Saturday, June 30, 2012


We had a visitor in our yard a couple nights ago just before dark.

At first Jeff looked across to the neighbors and thought it was a cat., it was not a cat.

This little fella  walked right into our yard, and then all around our swingset. 

Luke thought the skunk was so cute and just pointed and screamed at him as we watched from inside.  JJ was so scared he would spray his Buzz Woody flip flops, and Sydney was hysterical about him spraying her purse outside.   After about 10-15 minutes, he left and went back to the neighbors yard and through the fence.

Here is the funniest part.  The next morning, Jeff got a call back from a guy at Animal Control, who told him the following:

*Yes, we can help you with skunks.

*For 150$!!!, we will come out and set traps and come back and retrieve the skunk(s) once they are trapped.

*Then, we will take the skunk(s) to Edmoson County and turn them loose.    (HA!)

*Your best bet might be to shoot them, but they will leave a big stink.

Oh my...we have laughed and laughed about these things.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Week of Fun

I took the kids to my parents for all of last week.  It was important to spend quality time with them before my mom goes into the hospital for her transplant.  She loves our children so much.  Sadly, my kids will not be seeing Nana for a while...she is going to be busy getting well. 

We had a good time, and the kids were absolutely spoiled for seven days.

The kids and I arrived at Nana and Buddy's house on Monday evening.  (Daddy put in his week at work and joined us for the weekend.)  My mom had an ice cream birthday cake waiting for me...she is always thinking of us-my birthday isn't for almost another month. 

During the week, we went swimming several times, took the kids to the movies, shopping, and the park to play.  Sydney and JJ got to "Build a Bear" at the mall and we also went to Evans Orchard to play and eat lunch.  The big two loved spending evenings with Buddy out on the golf course-looking for "creatures,", fishing, feeding the horses, and playing some golf too.  They even spent one afternoon/evening at Granny & Papaw's, and got to play at chickfila and swim with Lilly, Avery and Jacy.  I had a girl's (1/2) day shopping with Stacy, and Jeff and I got to spend an evening watching the Cincinnati Reds with her and Brian too.

By the end of the week, the tally was Sydney-3 fish, JJ-4.

At Build a Bear
She made "Cinderella Bunny."  He made "Buzz Lightyear."

I chased him around central Kentucky all week                   
....on the move!                                                                       Very glad to see Daddy after 4 days!

Thankful for special times together. 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

"Chuck Cheese"

A couple weeks ago, it was time to officially celebrate over a month of success at using the potty for my big boy.  Since May 4, just a couple weeks after his birthday, he has been diaper free.  I can count the number of accidents on one hand.  He has done so well!  More than anything, he is so proud of himself! 

We started here that first weekend....and filled it up...adding every day (every day we remembered anyway!)  The chart is now filled out completely and the deal was....fill up all the days and we are going to Chuck E Cheese. 

All the time, JJ would point to the last space and say "Chuck Cheese that Day." 

He sure did enjoy his celebration!    (Someone else did too)

And by the end of our time there, they even had gathered enough tickets to get a small prize. 

Sydney had a potty celebration trip to "Chuck Cheese," now JJ has too.
Lukey, you are next! 

Monday, June 25, 2012

Saturday, June 16, 2012


 They love you because you are silly...

because you are kind...
and fun....
and loud :)...

and supportive.
You are always there.  They love that. 

They also love

that you are tall... and strong...
 and happy.

They love you because it's obvious that you love them so much.

They sure do love you.  I do too.  Happy Father's Day!

Friday, June 15, 2012


Happy Anniversary-12 amazing years!

Praise God that he saw it good for you to be my husband and closest friend!

Love you forever & ever!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Date Nights

A couple months ago, LeAnn and I constructed a "date night" plan. 
Here's how this works...once each month, she and Todd get a date night, and we get their 2 princesses. 
Also once a month, we go out  and they watch our 3 sweethearts. 
I know, I know...they got the tougher end of this deal- luckily, they love all three of my crazy kids!

Here, Todd and LA are leaving for their May date ~5pm.  Todd said they'd be back at midnight... :) Don't they look excited and relaxed?!
Of course, they are excited and was our turn to run the zoo!

Seriously, the five of them do very well together and are becoming closer by the day.

Just a small look at our evening of fun with them:

Even more fun when our neighbor and friend Arden stopped by with her dad!

We had a lot of fun with the whole crew and now...
Looking forward to our next date night...tomorrow!!!

So thankful for the Crosby's...all four of them!

Monday, June 11, 2012


Forty four years ago last week, this couple honeymooned at The Greenbrier. 

Over fifty years ago, my mom began taking trips to this resort with her parents. 

I can recall visiting this special place when I was a little girl just a bit older than my Sydney. 

Four years ago, my parents took our family (Jeff, Sydney and me) on a vacation there.

For the past two summers, my parents volunteered at the PGA Tour's Greenbrier Classic.  

This is a place where we have a lot of history-and is very special, particularly to my parents.
Unfortunately, they won't be able to volunteer at the PGA event this July.  In fact, as the tournament wraps up, my mom will be checking into the hospital at UK for chemotherarpy and then a bone marrow transplant.  That's hard to type-and much harder to face in real life.  We are all praying hard that it is God's plan to fully heal her and make this "perfect" donor match a "perfect" fix and eliminate her leukemia. 
Last week, we were excited to return to the Greenbrier with them once again.  It was a wonderful time to be in a place that is so special to them.

On the 3 day trip, the boys (as in Jeff and my dad) were priveleged to play two spectacular golf courses.  Nana, the kids and I spent most of our time at their awesome outdoor infinity pool.  We all enjoyed the restaurants & shops on site,  the casino (for those of us over 21), the outdoor and indoor pools, and even got to watch Sydney and JJ bowl for the first time ever at the resort's bowling lanes.

Just for fun, looking at past & present a bit

 Sydney in 2008                                                                                 and 2012




More photos from our trip last week:

The outdoor pool had zero entry, fountains and spills over/looks over the golf course-beautiful!
At this point, SG and JJ were the only people in the pool
They loved the fountains
All three of them

We all enjoyed the pool.
 They sure are great friends
 And they all love their Nana very much

Lucky mommy, that's me! 
 Our last night-1st time bowling for Sydney and JJ-Buddy was their helper. 

Not sure which one of these three had more fun.  They loved it!  Sydney beat her little brother 93-77, with bumpers of course. 

Yes, we were very fortunate to have added more sweet memories at this wonderful place.

Dad & Mom, thank you for inviting my whole family to go on such a great trip. 
I really hope that after a successful transplant and recovery you will be able to return in July 2013 to work the tournament together-I know how much you love it.  And, I hope we can all enjoy a trip there sometime in the future.