Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Luke's Family Party!

Due to sickness, we delayed Luke's family birthday party a couple of weeks.
Granny was nice enough to host all of us at her home for the party, which I am very thankful for. 
We traveled to Georgetown so that my dad could also attend even though my mom was in the hospital. We missed her very much.
Luke had a great party at Granny's house!
This boy loves!! loves!! Pooh.
He had fun opening presents, and
fun playing with all of Granny's toys (as usual) BUT
there is no doubt what he enjoyed the most at his party.....
The thing he enjoyed most?!
He kept "dipping" the little Pooh and Tigger decorations into the icing and licking it off :)
Finally, his cousin Trace handed him a fork.
The results of that...(after a long time of enjoying)
Sugar high...Love it!

Indeed, sweet Luke had a great party.  I know three others who enjoyed it too :)

Have I mentioned on here before how much JJ loves Trace?!

After the party wrapped up, I got to go and visit my mom for a bit at the hospital, and then we joined up with Tim and April's church for a family bowling event in Lexington.
My dad came too!
                                                            We had a great afternoon,    and so did these big pals!

A great family day!

Sunday, January 27, 2013


Thursday was the 100th day of school for SG!  Her teacher/school had many fun things planned as the kids dressed up and compiled a "100" piece party mix with different snacks the parents sent in.  In Sydney's class, they completed a "project of 100."  The assignment was to somehow represent the number 100 by using something the kids could relate to.  (100 stickers on a page, 100 beads on a necklace, etc). 

I gave SG several ideas and she decided we should create a (pink) posterboard listing 100 places she's been or things she's done in 5 1/2 years.  She wanted pictures for each of those events.  I told her that we would not have room for 100 pictures on a posterboard :), but that we could list all of the items and use a few pictures to illustrate some of the highlights.  We jumped on the blog and Shutterfly to look through all of our pictures and she selected the photos we used.  This turned out to be a pretty big project...and a very fun project!
The items on the list were so fun to reflect upon...capturing everything from the beach to church, Disney World to the park, riding a horse and eating at Chickfila, taking trips to the desert in Arizona and to see her grandparents.

She was quite proud of her project.  I know she loved showing it off at school.

And as for me- I can't believe we are 100 days into Kindergarten!  She is just too big!!!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Monday afternoons

On Monday afternoon, Sydney brings home her homework packet for the week.
She wants to complete it all on Monday, just as soon as she gets home.
"First things first" she tells me...and this is the age when homework is still fun.
JJ likes to do his "homework" with her-he does not really have homework, but he does have a preschool workbook that we have been working through together.
Luke's "homework" consists of eating apples and playing with the
shape sorter-and then putting apples in the shape sorter-ha!
He sure is a hoot.

Thursday, January 17, 2013


I love you.  Praying for miracles and much much better days ahead. 

Thank you for being so special to us.  Thank you for fighting so hard.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

2 Year Checkup

Luke had a great checkup this week, especially since he was not due for any shots!

He weighed in right at 30 pounds (75th percentile) and height at 36.5 inches (90th).  Now that all of my babies are over 2, there will only be scheduled visits one time a year!

One of his favorite things to do as of late is play basketball with us upstairs.  
Sometimes he wants to fetch the ball while we shoot, but sometimes he really puts on a show!

He loves to celebrate when he makes a shot.

We all celebrate!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Birthday Celebration

We celebrated Luke's birthday on his big day with the Crosby's. 

We started off the night with dinner, and some time to watch Luke's 2nd year in photos.  These five have become so close....and while Averi loves Luke-Anslee is the one who would keep him forever! (I told LA that I have no doubt he will be trying to chase Anslee up/off the high dive this summer at the pool).  

Soon, it was time to sing Happy Birthday to our boy and enjoy a birthday treat.
Have I mentioned he is really into "Pooh" ?!?!
 I have been singing it to him for a month so I think he was ready!
 I didn't get a photo, but he blew out his own candle-we were impressed!
(Just check out his sweet smile!!!!)
Needless to say, he enjoyed his cupcake.

(Actually, reminded me of his first birthday party...just not nearly as messy this time)!
Christmas gave him a good chance to master opening presents...
 And then, he just had time to play with the whole crew upstairs, which he loved.
It was a great night, and our little guy was surrounded with some of his very biggest fans.

He did not want the girls to leave-or the night to end. 
Elmo in hand, looking out the front window, and wishing they would come back!
Thankful for our amazing 2 year old and special friends to celebrate with!

Looking ahead to a family celebration in the near future.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Happy 2nd Birthday Luke!

Sweet Luke,
It is unbelievable to me that you are already 2 years old.
What a gift God gave us in you, our son!

You bring so much joy into each and every day.
Lately, your vocabulary has exploded and you are starting to talk a lot!
You adore Sydney and love JJ too -but not as much at this point :)
You have become a big time Mommy's boy!!!
Mommy's boy-yes.  But, you love your Daddy so much and one of your happiest moments each day is when you first see him in the morning or when he walks in at night from work.

All four of us adore you-guess we know how lucky we are that you are a part of us!
 You love to ride on your choo choo, watch Winnie the Pooh movies, carry Elmo with you, 
play hide and seek with us, look at books, and clap and dance to music.
You love to go to school and Chickfila (unless the cow is there)!
We love to ask you questions and hear you say "MEEEEEEE" in response.

You are still the last one to wake up almost every single day and in your mind you are at least 5 years old!
You scare us because you seem to have no fear.  We do fear we will be making a few ER trips with you.
You are a bit more picky with foods that your older sister and brother but a few things you love- your milk, pasta, strawberries, fruit snacks and ketchup!!!!!

Another thing unique about you-you get away with so much!  
Our joke is...."Why does Luke get to do that?"   "Oh yhea, because he wants to."
Not sure if this is because you are so cute, sweet or just that you are #3, but there are many things you do consistently that your brother or sister would have never gotten past us.  Lucky you :)

Happy 2nd Birthday sweet boy!
We look forward to celebrating a fun 2nd birthday with you-Winnie the Pooh style!!!

Love, Mommy

Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Baby of My Babies...

January 7, 2011 God brought Lukey Duke into our world.   

Somehow, 2 YEARS have passed-and the baby of my babies is turning 2 on Monday! 

2 means he's a toddler.  2 means he's getting awfully big.
He is full of personality and so very sweet & cute.
He keeps all of us entertained and on our toes.  

My, how we love this little boy!

Rough Start

We're off to a rough start after the first few days of 2013.

Sydney woke up at 230 am on January 2 with a fever of 103.6 and an awful cough.  She was diagnosed with croup and RSV and missed school the last three days of the week.  She bounced back Thursday night and most of Friday but then starting sliding downhill again.  After her second visit to the doctor this week, she now has a (seperate, new) virus.

Most likely she caught this virus from JJ who started feeling bad late Wednesday night and missed school Thursday.  Earlier today, the doctor confirmed that his lungs, ears, throat, etc are clear, but that he is also battling a virus. 

Here are my two babies this morning waiting for the doc:

The worst news of the week was that my mom tested positive for RSV and in her condition that is very scary.  Therefore, she was hospitalized Friday for 7 days.  :( Praying that she gets well as soon as possible and that her body responds well to the treatments they give her.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Post Christmas Fun

We had a great week between Christmas and New Years, hanging out at home and much more.  On the 25th and 26th we stayed at home in our pj's and just played and took down our decorations. 

On the 27th, we met our friends at Just Kid'n to play and have lunch.  
The kids were happy to see each other, and I was happy to see my friend too!

On the 28th, Granny & Papaw, April, Tim, Makayla, Trace, and Lilly came to visit us.

We went to Nashville for the day-outlet shopping, eating at a couple fun places, and checking out the decorations at Opryland. Here are the little kids at Rainforest in Opry Mills.

We got home late, but the girls had their own little slumber party.
These cousins become closer all the time-their slumber party was complete with identical Fur Real puppies and Dream Lite unicorns.
 Good morning girls!
 We spent more time Saturday morning just hanging out with our cousins, and playing.
JJ loves Trace!
 And Lukey loves Makayla!
 We stayed home for New Years Eve this year for the first year in a long time and really enjoyed it!
Sydney, JJ and I made a treat-a popcorn cake. 
Ingredients-freshly popped popcorn, melted marshmallows & butter, crushed pretzels, skittles and M & M's.
It was a lot of fun to make and tasted awful okay. :)
Fun days!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Family Christmas with Mommy's side

My side of our family is pretty small.  I'm an only child, and so is my mom.  Unfortunately, both of my dad's parents are no longer with us and my mom's parents are both in their high 80's.  My grandmother is thriving-but she has a lot on her plate! 
2012 has been a tough year for our small family.  We remain thankful for all God has done and look forward to 2013 with optimism.
One thing I am very thankful for is that we had a great Christmas with my parents. 
It's hard for me to explain how much these kids love my mom.....
and my Dad....who by the way, I have no idea how
we would have made it through 2012 without.
We were all very excited that Nanny (my grandmother)
was able to come celebrate with us at my parents for the day.
We only get to see her about 2 times a year.
This are pictures I really treasure.
And not only did she come...she brought gifts...special gifts!!!
My little princess got so excited...Nanny got her the only thing she had asked for this Christmas-a unicorn dream lite!!!!
JJ got the penguin one too.
Luke got a toy cash register instead, which we are playing with a lot at home these days.
She also brought all three of them a new costume...
She even got to help out while my mom and the 2 big kids made mini gingerbread houses
It was a great afternoon.
The night before she came to visit, we opened gifts with Nana and Buddy.
The hit of Luke's night was this singing Winnie the Pooh.
He sings a couple different songs and asks you to feed him honey with his honey pot-cute!

Love to watch Sydney as she is so happy for him with his Pooh :)
JJ loved/loves his remote control Thomas!
We all got some really nice surprises!

My mom does stockings for us too...and we saved those til Christmas Eve morning. 
As you can see, a big hit!

Once again, thankful for special times and family to share the celebration of Christmas with.