Thursday, February 28, 2013

Housekeeping Staff

Things have been more hectic than normal around here lately. 
I sure am glad I have my own cleaning crew.  

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

President's Day

After Christmas I bought a snowman cookie pop decorating kit on clearance.
I kept saving it for a snow day activity--but since we haven't had the need for a snow day activity, I decided President's Day was a good day.  All three kids were home with Mommy!

Materials: check!
What do you think?
I think JJ did a great job !
Sydney did too! 
They let me have a sample as well-they were really good!
Treasuring these fun times with them.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Proverbs 22:6

Tonight we started a family Easter devotional passed along to us by our children's minister.  We began what will be a sweet time of reading, singing and reflection with the kids.  The book has 28 lessons for the 4 weeks leading up to Easter, but we decided to start a little bit early. 

A given of course-Luke was all over the place and unable to pay attention....but I was amazed with Sydney's knowledge, and tonight in particular with JJ!  After we finished our story for tonight about Jesus and Lazarus, we got into a discussion about Adam and Eve...then JJ moves the discussion to talk about the snake and about the devil and how Jesus did not do what the devil wanted him to do and how Jesus will stomp on him.  Sydney was chiming in and along the way too but I would "expect" that of her. 

JJ then wants to talk about the disciples- "friends who went with Jesus."  "They were on the beach when Jesus found them". :)  THEN, He starts naming them..."there was Thomas and John and James and Mommy there was another James....."  He kept prompting us to read more stories-the disciples, the sick little girl and frail lady (from Mark), Daniel, then Goliath.  He was helping us tell the stories.  I was amazed!  We were amazed!

I told Jeff and LeAnn's time for me to step up my game with JJ.  Time for me to stop thinking of him as too little, too young.  I think all that time at school when he is quiet-all that time at church when he is quiet-and even at home (when he isn't quiet!) when I think he isn't listening.....he absolutely is listening and soaking all of it up.  Proud Mommy tonight.  Recommitted to learning and teaching them more about Jesus every day.

Proverbs 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.

Saturday, February 23, 2013


Two weekends ago, we hit the road....destination: Atlanta. 
We have been wanting to take the kids to the aquarium there for a while.  It is the nation's largest
and since 2011 they have added a dolphin exhibit and show.
We arrived in Atlanta at our hotel after lunch on Saturday.  After we played in the pool, we headed to one of our favorite spots for dinner-Cheesecake Factory.  We then stopped by one of the malls and let the kids do some shopping at the Disney Store.  Nana and Buddy sent them some "fun money" so they were also treated to fun at Build-A-Bear-can't think of very many things they would enjoy more! 

JJ made a penguin who he dressed like, and named, "Spiderman."
Sydney made the Disney Princess bear which she named "Princess Ariel."
Luke did not make a bear, but he did get to pick out a stuffed animal at Disney Store---a big Winnie the Pooh of course!
The next morning, we had breakfast at the hotel and headed to the aquarium.  
(I wonder how old they will be before it's "easy" to get a picture of the three of them?!)
The aquarium was very very nice.  
It's a little easier to get two :)
And, what fun these two had that day!
Love them (and their wild baby brother) more each day.
Still can't believe God wanted me to be their Mommy.
Jeff, Luke and I had a great time too.
Special memories....
We set a "deadline" of 2:00 to leave for home because we knew we had a 5 hour drive and lunch.
Of course, time flew by.

After the aquarium, we stopped for a late lunch mid afternoon at The Varsity ,
world's largest drive in with also seating for 800 inside.  JJ was ready!
This place was unbelievable.  We thought that getting there at 3:00 on a Sunday would mean lower crowds-
BUT it took Jeff over 40 minutes to order/get our food.  Who knows what it would be like at a peak time?!
The food was really good too-we will be back!
You can't really get an idea of the crowd from this photo, but it was something else.
And, then it was time to head back home.....they were all three worn out...and slept much of the way.
What a great weekend!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Math Wizard & Super Reader

We are so proud of our sweet little Sydney Grace.  She became a "Super Reader" in January.  She was so excited about this...and I knew that it was good but I had no idea what it meant until I saw Mrs. Smith :)  ....if you are a super reader in Kindergarten (at least at her school), it means you are able to read all of the words set aside for kindergarten reading.  And as of this past Thursday, she has also learned all of the words marked for first grade reading section and is now working on 2nd grade words.  Way to go Super Reader !!!
Not only is she a Super Reader...she is also a "Math Wizard."  Another thing she came home very excited about just a couple of weeks ago....and I found out she is past the Kindergarten section of Math and now working on 1st grade material.  Thrilled with her progress in school!
 In her classroom, they have a special section of the wall reserved for pictures of the Super Readers and Math Wizards.  The Math Wizards wear hats similar to the one above, and the Super Readers have super hero outfits on.  And, just so I won't forget some day-she is one of only 2 Math Wizards, and one of only 4 Super Readers :)  Go girl...go!

Monday, February 18, 2013

When Mommy is Away

My mom's immune system is still so compromised/weak that she is not allowed to see the kids at this point.  When I went for an overnight visit last week, this is one of the pictures I got from Daddy.

Long ago, I "banned" these carts at Kroger...because they are too wild when I would let them ride in one.  
Not daddy...-"come on kids, lets' go grocery shopping.  Sure you can ride in the car." 
He took them out to eat too at Five Guys.
Brave man.  :) Thankful for him and the Daddy he is to our kiddos.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day at School

Sydney and JJ both had their Valentine's Day parties at school on Thursday at the same exact time.  I went to Plano and Jeff went to BGCA.

I forgot to take in my camera (or my phone) to take a photo of my girl in her classroom, but it was a great much fun watching the kiddos go through their valentine's, make crafts, and enjoy their treats.  This is one of those moments when I am so thankful that I get to be a part of, and I just try to soak it all in.

I didn't get a photo from yesterday but here is a photo of Sydney and her Daddy at "Donuts with Dad" at school early on Tuesday morning.  She loved it-well, they both did :)
Meanwhile, Daddy dropped in to see our big boy at his class party.  When he arrived, they were playing musical chairs and duck duck goose.  Jeff said that JJ was speaking up and saying "my turn," " my turn,"  over and over and interacting with his friends.  I was so happy to hear this...he is still so hesitant around others much of the time.  Jeff said he was having a great time!
I thought this picture was very appropriate of him because when I said "JJ, what did you do when you saw Daddy at your party?"...he replied "I smiled real big!"  Love that little boy!

I received crafts from all three kiddos but here is the inside of my favorite Valentine card - no offense, Jeff :)
I love this card so much because of his footprints...and because that is exactly the kind of hug he gives me all the time....especially first thing in the morning, or when I come home from work.

Little Luke did not have a party at school, but did come home with a treat bag which he enjoyed.

Thankful my little kiddos had a great holiday.  
Looking forward to a date this weekend with my Valentine of 17 years!  17 years!!!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


I recently thought about this...when Luke was born, all three of our children
were younger than JJ is right now.

Yes, my valentines are still little, but they sure are growing up fast.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Bunk Bed

Since she moved out of her baby bed right before JJ was born, Sydney has been sleeping in the bed I slept in when I was a little girl...and the bed my mom slept in when she was a little girl

I decided to teach a Winter Term class this year at school and
one of the reasons was to get her a new setup!

Jeff and I put it together two Saturdays ago....she loves this bunk bed!
And her brother does too :)
We let him sleep with her on the bottom bunk on weekends and they both count down the days.

 They crack me up.
Here's to many nights of good sleep in her princess bunks!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Quick Snow Fun

We woke up last Sunday morning to a bit of a surprise-we got a little bit of snow!
The kids ran in early (as usual) and wanted to play. 
I told them we could after church, but Jeff pointed out to me that it would all be melted by then....
The three of them were out the door and in the snow by 7:00
It wasn't much (maybe 1/2 inch) but they didn't care...especially JJ.  This was really his first time to play in the snow because we didn't' get any last year, and when he was 1, he hated it.

It was enough snow to make snowballs, and throw them up in the air.
It really wasn't enough snow for a sled, but that did not stop Jeff.
This was their snowman :)
Thankful they got a little bit of snow and a chance to play in it for a while.
Daddy was right-by the time we came out of church at noon, the snow was gone.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


The last time Sydney took gymnastics, she looked like this:

Fast forward 2 1/2 the past month, she has started classes again with her friends Maddie and Adriana, and she is having fun once again.  She is with an older age group now, and they meet for an hour on Wednesdays right after school. 

The boys and I tag along to watch her.  We watch her from upstairs.  For the most part, they both enjoy watching her and waving to her....and the rest of the time they run around like wild animals :)
Happy that my girl enjoys school, church, soccer, gymnastics and is getting ready to become a member (with JJ) of "Joyful Noise," our children's choir at church.

Monday, February 4, 2013


Two Friday nights ago we took the kids to see Ringling Brothers in Nashville.
They loved it.  Luke even did really well sitting and watching-of course his (their) favorite thing was the animals-elephants, tigers, dogs, horses.  He would tell all of them "hi" and "bye."  He also laughed out loud a couple of times at the clowns.
We love the circus!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Building Snowmen

It's early February and we still have no sign of any kind of significant snow.  The kids have been waiting-and today was a real bummer.  Almost everyone we know outside of BG got snow today-even Nashville got a bit.  Our parents got it.  My friend Stacy got more than 5 inches at her house outside of Lexington!
Sydney, JJ and I took matters into our own hands today and came up with an alternative plan
to build our own family of snowmen. 
(This activity was planned during someone else's naptime-ha!)
Sure, our snowmen are not made of snow, but of rice krispies, pretzel sticks, licorice, nerds, etc.
We wish we had the real thing to work with-but this was fun too.
(And hey-a bonus-we didn't even have to brave the cold)
It took a lot of concentration...
you know to get the snowmen "just right."
 I think they did a great job!
Look who woke up early!!! :)