Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Little (Birthday) Girls Night Out

My friend LeAnn and I decided to treat our two birthday girls to a night out last week.

Anslee turned 6 last Tuesday, and Sydney turned 5 on Saturday. They have become big buddies!

We took them to get a pedicures and their hands polished too. They loved it!
 LeAnn knew about a place in town that had two pink butterfly pedicure chairs-perfect!
 The girls brought their own movies to watch while they were being pampered.
 And let me just say...this feels good whether you are still 4, or almost 34.  Guranteed.

Here, they happily show off their nails :)

Afterward, we also took them to Sonic for a treat
What a fun night & great memory.
(These sure are the days to remember)

They want to go back-I bet!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Beautiful Baby Girl

Two of the best friends anyone could ever have (and a little boy we love much too!)
welcomed their newest family member on Friday night.
 We met her this morning.  Beautiful baby Anna...how much you will be loved!
Love all four of you guys.  Anna, you are beautiful...just like your mommy.
Glad you are at home tonight with a big brother who was so excited to get you there.

Friday, May 25, 2012

My Baby Turns Five Tomorrow

Sydney----you have been counting down the days for months and May 26th is a few hours away! 

Looking at our family now, it's hard to believe there was a time when your Mommy wondered if I could ever have a sweet baby.  God's answer in 06' was YES...and his answer was you 9 months later...May 26, 2007!

Five years..really?! 

It seems like we were just in your first year-bringing you home, adjusting to the role of parenting, and it didn't seem like it at the time...but we really did have so much time to watch you grow and change.  We took pictures of you doing everything, and nothing too.  I actually have multiple videos of you laying on your lounger and kicking (at just a few days old)-we thought that was the greatest thing ever-and it truly was!  You were beautiful and such a good baby. 

Your smile was contagious, because a smile meant your mouth was wide open!  You slept so good for us and were blessed with wonderful health.  During this year, we watched you try your first foods, sit up, roll & crawl and caught our first glimpes of your personality.  During your first year, we traveled all over the country...Florida twice, South Carolina, Arizona, Tennessee, West Virginia, Ohio. 

During your second year, Daddy and I both turned 30.  We watched you take your first steps, and your speech developed very quickly.
We found out that you would be a big sister while we were at the beach in August, and you dressed as a duck at Halloween.  You were totally in love with Elmo, and moved into a big girl bed.  When we were out with you, people would often ask us if you were always so happy.  Truth is-you really were. 

A couple months after you turned 2, you could sing your ABC's.  Year three also brought success at potty training, excitement/anticipation about starting preschool, and for the first time...you liked playing in the sand at the beach!  Minnie Mouse was your favorite.
Your personality was in full bloom, and you were always saying the funniest things.  During this year, we also lived in a hotel for 5 weeks after our house sold a little too quickly, and you (and your baby brother) were amazing as we lived in such a small space!  Right before you turned 3, we found out you would become a big sister for the 2nd time.

Year four of your life was exciting!  You started gymnastics, preschool, swim lessons and extra fun things like SNS at church.  You quit taking naps.  We found that our baby was another baby brother-and this time you were old enough to be super excited about it. 

It was also during this year that you and JJ started becoming such good buddies.  You made new friends at church and school and at the same time (for the first time), went through a stage of seperation anxiety when we would drop you off.

This fifth year has been just awesome too.  Your preschool teachers and entire experience was just amazing.  You have gone through a height growth spurt and have been big time into princess anything and making crafts.  You are absolutely the sweetest child.  Anytime we do/go something fun, you now tell us that "my favorite thing was watching all my family have a fun time."  You love your family very much.

You are also a stickler for the rules and are happy to tell us when JJ (or Luke) fails to follow them.  You are learning to swim much better and you are a great soccer player for your age.  We are most proud of your heart for Jesus. 

And, tomorrow we will celebrate your fifth birthday..and the beginning of your sixth year sweetheart. 

We are so beyond blessed to be able to share a part of the story God has already written for your life. 

What a gift God gave us when he blessed us with you-you are our sunshine.  Happy 5th Birthday Sydney!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Special Soccer Finale

Sydney's last soccer game of the season was last Saturday.  When we got to the field, we found a couple special someone's----her two bestest friends from preschool-Kelly and Caroline!  Kelly and Caroline are cousins, and they play on the same soccer team, which just happened to be the team we played.  They were so excited...The Butterflies vs. The Zoom.

They all three have the same princess ball :)

And then, it was time to play!  We saw this...
And we saw something similar 8 more times. 
YES, Sydney scored 9 goals in the game!!! 
9 goals in 16 minutes (half the game).
Our team scored 13 , and the Butterflies about 5 or 6. 
It was just awesome to watch her.  We were very proud!

But the coolest thing was this...whenever she scored a goal...no matter where Kelly and Caroline were on the field or the sidelines, they would did this:
 Run to her...almost tackle her...tell her what a great job she was doing and how proud they were of her. 
Sometimes they had been on the field trying to stop her from scoring, and at other times, they were out of the game.  It didn't matter to them-they just were happy for her and ran to tell her.
It was really something to watch.
Caroline scored two goals for the Butterflies!

Then, after the game, Jeff and John had a quick meeting and a surprise for the girls.
 Engraved soccer medals!
 They were surprised and proud!  So sweet.
 And then lined up to yell "Go Zoom" one more time. 

A special day I will not forget.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Soccer Team Pictures

A couple of weeks ago, we did Zoom team picture day.  We enjoy doing our own instead of using the professional photographers the league provides...faster, cheaper, and we can pick our own picture day.

Here's our Zoomie
 Just the girls...Kathryn, Emma, Maddie, Adriana, Sydney, Addie
 The girls with coach Jeff and coach John

My favorite one :)
Make a silly face!!
 Before the game  (one of their favorite parts)..."Go Zoom!"
It has been great to watch all six of these girls play together two seasons in a row!  I have enjoyed meeting some awesome moms, and also watching Jeff and John become good friends.  They work very well together.  We are the only team that I have seen who has two dedicated coaches out with the girls during each practice and game.  (Actually, some teams have to beg one of the parents to coach).  The girls love them...because they make it fun! 

Looking forward to watching most of them play again in a few months.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Look Alike

I'm working on pictures tonight...kind of like I do most nights :)

Tonight, I'm working on pictures of my girl for her party this weekend...and I ran across something that caught my eye.  I kept looking back at the photos of her at 1.

Not sure these pictures capture it well enough, but I'm telling you

this baby at 1

looks an awful lot like this baby at 1.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Big Fish

The day after Sydney's preschool graduation, JJ went home with my parents to spend some time with them.  He and Buddy spent a lot of time together going to the playground, some different stores & Chickfila.  He also had plans to take JJ fishing for the first time, and that night sent us some photos:
His very first fish!!! 

Now, the size looks a bit exaggerated due to the angle of the camera, BUT my dad did say it was the biggest blue gill he had ever seen.  He has certainly seen many in his fishing days.  He caught another smaller one that night too.  Way to go JJ!

The next day, after Sydney's soccer game, the rest of our crew headed to my parents and JJ was so excited to take Sydney fishing!  My dad has a great little fishing spot on the golf course where they live...where the fish bite QUICKLY!

So, we gave Sydney the first turn...and within a few seconds, she had a bite!
Buddy got it reeled in, and tried to get her to touch it, but she ran to the top of the closest hill...ha!  She did not want to touch the fish.
 Somebody else did though :)
We called her down off of the hill, and this is as close as we could get her to her fish

Next, it was JJ's turn..time to see if he could catch another fish 
And, he sure did... 

This time a bass!

Proud of his third fish of the weekend!

**It is so funny to me that my kids think/say they caught these fish when Buddy was the one to buy the worms, provide all equipment, fix the rod, bait the hook, cast, help them reel the fish in, take the fish off the hook and throw the fish back in.  I guess that's what a Grandpa is for :)   Thanks Dad, he (they) sure had a big time fishing with you!  Here's to more fishing outings for you and your grandkids!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Strawberry Time!

The weekend before Mother's Day, we made our (third) annual trip to pick strawberries in Portland.  This is a tradition we now look forward to each May.

And, let me just say...we have two serious strawberry pickers!  (Next year, I'm betting we have three in on the action)

 They filled up a big basket pretty quickly and we ended up taking home two.  YUM!

My girl and I made two strawberry pies and some other treats during the week-JJ was too busy to "help" us, but certainly not too busy to enjoy them! 
Love my helper!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

What a joy to spend Mother's Day with my three beautiful kids
(and my much loved photographer husband),
 with my Mom,
 and my Dad,
 my mother in law,
 and my two nieces and nephew, along with Jeff's dad, and Aunt April & Uncle Tim...special day and way to celebrate Mother's Day!  We very much enjoyed our time with all of them.

We started off the day at church and then lunch with my parents.  We spent some time playing at their house, and then went to see Jeff's whole side of the family for more play time and dinner.

 At 4 years, these two princesses of ours are such good friends!  So cool that they are moving through all the same stages together.  Now, they are both playing soccer and start kindergarten in Aug!
Grateful for such a special & supportive family