Thursday, November 28, 2013


Thankful for my three sweethearts and all their Thanksgiving masterpieces!

Happy Thanksgiving :)

Sunday, November 24, 2013


Sydney played soccer again this fall-hard to believe this was her 5th season.

She really enjoys playing soccer!  She loves having Daddy as one of her coaches and playing with Mattie and Kathryn who have been with her all along.  This season Kelly, who was her best bud in preschool, was also put on our team. 
We celebrated the end of the season at Chickfila last week-trophies, cupcakes & the cow-hard to beat.
Go Zoom!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Snapshot of Sydney

Sydney is having a great first grade year-
enjoying her teacher, friends and all of the fun that comes along with being 6. 
Birthday parties have become a favorite pastime for her and it is neat to watch the fun that is turning 7 with little girls.  Here are two of the special friends who have turned 7 in the last few weeks:

She also enjoys her soccer team, playing at home with the boys and Joyful Noise.  One of her newest things is doing "Lexia" on the computer at home a few nights a week-this is a program that the school district bought for each child to use, and it helps her with math and reading skills. 

She has been wanting to have a "girls day" with Mommy and I am so glad we made that happen this past Saturday. We took about 1/2 of the day and did some of her favorite things.  We started off at another birthday party at Chuck E Cheese, went shopping for crafts, to Target and later she picked Japanese for dinner.  Saturday night she and I made bracelets at home while the boys went to see the WKU game.  I love and treasure my time with my sweet daughter.

Sydney's teacher has been very complimentary of her.  Last month, Jeff went to the parent teacher conference with Mrs. Ferry and was so excited to bring home her progress report and show me this:

I am very proud of her and the positive impression she leaves with others.
She may be my daughter, but she sure is a special little girl!

I love you so so so so much sweetheart!
We are so lucky that you are a part of our family. 

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Snapshot of Lukey

I don't think Luke has ever met a stranger.  He is full of life and personality!  His speech is amazing for a 2 year old and keeps Jeff and I laughing with the things he says, or the way he says them.

Potty training could be going better-we will just say that.  He has totally bought into putting #1 in the potty and that's where it we are caught in the middle!  JJ told him today that "when you are 3 you have to do everything (not exactly his words) in the potty" and hopefully Luke will buy into the peer pressure and propaganda :)

Here are the things that Lukey LOVES-elephants, the color green, mac n cheese and Mickey Mouse! I think he was a pretty cute Mickey Mouse for Halloween.
He and his big brother have become big buddies-partners in crime if you will.  They are finally at a stage where they enjoy playing together, most of the time.  Our house is LOUD, but I love it.
Luke still loves school and is always telling (or at least trying to tell) us about what he did that day.  One day recently, he (and JJ) got to see a firetruck, ambulance and climb in to sit down in a police car.  His teacher took this photo and sent to me-front of the line!

This little "baby" boy of mine is such a treasure.  I can't believe all the joy he brings to our family.
Love you more than you'll ever know sweet Lukey!!!!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Snapshot of JJ

I wanted to take the next few days to record a few "snapshots" about the kids.  If any of the three are interested to read my posts when they are old enough, I hope they can appreciate these snapshots.
JJ is doing so well.  I am watching him mature and grow every day and the change in the last few months has been dramatic.  I now work with the preschoolers at church on Wed and Sun nights and I have been able to see much of this myself.  Then-just this week, it was his turn to do "show and tell" at school and I had a chance to talk to his teacher (my friend) Karen about it.  She told me all the questions he got from his friends and the answers he gave.  I was so proud of him!  There is no way(!) he would have done this last year.  He is just so shy around others-just like Jeff and I both were at his age. 

He is also a great helper to me at home and has a great attitude.

Here he is with Daddy at a recent bonfire event we went to at the Dawsons.  More hayrides in the dark, great friends, yummy food, a huge bonfire and fireworks-we all had a lot of fun!
This is my child that smiles so big it looks like his eyes are closed.  They aren't-just happiness.  Whenever we do something fun, you better believe there is no one enjoying it as much as him!
He continues to learn so much as we work on letters, numbers, shapes, etc.  This week we have been working on H/h. 
A couple of months ago I did not know what he would be doing next year ...moving onto K or not.  Karen says he is ready.  Now, I am getting anxious and sad because I feel more and more like this will be his last year of preschool.  We will see where God takes him and us in the next few months and continue to be prayerful. 

I am so thankful for you JJ!  I love you to the moon and back-several times :)

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

First Grade Field Trip

I was so excited that Sydney's field trip this year was on a Wednesday.  I missed the preschool and K field trips because they were on work days.

The week after fall break, the first grade classes from Plano spent the day on campus at WKU: visiting the Planetarium, having lunch and watching a play-the Wizard of Oz.
She is so silly with these little girls and it's fun to watch.
They just had a blast!
And I was just excited to be there with her:
 The only sad part of the day was when I had to wave
goodbye to her as she returned to school for the last hour of the school day. 

I feel so very blessed any time I get to spend with my sweet daughter, and
I'm thankful I got to be a part of this memory with her.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

A Sad Event, BUT Hilarious Too

Sweet Sydney,
Please forgive me someday when you are older and (possibly?) read this post and see that I thought the death of your first fish was funny.  Please let me explain.

I discovered Princess Ariel sideways in the tank today and moments later Daddy and Luke appeared.  When they saw me looking, Luke ran over and said "that fishy broken," "mommy, that fishy broken."  These were only the first two times of many, many times he said this today.

I then called you and JJ downstairs and broke the news to you-you were so sad :(....tears and all.  I told you that Daddy and I would get you a new fish soon.  Although you were actually ready to go and pick one out this afternoon :), you were okay with that.  I also told you that you needed to make a decision about how we would do next with Princess Ariel-...the choices were:
#1 bury her in the backyard
#2 flush her down the toilet.  I knew that this option would catch you off guard (and it did), but what I did not anticipate was that JJ would bust out laughing.  The thought of flushing her down the toilet was both intriguing and exciting to him.

After thinking over the options you said "I don't want to bury her in the backyard because a dog will dig her up."  (Your Daddy and I pretty much lost any sense of control at this, lol.)  You also "did not want to flush her down the potty because JJ would be laughing at her."  Although he promised he wouldn't, you ultimately chose an outdoor burial.

We scooped Ariel out of the tank and prepared to take her outside.  All the while, Lukey is still saying "that fishy broken."

Although you wanted Daddy to dig a big hole, he assured you that was not necessary.  The five of us were there when you put Ariel to rest back beside our tree line.


All joking aside, I really am sorry that your fishy died.  Love you.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Halloween Wrap Up

Halloween is so much fun with three little kids.  The fun officially started the night before Halloween when we went to Richpond Baptist Church's outreach event at Phil Moore Park.  There were games, bouncies, and lots of candy.

Ariel, Spiderman and the two cowgirls had a great night.  Mickey did too but every picture we have of him is just a blur because he was on a mission-collect candy, candy, candy!
Halloween morning started off with a harvest parade at JJ & Luke's school.
The two year old class "paraded" so fast that I didn't get a decent photo of Lukey.  All I can really say is that he didn't look thrilled, and I think he was just wondering what all of us were doing.
Spiderman, however, was all about the parade!
He even blew me a kiss.
 He and his class stopped to pose for pictures.  He just cracks me up.
After their parades, they headed to their classrooms for a party.

On the afternoon of Halloween, I headed out to Plano for Sydney's party.  I am the room mom this year in her class, so it is my pleasure to plan all of the parties.  They also had a great time-trick or treating, making a craft and eating some yummy treats.

After school, Sydney and I met the boys and we jumped on the interstate to zoom up to the airport for Lydia's homecoming, so no trick or treating that night.  They were good with that and excited about going to the airport party.

However, it worked out even better for the kids because the weather was stormy on Halloween night, and although BG did not postpone or reschedule trick or treat, our neighborhood did!
Friday night...

Mickey sure did his best to keep up. 
Luckily he had some help a time or two.
It was a great night, and they managed to do this in about an hour and a half:

Monday, November 4, 2013

Lydia's Airport Party

Our friends Lara & Nathan have been waiting years for
an "airport party" and the homecoming of their precious daughter Lydia. 
After switching countries, agencies....
after delays and roadblocks, and last minute (ridiculous) demands before they could travel...
after having to rebook countless flights because of absurd delays...
after traveling to Congo and staying (a month) way longer than "expected" but still having to leave without her because the government just wouldn't issue the exit letter...
after Nathan flew back the next week when the letter was finally issued and battled storms both leaving and returning home....
it was time to celebrate the homecoming at the airport on Halloween night!
We had the crew with the signs-and Luke insisted on making his own too.
Anxious would be putting it mildly-for all of us.
And then Nathan called Lara & Lylah who went up the escalator to meet as a family of 4 for the first time....
and we waited & watched intently for just a few more minutes.
And then...
just what we had been waiting for!
Nathan, Lara, Lylah and Lydia!  Yhea!!!
How loved is this little girl already?! 
So happy for my friend Lara.  So very thankful that her baby is home with her tonight!
We pretty much think the world of her, and this man of hers too :)
He would be the one who stayed in DRC for a month until the last moment when his visa expired.  He was then forced to turn Lydia back over to the orphanage and travel home alone because, again, no exit letter.  Within days of his return to BG, the letter was issued and he overnighted his Visa, jumped on the first plane he could, got stuck on the way due to storms...but got Lydia and made it in and out of DRC in less than 24 hours.  Fitting that in this photo he has that coffee in hand.   
God is faithful, and he is good-all the time, he is good.

Saturday, November 2, 2013


One year ago this week, my friend Dwan and her family met their sweet son Caleb for the first time.  This amazing little boy means so much to so many of us...from the time we started praying for him to come home until now-it has been so awesome to be a tiny part of God's plan in his life.

Since exactly one year ago Tuesday was his "gotcha day," their class celebrated at school with a story and cupcakes.  JJ, Averi (and I'm sure others) were so excited about celebrating. 

JJ and Caleb are such great friends-they just love each other. 

The next day----Wednesday-we got together with some of our crew and had a chance to celebrate together.  We had multiple reasons to celebrate....Caleb has been with us for one year! 
AND while we were together, Lara got the news that we had been waiting and praying for-Nathan was, in fact, boarding the plane with exit letter in hand to bring Lydia home!!!
It was finally time to get ready for the next celebration, and it was just a little over 24 hours away.

Sweet Lylah named her baby sister's homecoming "the airport party...."