Thursday, September 26, 2013

Fun for Fall

Fall is here-leaves are changing, cool nights/early mornings are here, Sydney's fall festival is this weekend, and fall break is just around the corner.  One of our favorite places to go in the fall is Chaney's Dairy Barn.  Last weekend, they had their 10th birthday celebration and we took advantage of the perfect weather and spent Saturday afternoon there.  The kids wanted to ride a horse like they did last year. 

First up: my big boy.
 Big sister was not far behind!
Baby brother wanted to do it so bad, but he was a little scared. 
Then he kept telling us "little horse, little horse."

And as soon as the "little horse" was ready-so was he!
 He climbed on with Daddy's help, and then Daddy walked alongside him the whole time.

He was very proud of himself and it was so cute.
He told us later Saturday night that his horse was "fast."...that most certainly was not the case :)

After the horse rides, it was time to check out some of the other fun available.
They wanted to paint pumpkins and go on a hay ride too.
 Thanks to them, my front porch now looks beautiful!
The hayride stopped so the kids could make a new "friend." 

  Happy Fall!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

JJ's First Swim Lessons

JJ is taking swim lessons this fall for the first time.  At the pool this summer, he gained much more confidence in the water and is now motivated to use no swimmies like his big he was pretty agreeable when I told him we needed to take some lesssons.

I was not sure how it would go because he has never done an activity (outside of things associated with school and church) but he was not timid at all.  He was ready to go.  I didn't have to talk him into it or give him a big pep talk about this young man we don't know who was going to work with him-he just went.  He continues to surprise us.
And they started out with simple stuff like kickboards & noodles
BUT, it didn't take anytime, and he was doing this:
Face in the water, arms moving, legs kicking.  Way to go buddy!

His teacher has been so complimentary of him, saying how well listens and is not afraid to put his head in the water etc.  The minimum age for the WKU lessons is 4, so he's pretty much one of the very youngest there.

They do a lot of work, and then at the end of the lessons he gets a few minutes of free time which he enjoys.

We have Sydney taking lessons too.  She knows how to swim but she is learning new strokes and working hard to be even better.  I am impressed with how much she can "give," especially considering we go straight from her soccer games to the lessons. 

One of the perks of free time at the end is that their teachers let them have "horse races."

It was a tight race all the way to the finish line but he was the winner in this one.

Here's to having some great little swimmers and one baby brother who keeps watching them and saying "where my baby soup?"  (baby soup=bathing suit...just so cute when he says it that, we don't correct it).  Soon enough buddy, you'll be out there in your baby soup too.

Monday, September 16, 2013


Two Fridays ago, we took the crew to Balloons, Tunes & BBQ.  This was the night that you got a tethered hot air balloon ride included with the price of admission.  Before we went, all three were excited to ride in a balloon.  Sydney and JJ have heard me tell the story about riding in one myself with Buddy when I was a little girl.

I tried to prepare them for what it would be like with the fire and loud noise-knowing that would be the scariest part. 

Soon after we arrived, we got in line and I could sense that Sydney was a little unsure.  We ended up having to split up-Sydney wanted to go with Daddy and he took Luke too.  JJ wanted to go with Mommy.  We let them go first.

And we can just say that Jeff's first hot air balloon ride could've been better

Luke was screaming the entire time & Sydney was hiding-later she told me scared of the fire and loud sound.

Can you see Sydney peeking out? 
(Sorry Daddy.) 
JJ and I were watching all this and I was thinking "uh oh" but he was still anxious to get on-
And he loved it-every second of it. 
We had a blast :)
I loved making this memory with him and he certainly was proud.
Thankfully, there were more options for fun at the event...
we took advantage of several carnival type rides, about 10 different
bouncy houses and Chaney's ice cream.

 I love this photo of the two boys on the ferris wheel.

Yhea for Balloons, Tunes & BBQ!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Change & Confidence

JJ is going through a period right now where we are seeing him grow in so many areas.
Above...before his first swim lesson Saturday at WKU (more on that later), but his eagerness and readiness to do swim lessons is just one of the many things I'm watching as he is changing, gaining confidence and maturing so quickly.  He is speaking up at school, singing well at church, and ordering for himself at restaurants (Sunday at lunch he told our waiter he wanted "everything" lol). 

Here he is from earlier today drawing numbers in shaving cream.  
He tells me tonight that "zero and 1 are the easiest numbers to write."

He is learning all about his letters and numbers so well and I am amazed at how much he knows when we have our work time at home.  He and I enjoy our time with his "workbook" and we do this about 30-40 minutes on Mon, Wed, Friday.  He's proud that he can write several letters and his name-Sydney tells him that he has the easiest name "ever" to write.  "All you have to do is know how to write a J," she says.  He laughs at this and likes it too.

I was super proud of him the other night at church when he raised his hand to answer that the reason we have Christmas is that it is Jesus' birthday.  His Sunday School teacher (who works with Jeff) says he is a leader and is always ready to answer questions about the lesson.  He's not timid to try new things and he only sometimes :) hides behind me when someone asks him a question.  I was shocked the other night at church when he just spontaneously walked up to one of Jeff's friends in the hallway and said "Hi Todd" just as we walked by!  I am so proud of my big boy and all he is doing.   I love you so much JJ!   

Sunday, September 8, 2013


Granny made the trip to visit us on Thursday night/Friday am so that she could spend some time with the kids and attend the grandparents breakfast at Plano with Sydney. 

Sydney was so excited that she could come!  Friday morning they were at school bright and early to eat breakfast and enjoy that special time together.

On Thursday night, Granny took the kids to the park to play and feed the ducks and Jeff and I went out to dinner.  
She slept in Sydney's bottom bunk with her too :)  They all three had a great time with Granny and didn't want to see her go.

My mom, Nana, is really sick right now.  Even so, it's a "good" kind of sick as she seems to be experiencing the "rejection" she needs to if her latest infusion is to be a success.  We are praying that all of the pains, and issues are short lived and that the donor bone marrow is here to stay this time around.

Thankful for grandmothers (and grandfathers) who love our kiddos.  

Monday, September 2, 2013

Last Month of Summer

We are still trying to squeeze in some last summer fun, but amazingly September is here!  The tail end of summer has been a great one.  Here are some of our highlights:

We met up with Sydney's buddy Morgan at the fountains downtown,
and had the chance to celebrate a birthday with a special friend.
We visited our family in Georgetown two different times, and the kids got to do two things they love-ride in the golf cart and fish with Buddy.
It's a little tight, but they make it work.
 They did have success at fishing too!
 We visited Evans to play,
and my grandmother got to come and visit for the day which the kids were so excited about!

The week before school started back, we spent a day at Holiday World:

Sydney went from training wheels to none to riding all over the
neighborhood in (literally) a matter of a couple days.

The week before Sydney went back to school, she had three requests:
feed the ducks at the park, eat at Penn Station and go to Chuck E Cheese to play games.
 She wanted to wear her crown from her birthday party.

August 8th, I had to let her return to school

 and shortly after-work for me means they did too.

One rainy Saturday in August we went to Nashville for the day to do some shopping and take them to a restaurant we'd been wanting to try:

The boys and I have been getting together every week with a great group of mommies and friends:

I sure love hanging out with my two big boys!

Daddy "caught" me in years on his birthday and he wanted to spend the day
riding bikes with Sydney and JJ & going to the pool.

They talked him into going off the high dive too and cheered
 loud because they love that he can make such big splashes.

Our pool is rarely crowded but one night we went and it was slammed-we surprised the kids and took them to the city waterpark where they got to try out the big slides.
And over the holiday weekend, Jeff and I went to the WKU vs UK football game.  
We had a great time.  GO TOPS!

Last year when we beat them, the game was in Lexington and we were in BG watching it on tv.
We were happy that we got to be there this year for another win.
 This was late in the 4th quarter and a lot of the "blue" was already gone.  Both teams had great crowds.
Thankful for a great summer!