti's, which is just down the street.  If you've ever been to Western Kentucky (or likely even if you haven't) you have heard of Patti's.  Our meal was awesome!

At Patti's, we had a little surprise for Dwan :).  The staff and those eating in the same room sang to her since this Wednesday is her birthday.  They brought her a nice looking hat and a yummy special treat too!
And for the first time in my life, I took pictures with a pink tractor. 
 Brooke, this last picture is for you-they got you but we were all that tired.  One of us (not me!) was even tucked in by her 5 year old daughter at 7:45 Sat night :)

What a great memory!  My them!!! huge blessing in my life!