Thursday, May 30, 2013

Reading Buddy

Luke loves to have us read to him.  He will often pick up a book and say "read" "read!" 

Lately, he has a new reading buddy:

We are all going to LOVE having her home all summer!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Soccer Season Wrap

Sydney just wrapped up her 4th season of soccer a little over a week ago. 
We are so proud of how much she has learned.  She is so much fun to watch.
She loves to score, and is learning a lot about how to defend too!
 She has played with Kathryn and Maddie all 4 seasons-and they plan to continue in the fall as well.
Here they are on team picture day-she really enjoys Daddy being her coach.
And here they are again after they received their medals following the season finale.
Go Zoom!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Happy 6th birthday Sydney

Tomorrow our sunshine turns 6 years old-happy birthday Sydney!!!
Another year has passed just like the blink of an eye----

Wasn't it just yesterday we had your last princess party ? :)

Wasn't it just yesterday you were holding your favorite stuffed animal named Curious George?
(eight months old)
No, that wasn't yesterday BUT this was:

(last Sunday actually)
It seems like I am always documenting about how quick you all are (all three) growing and how I wish you would slow down.  While that is true, today I choose to celebrate how blessed we are that you are a thriving, healthy, smart, sweet and beautiful little girl-there are many sad stories this side of heaven and many mommies who would give anything to have that.

Of course, the highlight of your 6th year has been Kindergarten.  I had to "let you go" on a early August day, and as of two days ago you are finished with your first year of being at school full time! 
First day of K

We are so proud of all you have accomplished and the little girl you are.  You have made quite an impression on many of the teachers at your school and I hope you know we just beam with pride. 
Last day of K

At six years old, here are some of your favorites: princesses (Ariel mostly), playing soccer, making crafts, helping mommy, reading, and pulling blue sticks at school-one day this year you pulled three in a day!!!!  You have some sweet little friends-your best friends in your class at school are Jayni, Morgan and Laila. 

One of the things I love most about you is that you love to celebrate life.  I don't even really know how to explain this but I just know that you are "into whatever you are into."  You love school, home, church and going other fun places too.  You love playing soccer, counting new flower blooms outside, making cookies or going for a bike ride in the neighborhood.  You recently told me that "this is one of the best days ever."  You want to know what we did that day?  We picked strawberries, played soccer, made a pie, played with Haddon and grilled out at home.  Simple things and days to you are just worth celebrating-and I love that about you.

You are very very close with JJ and just the other night told him that he is "the best brother ever."  You also told Daddy he is the best daddy in the world and made a sign for me that said I was the "best mommy evr in the hole wide world"-this is the sweet and caring child that you are.  Luke thinks you hung the moon and you love him so much too.
I am so blessed to be your Mommy-we are so blessed to be your family ....and we are anticipating a very fun birthday weekend sweetheart!  Happy Birthday girl...We love you!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

End of Kindergarten

Today Sydney finished her amazing year of Kindergarten with a special celebration at school.  It is hard to believe that nearly 10 months have passed since I had to "let her go." 

I remember I was so scared to let her go.  I wondered who would answer all her little questions, who would care to listen to her triumphs? and challenges? and fears? protect her from things I wasn't ready for her to hear just yet?  Who would count down the days to her baby brother's birthday with her?  Who would help her when her nose bled out of the blue? 

Little did I know that the answer to all of these questions was this amazing teacher.
God answered our multi year prayer and gave us a Christian teacher and much more.  Today, Jeff and I got to celebrate a great year of Kindergarten with Sydney, Mrs. Smith and 22 precious five/six year olds in their classroom.

All of the children received a certificate and special award from Mrs. Smith. 
Sydney received her certificate of completion for K and the Best Spelling award for her class.

I was so proud and happy to be there, but it's been bittersweet too. 
...because we had to say goodbye and close this chapter in our book.
Thankful for a teacher who has become a friend. 
For Sydney too...this is her mission at church each week-find (and hug) Mrs. Smith.

Granny made a special trip to see Sydney's celebration and Sydney was so excited about that. 
She tells me "Mommy, I love what Granny did today."
(SG has a crown on in all of these pictures because they were celebrating her birthday today, along with 2 others who have late May birthdays.)
Mrs. Wilken was also a great aide this year!
Sydney does not like the idea of only having one teacher next year.

Another great thing about this year has been new friends.  Sydney came to Plano with only one friend entering Kindergarten-and she was placed in one of the other three classes.

 She has been blessed with some sweet little friends.  And now we are ending the year getting ready to celebrate Sydney's birthday with six special class friends on Saturday morning...and then they will all celebrate Ella's on Saturday afternoon :)
What a great year.  Here's to many more Sydney Grace!

Oh and don't ask her if she's a first grader...she told me today
that she'd rather stay in kindergarten until school starts back. 
Fine by me!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Big Boys and Early Summer Fun

I am so excited that summer is here!  The boys and I will love having Sydney with us, but this year has allowed us the blessing of finding a new routine...and new ways to have fun with just us three.

I have been done with work (except an online May term class) for about 3 weeks now, and we have been busy enjoying our summer routine.  Here are a couple of the highlights:
JJ's friend Caleb had his 5th birthday party at the Paint n Place.
What a special day...and several friends there to enjoy with!

 JJ's trip to the dentist.  Funny that this is a highlight...but he loves going.
Thankful that one of my closest friends, Brooke, treats my kids like royalty there.
"Teaching" our little brother how to feed the ducks.
 And just this past weekend...a really special surprise and treat.
We got to see and play with Haddon on Saturday in Bowling Green
and on Sunday in Louisville at the zoo.
We sure do miss our friends Matt, Cheye, Haddon, Anna...
but their :(move makes for special "catch up" times like Sat/Sun.
Today, we met Dwan and Ella Lu and Caleb for lunch and play at Sonic!
These two boys have so much fun together and already are great friends.
 Just the beginning of what I told all three of them the other day will be the best summer ever :)

Monday, May 20, 2013

Field Day

JJ's Field Day was last Tuesday-I was so excited to go and hang out with him for the whole morning at school.  Because he goes to school on the days I teach, I have missed every party this year since they always have them at 11:30.  It was neat to be with him and the friends he's been with for the past two years at BGCA.  Thursday is his last day there.

The kids had three hours of fun at about 10 different stations....bowling, painting, singing, bouncy house, cloud dough.....he was so excited and I was thrilled.  Beautiful weather was a great bonus too.

Sydney's field day is today.  She left this morning ready for lots of water fun!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Ready for Bed

He's ready for bed.
I can never remember a time he has fussed about bedtime.

The question is-can you find Luke in the pile?

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

"All About Mom"

My kids love to make things for me.  I think this is one of the things I enjoy most about the stage they are in right now.  And even though I have to "sneak" some into the trash so that our home isn't overtaken, I do save many, many of them and will someday hopefully be able look back fondly at all of their masterpieces.

Mother's Day brought many new crafts and creations.  I received flowers, a mommy "coupon book,"  drawings, cards, etc.  Sydney made a handprint craft at school with a poem and JJ brought home a flower planted in a special pot.  He also brought home a sheet of paper entitled "All About Mom."  This was his chance to answer questions about Mommy.  They both did this last year and I really enjoyed it then.  I enjoyed his 2013 version too:  (his answers in red)

My mom is 60 years old.
She like to go to the beach.
My mom likes to shop at the grocery store.
We like to make giraffes together.
The best thing she cooks is hot dogs.
Her favorite food is salad.
What does your mom do while you're at school?  work
Her favorite thing to do to relax is sleep.
She is really good at teaching.
If you could buy your mom anything, what would it be?  a float
What do you love most about your mom?  her
As you can see, my mom is special because she loves me.

I sure do buddy.  Thank you for all the sweet (& some funny) answers.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mother's Day Weekend

As soon as Sydney's soccer game was done on Saturday, we headed to Georgetown so that we could celebrate with our Mothers/Grandmothers on Mother's Day.  May 12th is always a special day since it is Nana's birthday! 

We arrived at my parents around dinner time on Saturday.  We enjoyed pizza, ice cream pie and spending time together.  Nana also opened her birthday gift from us.  Although I have been able to visit, the kids have not been to my parents home since Christmas... so they were very excited to just play and be there at a place they love so much.  Of course, Buddy also took them out for an adventure on the golf cart, where they fed ducks among other things.

On Sunday morning, I tried to get my three blessings to take a picture with me before church.  Sydney and JJ were trying to cooperate-Luke was not :)
 I am so incredibly thankful to be the Mom of these three kiddos!  They are just amazing gifts.
We spent Sunday morning and early afternoon with Jeff's Mom and family.
Our first stop was at church for worship.
 Then the 12 of us went to a favorite restaurant and enjoyed a great lunch.
 The kids also had time to play at Granny's house for a while too.
After we left Granny's, we went back to visit Nana again for a while. 
And just like that-it was time to head back home.  It was a quick, but special visit. 
Jeff & I are thankful that God blessed us with such wonderful Moms!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Celebrating with JJ

Last weekend, we celebrated JJ with family and close friends. 
He wanted to have a party at Chuck E Cheese which sounded like lots of fun to us too. 
So that is exactly how we started off the morning.
I am not sure how to recap the madness of a Chuck E Cheese party except to say that he had so much fun.  One of the best things for me was just watching him enjoy and take it all in.
He enjoyed playing by himself, with us and with his friends.
He was also so excited to go into the ticketblaster...but when it started blasting :), I think that was a bit overwhelming.  Here is a video of the ticket blaster action:
He did manage to catch the special "1000 ticket" in his crown
A favorite memory for me-in the middle of the happy birthday song, visit/games with Chuck E., etc... JJ turned around to find me and just came over and gave me a big hug.  No words-just a big hug.  He immediately turned around to find Daddy and did the same thing.  Then he went right back into the middle of the celebration.  That was his special way of telling us "thank you" and that he was having so much fun.
We sure were thrilled to give him a special celebration!
 Love this 4 year old!

After Chuck E Cheese, the celebration continued at home.
Both sets of JJ's grandparents were able to come for the day, as well as our BFF's the Linn's, who made the trip to spend the whole weekend with us.
 Monster's Inc. was the continued theme.
 My little guy sure did have a big day!
 And he closed the day out with a slumber party in his room with three sweet little girls :)