Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Taste of Spring

Saturday and part of Sunday felt like spring around here.
65 degrees felt so warm after the cold that has been around for the past couple of months.
Someone is learning to ride his bike.....
 Three someones played roller coaster on the wagon over and over
 Ready for more spring! 
Bring it on

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

His "Second Best Friend"

Sydney and JJ are close..... close.  Their absolute favorite days and times right now are when we get to stay home so they can play together.

The other day we were riding in the van, and the following conversation happened:

SG: "Mommy, JJ says I am his second best friend."  (She is obviously very offended by this.)

JJ: "That's okay Mommy."

SG: "But I thought I was your best friend."

JJ: "But Jesus is supposed to be my number one best friend."

Wow....:) Love these two

Thursday, February 13, 2014


Happy Valentine's Day from our three favorite valentines

Monday, February 10, 2014


We took the kids the circus a couple weekends ago in Nashville.  They had so much fun!
This has become one of our favorite winter traditions.
Luke couldn't believe it-there were six elephants!  Sydney wanted it " to go on forever and ever," and  kept thanking us over and over.  JJ "loved everything."  And they all talk about "next time" we go :) 

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Tooth #2 & #3 & 4-Adios!

Two weekends ago, Sydney lost her second tooth. 
It had been very loose for some time and she pulled it on her own. 

This is very exciting :)  I know sweetheart-I agree!  I was thrilled when your first tooth came in  and I'm excited with you now also.

She has been saving her allowance money to buy the Frozen Soundtrack and was hoping that some cash from the tooth fairy would help her with that.

Right after she pulled it and the celebration concluded, JJ asked me if I had the tooth fairy's phone number.  Why???  "Because you need to call her and tell her about Sydney's tooth."  Of course!....Also, Sydney was worried that the tooth fairy was going to get cold.  I assured her that she was right-the tooth fairy doesn't like to be cold.

My girl uses the same tooth fairy pillow that I did when I was a little girl...

and she likes it out in the hallway (instead of her room) just like Mommy too. 
She's afraid that the tooth fairy would wake her up. 
Lucky me.
I did not end up finding the tooth fairy's phone number but she visited anyway!

Actually, she visited two Saturday nights in a row, because.....

#3 came out this past Saturday!  She pulled this one too, in the van.
#4 is not far behind.
Jeff says now she looks like a true Kentuckian.
 The money she received from the tooth fairy and Buddy, along with her allowance money was now enough to buy that Frozen soundtrack. 
Actually, she had enough to buy the soundtrack with $4 to spare. 
Daddy took her to Target.  She was so excited to pay with her own money for the cd!

Her plan had been to look for the my little pony she would get after saving a few more dollars.
Instead, she chose to buy both Luke and JJ 2 things each from the $1 section.  
She loves those boys :)

Edit: 2/7: Today, she lost her 4th tooth at school.  It started bleeding in gym and she went to the office and pulled it.  Now, no front teeth !

Monday, February 3, 2014

Sydney's New Year Resolutions

Sydney came home from school a few weeks ago with this:
"My 2014 New Year's Resolutions"

In case it is too difficult to read, here is what it says.

This year I want to....."play with my bother more"

I want to learn how to ......."draw bedder"

At home I want to "play with my bother more"

At school I "will not get below green" (refers to behavior)

I will make a difference by "showing kindness to otherers"

So far, she has accomplished each of these resolutions :)