Friday, January 31, 2014


JJ has a new collection of workbooks that we are doing.   As we move through and review each of his letters, I found a resource online for a different craft for each uppercase and lowercase letter.  He thinks this is great fun and I sure enjoy working with him.  I can't believe how big he is and how much he has learned.  Here are a few of his masterpieces:

"A" is for alligator
"a" is for apple

"b" is for boat

"C" is for candy


"F" is for fun :) 

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Dreaming of (more) Snow

All week, I have been receiving pictures like this from my Mom and Stacy.

Even though we missed three days of school, we got nothing like this. 
Our snowfall total MIGHT have been a half inch for the entire week. 
On Tuesday, they wanted to go out and run around while it was snowing. 
You might not even be able to tell that it was, but they thought this was great fun.
All three have been wishing and wanting to play out in the snow so bad.  Friday night into Saturday it dropped another dusting on us and did not get on the grass at all.  However, it did get on about half of the driveway-------out they went to make snowballs and "sled" with Daddy!

They sure thought this little taste of play in the "snow" was great.  I keep wondering what they would think if they actually had a decent amount.  The last time we got snow to play in, Sydney was 2.  I'm sure many are tired of the snow, but I'm still hoping for one decent snowfall in our town before the winter is gone.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Luke at 3

Last Monday, all three of the kids had a check up at the dentist.
Sydney and JJ were never reluctant at the dentist when they were smaller. 
Luke wasn't for his last visit either, but he was this time. 

It turned out just fine -anything is more fun when you can wear Buzz & Woody sunglasses you know.
All three received good reports. 
After they all finished at the dentist, we moved along for Luke's three year checkup with Dr. Chris.
He is 40.5 inches long (98th percentile) and 37.5 pounds .(85th percentile).
His checkup went very well and no shots needed.
Thankful for my sweet baby boy.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Great Wolf New Year

We started off 2014 by meeting up with the Linn's at Great Wolf Lodge.  Of course, the most important thing there is the waterpark.  They had a blast doing the slides, wave pool and play areas.

This would be the little boy who says "don't get water in my eyes" when we give him a bath...
Yes, he thought it was pretty fun to have buckets of water dumped on his head,
and to do the same to his buddy Brian as well.
Of course there's more to enjoy at GW than just the waterpark. 
Our kiddos love storytime and this time of year, it even snows in the lobby.

 Somebody wanted to catch the snow
That same "somebody" who used to be terrified of characters was excited to see this one: 
After getting some rest, Jeff and Brian headed out to get us some donuts the next morning and found at least 2 inches of snow already on the ground. 
It ended up snowing all day and there were between 4-5 when we left mid afternoon. 
It is pretty weird to play in a waterpark where it's a warm 84 degrees and then glance out the window to see it snowing.

It was a great time with our special friends.

Glad there's room for one more on this bench-after all, he/she will
be here as the newest Linn by July 17-not a due date I will forget :)

By mid afternoon, we headed south toward KY and had a nice meal
together before we parted them. 
Until next time!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Making Play Dough

One of the days school was out for the bitter cold, we tackled a new project-making our own play dough!

I've got three great helpers.  You can probably tell from the photos that Luke was still not feeling well :( but he still was excited to help us. 


We made pink and orange for our first attempt.  It really is a pretty easy and fun process and they loved it so I'm sure we will get into this again soon.

Of course, the best part about making play dough is when you actually get to play with it.

They made all kinds of things-
like "microphones," (ahem..that look like ice cream cones-ha) 
"pretzels" (??!!),
and a "snowman" (aka a big mess).... :)

Fun times

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Luke's Weekend and Mickey Party

Luke's birthday party was today!  His birth"day" has turned into a weeklong celebration-I'm glad we make a big deal about their birthdays because the three of them sure are a big deal to us.

We got lucky that school was still out Friday in Powell Co and the Linn's came on down to see us a day ahead of the party.  We had a blast and Luke officially got to be in on the sleepover that this crew always has.  This was his first time and he loved it!  He's three -I can't pretend he's a baby anymore.
(Jacy is bouncing wildly up and down on the mattress at this point).
Years ago, the Linn's got us hooked and B and Jeff competed in games like this one:
10 years and 5 1/2 kids later, they now compete in:
Whack a Mole.
Jeff has made sure I say that he won the best 3 out of 5 series.
Stages of life may change but having fun with these people never does.
With today came the big celebration-Lukey is 3!
We had pizza and lots of Mickey treats:

And of course, Mickey cupcakes:
The food was fun, but of course, celebrating with many of his biggest fans was the best part.
It was hard that my parents could not come but that was not God's plan for this year.
He sat down in the middle of the party and watched his year in photos:
He enjoyed us singing happy birthday, eating his cupcake and opening his presents too.

Blowing out the candle took a little effort but he did it
How I love this cupcake face!


After he finished opening his presents, he was ready to play. 
It was assembly time-Brian took the lead.
And Granny played nail salon with the girls:

Luke, you had a great day! 
When I asked you what the best part was you said "opening my presents" :). 
We love you sweet boy!
Looking forward to a great 4th year with you.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

"My Mickey Birthday"

Ever since Luke has been talking about his big day, he has been referring to it as "my mickey birthday." 

On his big day, both he and JJ were still getting over strep throat and it was still SO COLD!  I decided to stay at home for another day and make it a Mickey day here. 

When he came downstairs, he was so excited!  We told him "happy birthday," and he said "happy birthday.  my not sick on my birthday."  So cute :)

We started the day off by giving him a Mickey birthday balloon that Daddy picked up on the way home from work last night.  Then it was time for me to start feeding him!

Lukey, your breakfast was Mickey waffles.
Lunch was Mickey too!

We did Mickey pbj, shaped cheese, rice krispies and even white chocolate Mickey pretzels.
You loved your "mickey lunch."
We didn't spend the whole day eating-you played a lot with Sydney and JJ, and we watched a Mickey
Christmas movie....even played Mickey games.
While you took your nap, I worked on this:
These probably got the biggest smile of the day after you woke up and came downstairs.
"My love my mickey cookies."
One of your favorite foods is mac n cheese, so we fixed Mickey shaped
 mac n cheese and soup for dinner after Daddy got home.
How about some Mickey cheeseball?
 After dinner, it was time to watch you blow out your candle and open presents.

It's our tradition to watch through the last year in pictures of the birthday boy/girl, so we did that before bedtime too.  When I asked you what your favorite part of your day was you told me that watching all your pictures was :)
We love you Luke, and hope you had an awesome "my mickey birthday."

Today you took Mickey cupcakes to school to share with your friends.
Your party is Saturday!