Monday, April 30, 2012


I decided it was time to cut my baby boy's hair yesterday.  The occasional trimming just wasn't getting it done anymore-it was time to get out the clippers.  I didn't want to cut it too short, so I got out the purple #7 and decided that was a good length for our first time (3/4 inch).  I got busy doing something else, and then went back to start once Jeff was holding Luke and ready to help me.  I secured the purple attachment on the blade and started. 

Quickly, I noticed that his hair looked awfully short, .......

uh oh-there are two purple attachments (a dark and light shade).  Yes, two purple and I picked up the wrong one.  The wrong one was 1/4 inch...and once I started, there was no option to turn back...his hair is now much shorter than JJ's. 
Oh my!

Hair length 3 days ago                                                                              Hair length last night

I should probably say it again...oops.
Hopefully his hair will grow fast like JJ's does.

And here are a couple pictures of my boys "racing" up the driveway. 
Not sure if you can see the look on Luke's face, but he loves this. 
JJ is saying to Daddy the entire time "let go, let me pedal" (even though he can't up the hill) 

The princess just enjoys riding her bike...a lot.
On two seperate walks today, I bet she rode it over 2 miles.
Tonight she told us that she was "exhausted from all that exercise and riding her bike."  Ha!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Baby Loves(!!) Beach

Over spring break week, we loaded up and headed to Destin to spend four days at the beach.
Me and Jeff...3 kids age 4 and
 Jeff and I were pretty excited since this was our first trip to the beach with just us and the kids.
Jeff and I were pretty nervous since this was our first trip to the beach with just us and the kids.

We knew that Sydney and JJ would have great time, but we also "knew" that Luke wouldn't like the sand.
Sydney and JJ HATED the sand at his age.
If even a speck of sand would touch them, they would scream.

So, we planned carefully...we took a blow up pool (that we figured Lukey would crawl right out of)
We took an extra umbrella so that he could play with toys?! on a towel in the shade.
We hoped he might take his afternoon naps in the stroller.
We would take turns going back to the room or shopping with him while the other stayed with SG and JJ.

Our first night at the beach, he enjoyed sitting with Daddy while the other two played.
We decided we would put him down on a towel first.  But then, he wanted to touch the sand.
He thought it was hilarious!

This sweet boy, he's gold I tell you! 

He crawled all over the beach for four days. Sand was everywhere.
I have many pictures to share of everyone else enjoying the beach soon-this boy made my trip.

One of his favorite things was to bury his face in the sand.  He would sit up and just throw himself into it.
We were amazed.  We laughed at him til it hurt.
He charmed everyone on that beach.
One time he ate the sand, and got the funniest look on his face.  That didn't happen again :)

He loved having his legs and feet buried too.

He would always crawl over and climb up into our chairs if we got up.  He enjoyed watching his big brother and sister in the water, but wouldn't go near it himself-it touched him once and he screamed.  One day, he even "helped" Daddy and the other two build a sandcastle.

Luke, I'm biased -but I'm telling you, there is no better baby than you.
It's not like your brother & sister were difficult babies-much the opposite. 
But you are in a class of your own

You are sweet.  You are fun.  You make us smile & laugh.  You are an amazing gift.


Thursday, April 26, 2012

Coming (Too) Soon

Sydney, last week I submitted your registration forms for Kindergarten. 

I was driving down the road on Sunday and the reality began to grip me-I am so not ready for you to be gone five days a week.  I love watching as you play with JJ, dress up in your costumes and color me new masterpieces.  I love taking all three of you to the park and having you home to help me with chores, or dinner, etc-you always make it fun.
I love playing games & doing crafts or playing soccer outside with you while your brothers nap. 

You and Mommy are pretty close.  I sure will miss you.  Your Daddy will miss his special lunch or treat days with you after picking you up from preschool.  He loves having you at his office those Tues/Thurs afternoons until I'm off work-you are so good.

I know someone else who will miss you too.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My Growing Boys

My sweetheart boys were due a visit to the doctor last week.

At 15 months, Luke weighs 26.5 pounds and is 33 inches long.  This is the 95th height percentile, 80th for weight, and his head is in the 75th.

At 3 years, JJ weighs 37 pounds and is 39.75 inches long.  He is also in the 95th height percentile, 90th for weight, no head!

Luke needed 3 shots, JJ none.  (He did throw the biggest fit of his life on the way into the doctor though)   

Also, this visit was JJ's first time to have an eye test.  He tested 20/20 in both eyes!  He did a great job identifying each symbol on the chart that the nurse asked him about.

Thankful for their growth and good reports!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Mickey Party

Yesterday we had JJ's party at home and celebrated in Mickey Mouse style!

I have been very excited about JJ's 3rd birthday-(all of their) birthdays are a BIG deal to me!  I had been working on a few fun projects for the day...sticking with our Mickey theme.

Mickey rice krispies & Mickey gummies

 Mickey cookie treats 
 A Mickey sign personalized for my Mickey loving boy and a collage of JJ with MM himself! 

And of course, cupcakes complete with Mickey Mouse sprinkles!

Out front was my biggest project for the week, which I plan to use for many birthdays to come.
My balloon wreath with my 3 year old posing on his birthday
So I enjoyed getting all of this ready, but the best part of yesterday was having the chance to celebrate JJ's birthday with all four grandparents and one special cousin.  It was a pretty sweet time.

 Boys table
 "Girls are the best" table
 Here was the birthday boy ready to open some presents!
Happy Birthday dear JJ!!!
Happy Birthday to you! 
 He needed some "help" this time to blow out his candle. 
Found it funny that he was the only one of the four who didn't help :)

There was only one bad part about yesterday-my birthday boy got sick at his own party :(.  He had been battling a cough for a couple of days, but started complaining about a tummy ache right before lunch and didn't even eat the pizza and crazy bread he had been requesting over and over.  It took a while for him to even want his cupcake.  His fever started and soon after the party wrapped up, he took a 3 hour plus nap. 

I know that he had fun, but he was not himself.

You could look at him and tell, even as he played with his new toys.

I'm sorry JJ that you didn't feel better at your special party, but very thankful we could have those who love you most here to celebrate your special third year.

We love you-here's to year number 4, sweet boy!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

JJ's Big Day

I was excited to start JJ's birthday off by spending time with him before school/work.

 I took him to Dunkin Donuts where he enjoyed a yummy sprinkle donut!

The first thing JJ said to me when he woke up was "where my cupcakes?"

We took Buzz & Woody cupcakes and party stuff to school so that he could celebrate with his friends.  He was very excited about this!  I did not get to attend, but his teacher took over 30 pictures of their little party and sent them to me...she is so sweet.
             She let him get messier than Mommy does !

He was not the only one to get messy!                      Glad he had a great time with his friends!

After I picked him up from school, he got to choose where we ate dinner.  At first he wanted to go to Chickfila, but Daddy reminded him that it was kids night = cow, so his choice quickly changed to Fazoli's :).  Both of my big kids are scared of that silly cow.

Then, we had our own celebration at home!  And, for the first time...he was able to blow out his candle, after a few tries!

This boy makes us laugh!

After opening a couple of things inside, we went outside to find a big surprise. 
Earlier this spring, when Sydney was wanting to ride her bike, he asked "where my bike is?" 
We told him that he was only 2, and that Sydney didn't have a bike til she was 3.
Now, he has one :)

AND we just have to learn to ride it better!  (I think he thought he was going to jump on and ride like Sydney who has a 2 year head start.)

What a fun day for our boy....looking forward to his family party at home on Saturday!
Sweet birthday boy...We.Love.You!
Happy you could have such a fun day!