Friday, September 28, 2012

3rd Season of Soccer

 Sydney is in her third season of soccer.
Last Saturday was her first game and picture day.
 We are playing again with Maddie, Adriana & Kathryn, and have two new friends-Claire & Mary.
Jeff and John are having fun coaching together again. 
Jeff was sick this day, but determined to be there for the game and pictures.
Go Zoom!

It was a great first game.  The girls played hard and did really well!
This team has improved so much over the past year.
I believe we scored 4 or 5 times before the other team did.
The weather was also beautiful.
I took these two photos just as Sydney was breaking away to score her first goal of the season!
She followed with another goal in her second game and three in her third. 

Looking forward to lots of Zoom soccer over the next couple of months!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Celebration for Caleb

 This family of six we love so much will soon be this family of seven!
After a 2 year wait with some bumps and a major detour, the Grahams are going to
China in late October to bring home their son Caleb.
They actually got their finalized flights/itinerary yesterday!!!

Caleb turned 4 in May. 
He was abandoned on the side of the road when he was only a few days old.
They know so little about this sweet little boy.
He does love frogs, swimming and watermelon.  He is described as mischievous :)- uh oh !
We, (as in me and Julia, Julie, Krista, LeAnn, and Brittany) had the pleasure of co hosting a celebration for Caleb a couple weeks ago at my home. 

When we first started talking to Dwan about the celebration, she decided
that an Open House at my house :) was what she would love.
 For a couple of hours, many of her sweet friends were able to drop in and share their support, well wishes and gifts for Caleb and the entire family just before they embark on this awesome journey. 
All six of them will be traveling to China!
How honored I was to host this special night for my precious friend!
And she sure is that.... 
She and Jason and the whole crew have been such a major part of our lives for over eight years. 
We've watched our families grow, and witnessed God healing Jason from cancer.
I always appreciate how she speaks "truth" to me, whether we are talking about how to handle one of life's little situations, or something as serious as my mom's sickness.
We have truly prayed, celebrated, laughed and cried our way through almost a decade together.
We love the Grahams like family.

Jason is also one of Jeff's closest friends. 
Over the years he has been our teacher, handy man, and even computer consultant :)
Dwan and I share a passion for loving God and our kids. 
We share a babysitter and a love for organization too :) 
So thankful God placed the Grahams in our lives in August 2004.
 Soon, we will all be meeting a sweet 4 year old little boy who finally gets a family of his own!
...And what an amazing family he gets to be a part of!

Monday, September 24, 2012


Sydney has been learning about different habitats in school.  One of her homework assignments last week was to be creative and create a replica of a habitat out of a shoebox, and she wanted to make an ocean habitat.
  A quick look in the craft bin, and trip to buy a couple supplies, and we were ready to go:
 Shoebox, paint, glitter glue, sand, glue stick, foam stickers and plastic sea critters: CHECK!
 Finished product.  The habitat...which she named "Destin, FL".
We did it girl.  Happy I can handle homework, so far :)

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Playground Paradise

We really made the most of our long weekend together over Labor Day.  Monday we headed to Owensboro to check out the new playground and splash park on the riverfront.  LeAnn had been telling me about the project and how amazing it was supposed to be.  As soon as Jeff had a chance to look it up, we decided this was a must do for us...and we didn't want to wait long-we went the very next morning, (which was Labor Day).

This was a surprise for the kids.  Once we arrived, and they saw the playground, they started screaming and squealing as they ran to it...and um, their Daddy was right with them.  Luke and I had to play catch up. 

First up...this huge slide.

 I was at the bottom...I heard them coming, fast!  Love their reactions :)
Jeff was actually holding Luke...although you can't see anything but his leg here. 
Let's just say this slide was very fast.
The playground was massive.  The only one I've seen anywhere close to this size is at the Nashville Zoo, but this one is new and much nicer!  I tried to move down by the riverfront and get a picture of all of it, but that was impossible. 

It wasn't just a playground, it was a splash park too.

I'm really not sure which one of the four of them had the most fun

I sure did enjoy watching and chasing time we go,
the camera stays behind and I'm playing too!

It was a happy Labor Day with the crew!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Day for my Train Loving Boy!

For the second year in a row, we made our way to Nashville over Labor Day weekend for "A Day With Thomas."  You see, we have this three year old little boy that we are just crazy about.  And HE, well, HE is crazy about trains!

I knew we would all 5 have a great time and I was thrilled to take JJ to this event again.  Sydney was excited to go also, but she told JJ on the way in, "JJ, this is YOUR lucky extra special day." 
There was no doubt about who this day was for!

We had the 9am train ride-first of the day!  They did so good.  Luke was right up there with them, looking out the window. 
The ride lasts 25 minutes, and then you get to line up for a photo with Thomas.  It is hard to get all the kids to look at you because there are also "professional" photographers trying to grab their attention as well. 

After we pried JJ away walked away from Thomas, the kids enjoyed many of the other activities-inflatables, a tent with tons of toy train sets, a ride on a smaller train, and shared a treat.  They gathered stamps on a special map, which they were able to turn in for a prize before we left too.

As he does anytime he really loves something, JJ kept (keeps!) asking us when we can go see Thomas again.  A fun day for our for all of us!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Big Deal!

So what's the big deal about two pairs of soccer cleats?
 Well, it's not the shoes that are the big deal.
It's who tied the shoes :)
 Way to go sunshine-proud of you.  You are full of determination & learn so quickly!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Girls Night, Boys Night

The Friday of Labor Day weekend, we had a college Girls Night at the Connection Center.  We made homemade pizzas and enjoyed hanging out for a couple of hours.  Sydney and I took Luke with us, but he didn't mind one bit that he was the only boy!  AND, she loved making homemade pizza...needs to be on my list here soon. 

And while, we had a great night with the girls, JJ and Daddy went to the Stofer's for dinner and a swim with the guys night.  JJ had his buddy Haddon there and they had a great time too!

Another thing to be thankful for...Christian teen and twenty somethings that our kids get the privelege of growing up around... pretty sure their influence will prove significant as the years go by.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Lunch Date

Last Friday, the boys and I went to school to eat lunch with Sydney for the first time.  I've been anxious to go, but wanted to let her establish her own routine before I started showing up all the time :)

She was SO excited all week.  3 and 4 days ahead of time she was talking about how great Friday would be because I was coming to eat lunch at her school...such a sweet child. 

Sydney was so excited to have us there.  She was also happy that Friday was pizza day since that is one of her favorites.  I decided to just help and talk with her and JJ while they ate, especially since she only gets 25 minutes. 

The day ended up being even more special because her good friend Hannah also had her Mommy (& my friend Leslie) visiting for lunch.  When you have a visitor, you eat at special tables on the stage, and we were all able to sit together.  Sydney's smile was (always is) like sunshine to me!
This little buddy of mine loved being there too.  When we left he told me he wanted to go there every day to eat lunch with Sydney.  I did not promise that, but I assured him we would have many lunch dates with her in the future !  (Actually we were back this Wednesday as well.)

In no time at all, Lukey and I will be there visiting both JJ and Sydney at lunch time.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Hat Day

Today was hat day...

We had the perfect hat. 

I was there with her at lunch and biased or not, it was the cutest hat in that school :)
Someone else wanted a picture taken on hat day too !

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Mermaid Girls Night

LeAnn had the great idea to take our girlies to see Little Mermaid Jr. last Thursday night on campus.  It took me about half a second to be in on this one...and after dinner Miss Sydney and I left the boys to football night at home and hit the road to meet our three pals. 
We had three excited mermaids on our hands!

Of course, they all three loved the show...and after the show even got to meet the star!

Here's to three beautiful mermaids and a fun night with them!