Monday, October 29, 2012


Cowboy Woody....
his partner Jessie
and our flying space ranger, Buzz Lightyear!
These "toys" are ready for some trick or treat action!

We've already enjoyed dressing up for fun, pictures, and (me and the boys) a small party at the library last week.  In the next couple of days come school parties, Trunks of Treats, trick or treat and even a costume night at their favorite restaurant-chickfila :)!  Looking forward to enjoying all these things with Buzz, Woody & Jessie!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Carving Pumpkins

Pumpkin carving has been all the rage at our house this week!

Always before, Sydney just wanted to paint her pumpkin, but that changed this year.  I knew Daddy would be ready for the task!  Sydney later told him that he was the "best pumpkin carver."

They made him do the dirty work---pumpkin guts...

Then they drew faces on their pumpkins

He cut them exactly how the lines were drawn :)
Proud of their final product!

Yes, they sure were proud!

 A fun, new tradition!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

School Progress

Tonight, I had the chance to meet with Sydney's teacher about her progress during our parent-teacher conference.  The transition into Kindergarten was (is?) hard for me.  However, God was really looking out for me when he gave us Mrs. Smith.  We have no doubt that she is the best possible teacher Sydney could have this year...anywhere.  I will be fighting my best two years from now to get JJ in her class.

Mrs. Smith is so pleased with Sydney's desire to please and excitement to learn.  Socially, she said it amazes her how many friends Sydney has inside the class, and in other classes who she has met on the playground.  This is funny to me since we knew only one other person across the 4 kindergarten classes just two months ago. 

As a result of her early testing and progress the first two months, she is placed in the top reading and math groups for all of kindergarten when they split up the 4 classes in their own learning groups. 

As far as math, she has already passed 3 of the 6 tests for kindergarten and will keep moving ahead at her own pace.  If/when she completes the other 3, she will move onto first grade material. 

With reading, earlier this week she passed the first of two emerging reading tests, and after the 2nd will move on to primary level.

She has never pulled a red stick, and collects blue sticks at a rapid pace!  One day last week, she did receive a warning for talking to her friend Janie during writing lab :) and they had to walk a lap around the basketball court at recess.  ha.  Her most rebellious moment thus far...she and a friend cut their hair one day in the library.  It broke her heart that Mrs. Smith wrote a note on her folder and sent that home.

Just about teared up tonight hearing your teacher brag on you SGM....Proud of you sweet princess! 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Homecoming Parade

Last weekend was Homecoming and we've made it an annual tradition to take the kids to the parade.  This year we joined up with Todd, LeAnn and the girls which made the night even more fun!
Waiting is hard!
Good thing we had some pre parade entertainment :)
 Yes, they enjoyed watching all of the floats, people and vehicles go by....but the #1 goal was:
get ready, set, go... and grab all the candy you can !
We capped off the night out with dinner at Chickfila. 
Good friends, a fun parade and Chickfila-tough to beat!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

"And Me"

Please don't tell Luke that he is only 21 months old.  He is just certain he
is big enough to do anything his brother and sister are up for! 

His vocabulary is building bit by bit, lately adding words like "football," "yummy," and "dog." 

My favorite thing he says - "and me." 

They eat ice cream or a cupcake...he wants it too and says "and me!"

Buried in the sand..."and me!"

Feeding the goats..."and me!"

Driving the gator..."and me!"

Sliding down the huge "Cider Slider" at Jackson's..."and me!"
(As he's doing this over and over, Jeff and I overhear strangers saying "look at that little boy-he can't be more than 2-going down that slide all by himself!")

Want so see what "and me" looks like when he doesn't get to
join them in whatever it is they are doing?
He really is doing so much more than either one of them did
at (anywhere near) his age.  He is brave, bold and determined. 

Love my sweet "and me."

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Family Pictures

We take a LOT of pictures at the beach. 
It's hard for me to pass up a chance to photograph some of (my opinion!) God's most beautiful creations...the sand, sea & my three babes!

Bless my is so challenging to get three little kids to smile and look at the same time...
I know they love me because they try so hard-well, two of them try so hard :)


Thankful for my precious family. 

Lots of effort...totally worth it.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Our Week at the Beach

Fun in the sun...these two loved playing in the water together...

Of course, they really love doing everything together.  This week away was a little extra
special since we had the whole week with Sydney to ourselves.
We miss her!

The whole crew enjoyed digging in the sand,

and decided they all loved to be buried too.

We enjoyed a night out with some special friends
and found our new fav restaurant in the process.
(Our photographer needs a few lessons!)
These were the best nachos EVER...and my pregnant friend Andrea knew all about them!

We enjoyed walks on the beach several times a day
Some insisted on walking and trying to carry three buckets at once
 We enjoyed dining beachside at "home" & at some really fun restaurants too.

 And downtime at the beach was like downtime at home-Jeff and I have pretty much lost our Ipads
They built sandcastles with Daddy every day, and carried hundreds of buckets of water for their 'moats.'
Sometimes this little boy played so hard that a quick break was necessary
Some of us really enjoyed using our new toy.
 Others did not.
And others refused to even try.  Who wants to leave the sand anyway?
We visited the Track twice and rode their favorite rides.
Jeff and I will miss getting to drive the go carts when they get bigger :)

Although you can't see it here, he loved riding too.  In fact, he threw a huge fit when
big brother and sister rode a couple of things he wasn't big enough for yet.
Lately, it is obvious that he feels he is much older than 1 1/2.
It really was the best week...can't wait til next time!