Saturday, June 29, 2013

Monster Day

June 21, 2013...

A day that has been almost literally circled on our calendar for many months.

You see, I have this little boy who is crazy about Mike, Sulley and Monsters Inc.....and June 21 was the release date of the new movie, Monsters University.
Besides seeing a few $1 summer movies this summer and last, it has been since Christmas of 2011 (Muppets and also Dolphin Tale) since we've taken the kids to the theatre.  However, we knew we would be going for Monsters!

We planned to take them on that first night it was out.  I thought it would be fun to just make that Friday a "Monsters day" and have a little party before we went to the movie.

Before dinner, Daddy got out the Monsters slip n slide!

 For dinner, we had sandwiches with Monsters Cheezits, juice boxes and fruit snacks.  We also had Monsters cookies and mini cupcakes with Mike and Sulley rings.

They enjoyed all of this, but the real fun was yet to come----time to go to the movies!
It was a very cute movie.  All three of the kids enjoyed watching it- We had high expectations and were not disappointed.  Yhea for Monsters!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Kindergarten Journal

One of the things Sydney did in her K class this year was keep a journal.  She always worked on the journal entries at school so I never saw it until after the last day.

I have so enjoyed reading her entries and find the progression remarkable.  At times, there were topics given and at other times, they were free to write on topics of their own choosing.  Here are just a few of the entries:
8-20-12: The fox ran fast.
11-8-13: My Nana and Buddy have a puppy Named Reagn.
1-10-13: I have 300 bones in my bode.  My bones help me grow.
2-21-13: If I was presdent I would help peepel do good things.
(Person in blue is telling person in pink "you do good things.")
3-14-13: When I grow up I want to be a techr.  To be a techr you have to go to colig.
5-1-13: Today is Wedneday, May 1 2013.  My favorite summer toy is a waderslide!
May: My mom is love and the best you had ever sen and sweet as a gift to!  I just love my mom to much!  yes I do like my mom! and Happy Mother's day!
May: My bruthrs are the best bruthrs evr in the hole wide world.  Ther Names are Luke and JJ.
June: I have a pet and it is a fish and it's name is Princess Ariel.

Precious words and thoughts from my precious girl.

Friday, June 21, 2013

One Month In

I told Sydney and JJ before school was out in May that we were going to try to make this summer the best one ever.

Some random highlights captured on my phone during our first month:

We love Sonic slushes!!
Glad that there just happens to be a Sonic we must drive past on the way home from the pool.

The icee's do not stop with Sonic.  The Kona shaved ice truck came to our street one night when we were outside playing.  We had just talked about how the kids had never bought a treat from an ice cream truck.  They were so so excited! 
We've been able to attend a backyard bible club at an apartment complex in town,

and one just down the street too.
We've enjoyed watching them play for hours and hours on their waterslide.
And we have more time to play and spend time with our special friends.

We spend a lot of time with these two precious friends...
the pool, parties, camp, movies, a new park, the fountains downtown, even a day trip to Owensboro.
Of course I love that summer allows me to spend with my friends-
at the top of that list being their mommy LeAnn.
We've been to church to bounce and "dunk" a few with Daddy's help,
visited several different playgrounds,
and had some great weather to play our favorite things outside at home.
We've been to feed the ducks at our park and with Buddy on the golf course too.
We hope to spend more quality time with my mom and dad soon. 
It really would be the best summer ever if Nana was feeling better.
What about treats? Yes we've enjoyed more than our share!
Summer also gives this little girl has more time to show off her talent as an artist!
And the four of us are loving our days at the pool.
They love when Daddy can also go because he catches them at the bottom of the
slide and throws them around.
Another thing my kids have discovered this summer....
the fun of water balloons!

One thing I really love is that every day JJ is waking up saying "Mommy, what fun things are we going to do today?"

The kids have a big surprise coming...the Linn's are getting ready to come to town for 4 days and we are going to Holiday World during this time.  They do not have any idea about any of this yet.

Month 2 here we come....

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Father's Day 2013

Jeff, I hope you had a great Father's Day!  

We loved going to church, taking you out to lunch, spending time with you at the pool (where you served as the "slide attendant" for a long long time for your three kiddos), and hanging out at home.

You are a wonderful father-they love you because you are fun, silly and loving.  They love you because you are always there and because they know you care about the things they care about.  They love you because you fix their toys, read them stories, make them milkshakes, give them spinner hugs before bed and so much more!  Thank you for providing for our family, loving us unconditionally and keeping us focused on Jesus.  We love you.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


On Saturday, Jeff and I celebrated 13 years of marriage.  We also dated for 4 years...I am 34...we have been together half of my life!!  I love this man so much for who he is and what he means to me and our three sweethearts.  I couldn't hope for a better partner in life.

This year, we were so excited to have a short getaway to spend some time together.  We have not gone anywhere overnight together for almost two years.

Jeff surprised me earlier in the week and told me that we were going to the Opryland Hotel!  This is somewhere I have wanted to stay "someday" since I went there to look at Christmas decorations for the first time in the late 90's. 

We left Friday afternoon and headed down to check in.  I was so excited when I saw that this was the view from our room!

We had an Atrium view room in the Cascades section.

Dinner was at the Melting Pot-which was so fun and good!  

Friday night, we enjoyed sitting and reading at the pool, walking around the resort, watching the fountain show, and riding on the Delta Riverboat.  It was a special night!

On the riverboat, we learned that the Opryland hotel is the world's largest non gambling hotel.
It certainly feels similar to Vegas in several ways.

Saturday morning we hit the pool when they opened and spent another few hours reading and relaxing together before it was time to check out.  We had lunch at Maggiano's and then came home excited to see our three kiddos.

And they had a big time too....they got to play everything and have a "sleepover" with Rosie.  They had wanted to "camp out" upstairs and they talked her into it as well.  She is so good with the kids and there was only one "tragedy" while we were gone---a splinter.  The night we got home, they asked me when they could do that with her again-what a blessing she is to us :) 

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Best Video Ever

This is what happens at my house when Mickey Mouse Clubhouse comes on:

He is a huge fan of Mickey, and we are just huge fans of Luke.

Monday, June 10, 2013

My Mom, Their Nana

Today, I told my sweet husband and my three best buds this...

I don't think you ever know how special your mom is until you are a mom yourself. 
And in my experience, I never knew how amazing mine 
was until I had the chance to see her with my children.
 Sydney, 2, first haircut
JJ, 4 mo, first beach trip

  Luke, 2 years, train ride
Today was not the best day.  I am sad yet thankful that my kids went to bed tonight praying:
(JJ) "for Nana's back to feel better and for her blood to do what it is supposed to do."
(Sydney) " please help Nana's back to feel better soon and for her blood to cooperate."
Many of us are praying the same thing dear sweethearts.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

May 26th

Sydney's celebrations at Chuck E Cheese and home with extended family came the day before her actual birthday.  On the 26th, she requested Panera bagels for breakfast.  She likes this tradition of a candle in her bagel with "Happy Birthday" first thing in the am.

While we were eating breakfast, she noticed her birthday gift sitting out on our bookshelves.  I thought she probably would because she does not miss much. 

She liked ?! it...even though at that point it was just an empty fish tank.  At first she just thought it was an Ariel decoration or something.  When we told her that it was a fish tank and that we were taking her to get a fish after church, she was so happy!  She loved picking out her Betta-the males were bigger and more colorful so this is the route she went.  Even so, our male fish is named Princess Ariel.  :)  He is red and pink.

After she chose Ariel, Penn Station was her choice for lunch.  Then, she and I headed to the Paint n Place for her friend Anslee's 7th birthday party.  She enjoyed painting a plate with a mermaid and dolphin and celebrating with her good friend. 

After we got home and had a chance to check in with the boys, Daddy got out one of JJ's birthday presents-a Monster's Inc slip n slide.  SG and JJ had both been asking us every day when they could get it out.  All three of them had a big time!

And a great 6th birthday it was!!!