Monday, April 29, 2013

Kindergarten Musical

On April 16th, Sydney had a Kindergarten musical at her school.
The story line of "Baby Beluga" involved waking up in the morning and the kids were all supposed to be wear PJ's. 
She chose her Jessie pj's. 
Guess who decided he would wear his Woody pjs in support of Jessie?
This was our view of Sydney when she came into the gym with her class. 
AND this was the best view of her we had all night.
It was one of those things where you just had to laugh. 
I had Taylor come over to stay with Luke at the house so that we could actually watch the show.
We got there super early so that we could get the "best seats"-on the front row.
And then....
after they woke up (the show started), we didn't see Sydney again until it was over.

Ok, that is a minor exaggeration.
I mean this is our view...can you see her head peeking around toward the back?
Jeff said it was like Where's Waldo.
Occassionaly we saw her for a brief moment, but mostly our view was of "the rooster" in the front row and lots of other kids we don't know (and no offense but we didn't exactly come to see).

Yes, sweetie-we are still trying to see you :)  We tried the whole time.
And Sydney, we loved your program!  You did a great job and when we could see you, you really were having fun and enjoying your part in the show.  We are proud of you-great job!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Muffins With Mom

In the winter, Sydney's school hosted Donuts with Dad which she and Jeff really enjoyed.

Last week it was my turn-Muffins with Mom.  I was thankful I could shuffle my work day around so that I could go and loved starting out the day at school with her.
I am starting to get really excited about the summer now...she has less than 20 school days left!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Pout Face

When Luke is told "no" (not often), his pout face is hilarious.  Sometimes I am tempted to tell him "no!" just to get a good laugh.  Kidding. Kind of.

First off, he buries his head on the floor , or in the sand as the case may be.
 And then the tears show up.
 Although they never actually flow.
But just look at this face....
Kind of like he's saying "you should be ashamed of yourself for telling me no."
Who says drama is just for girls?

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

"I am very sweet to everyone"

Each Tuesday and Thursday when Luke comes home from school, we read his recap sheet.  It has info about diaper changes :), snacks and meals and then notes about what he has done that day.  The four of us always get a laugh because it always lists him requesting "seconds" for snacks like cookies and milk or cheezits and milk, while "home lunch" is usually marked that he ate just "most."

On the bottom of the page recently, there was a note about what they had done that day-it is always written in first person:
"I had fun painting and playing outside."
"I am very sweet to everyone."

Not a surprise to me....what a sweet sweet boy he is.

Monday, April 22, 2013


Last week, a special doggie named Brownie passed away after suffering a stroke and multiple seizures.  For the first 10 years of her life, Brownie was our dog.  She spent a lot of time with my mom and dad, especially after the kids were born.  She had become my grandmother's dog and lived in WV since the summer of 2010. What a great home and life my Nanny gave her!  Jeff and I cared very much for Brownie but she was jealous of the kids, and although she never acted out, I became uncomfortable and she moved to the place she could be #1.  

Jeff and I drove to Indiana to get her a month before we got married in May 2000.  She was smart, spoiled and sweet.  My grandmother probably said it best when she said Brownie was the family dog.  Indeed, she was mine, my mom's and my grandmother's.

Here are a few pictures of SG with Brownie in 2007/2008.
Sydney @ just a few days old
 with SG @ approx 4 months old
 :) SG at 8 months with her two snacking buddies
She is a doggie who will certainly be missed.
My Nanny is having a really tough time :(

Saturday, April 20, 2013


Until now, none of my children have ever been really scared about something.  I mean, of course there have been many times that they have been fearful of things like storms, separation, characters, certain animals, etc.   Right now we are going through something quite different.

We are currently going through a stage where JJ is terrified of bees.  He went through a stage similar to this last year, but it has intensified.  Most recently...I have never seen him act like he did on the morning of his birthday this past week.  Originally, he wanted to go to Chaney's to play but after we stopped there and got out of the car he saw a couple of bees.  It was awful.  He was just screaming and shaking and I grabbed Luke and we left as quickly as possible.  We went home and he did not want to go anywhere for the rest of the day. He was scared to go eat lunch with Sydney (what he has originally picked), didn't want to go outside and play, didn't want to even go in Kroger to pick up the Spiderman cupcakes he had been so excited about.  When we rode in the van to pick SG up from school he started screaming and telling me a bee was on him (of course it wasn't.)  We know that he had at least two major breakdowns at school on Thursday as well.

One frustrating thing is trying to figure out how this fear has intensified so dramatically.  He has never been stung by a bee, and (to our knowledge) only seen one person get stung-Sydney 2 years ago.

Always before with my kiddos, I have been able to rationalize whatever the fear was. For example, I remember when Sydney was 2 or 3 and got scared of storms.  I remember telling her that she should not worry-thunder was only that the clouds were bumping into each other.  End of issue.

Um, rationalizing about bees is not working.  I keep telling him that this is what we will say when we feel scared about bees....."God made bees, and he will help me when I'm scared."  

I feel so bad for him.  He truly is so scared.  He shakes and cries and screams.  We are praying that God will take this fear away from him.  If that doesn't happen, it's going to be a long spring/summer.  I will say that today was a great day.  He was outside for several hours for soccer, WKU spring football game and even wanted to play outside-that is a start.  Through all of this time of him being outside, he only had one stressful time where he did not want me to move at soccer (due to being scared about bees.)  Once at the football game, Jeff said he mentioned something about another bug but that was not even a bee.   

Friday, April 19, 2013

April 17th

Wednesday was JJ's day!  We started off the morning with a favorite-sprinkle donut!
After the boys dropped Sydney off at school, Daddy took him to get a balloon. 
A balloon...this is the one thing JJ asked for in the time leading up to his birthday.
He chose a Spiderman one :)
It was my lucky day, because after I finished work at 9, I got to spend the whole day with him.
After changing his mind a few times, he decided he wanted to stay home and eat lunch, color and play games.

So that is exactly what we did and Daddy came home for lunch.
 After dinner, he was excited to open some gifts. 
Jeff and I got him a batmobile with batman, and a monsters inc toy. 
He had an audience all lined up to watch him open!

He enjoyed a spiderman cupcake too.
...And ended the day playing soccer and frisbee outside with us and riding bikes with Sydney.
Overall, it was a great day!
Love you buddy-so lucky to spend these special times with you!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


I can't believe that you are four years old.  You have been waiting for today for a long time, and the official countdown has been going for about three weeks now.  I keep kidding you (kind of) that I don't want you to turn 4 because I like 3 1/2 just fine. 

You are an amazing little boy.  After playing catch up with your communication skills last year, they have exploded this year.  Although still shy around those you don't know as well, you make up for it around those you love and see most.  You are a Mommy's boy and love making me pictures and crafts.  Even so, I'm pretty sure your favorite person in the world is Sydney.  You all are something else.

This year, you and I have both had a tough time with Sydney being at school all the time-however, it also means we've become even closer.  We love to play games, make crafts and you're a good helper in the kitchen and with chores!  Thank goodness it is getting warm again outside and you are big into riding your little bike around the neighborhood.  You are kind and patient (most of the time) with Luke.

Some of your favorite things right now are Monsters Inc and Toy Story.  You love eating at Plano Elementary and Chickfila & playing at the park and Chuck E Cheese. You really enjoy school, at church and in the van :)  You are a big eater-one funny thing you always say at meal time is "I want everything."  Lately you have been so good at retelling bible stories to us and this makes us so proud!  For many months now, my favorite moment in the morning is when you come in to give me a hug with that great big smile.

Today is certainly your day and will be all about you.

We love you JJ-happy, happy birthday buddy!

Monday, April 15, 2013

More Beach

Of course, we dressed up our sweeties for some pictures.
My (2!) kids have learned-it's just a part of the week-you might as well participate and enjoy.
Yes, two of the three cooperated very well.....ah hem...

My stairsteps
and I we finally just gave in and posed around Luke since he kept running away from us :)

Someday I'm sure I'll laugh at how hard we tried and how hard it was to get a stinking photo!
Check out his silly face...

We ate at one of our favorite places and saw "Giggles" the clown.
Luke hated the clown and is still saying "bye bye clown."
It took Sydney a while to warm up to Giggles.
JJ was all in!  Paint my face and make me a balloon animal.  (and then have it bust twice..ha)

We enjoyed the pool and luckily it was heated because the weather dipped down
more than what was ideal for three of the days mid week.

Daddy taught Sydney a new game at our condo.
We visited the Track a couple different nights and rode the train at Destin Commons too.
This little boy was right in there for the trains, plane, and carousel too.
Buddy and Daddy took several spins around the go cart track with SG and JJ. 
Don't ask them who "really won!"
Meeting up with our good friends made this vacation even better.
We got to hang out with LA and her crew a few different nights, and even got to meet up with the Gables when they arrived late in the week.  Love these friends, and so do our kids :)

The end :)

Saturday, April 13, 2013


Other than home, the beach is our favorite place.

And one of my favorite things in the world to do is watch my kids play on the beach. 
Can you say carefree?  Can you say happy?

Running and playing
(in that cold, cold water!)

Walks on the beach
BURY me!

Smiling, sweet faces
Laughing out loud with your best best friend...

Creating a masterpiece made
of sand with your grandpa

And being cute because,
well, because you just are :)

  Yes, beach days are the best.