Thursday, March 27, 2014

Celebrating Eden-Li

I am so blessed to call a few amazing women my friends-a precious gift HE gave me.  Ten years ago he blessed me with Dwan-and he has grown our friendship so much since that time. 

On Friday, my sweet friend boards a plane for China to bring her daughter Eden-Li home!!!  By Monday, Eden-Li and her Mommy Dwan will be together.  Last week, we had the chance to get together at one of her favorite places to celebrate with the girls. 

I am so thankful for Dwan and my friend Julie who is going to travel alongside her for this journey.

This Monday we had one last group play date and celebration with our littlest kiddos.  More celebration for Eden-Li who we will get to meet on Saturday April 12 ! 

Love every single one of these faces (and their mommies) and excited for the next play date when a new friend named Eden-Li Graham will join the crew too.
As you can see, they are all enthralled with the party blowers Ms. LeAnn brought them :)
So blessed.


Monday, March 24, 2014

Rainbow Treats

Our kids love anything rainbow.
In anticipation of St Patricks Day, we tried our luck at making a couple of fun rainbow treats.
How about some rainbow jello? 
And how about making some rainbow cupcakes?

Thumbs up on those too!
Here's to rainbows and big beautiful smiles :)

Friday, March 21, 2014

Donuts with Dad 2014

Thursday Sydney's school had Donuts with Dad.  Thursday- which meant I was working  .....SO.....Donuts with Dad became not just an event for Sydney and Daddy but for Daddy and all three of the kiddos.  That morning, I asked Jeff to take a photo so I could see it.  JJ said "I'm not going to smile."

He delivered on that promise
(Silly boy...I know you really wanted to!)
He may have been stubborn for the camera, but all four of them really enjoyed it.
Sydney and JJ were so excited that they each got to get 2 donuts.  Luke had fun but asked Daddy when they left if he could take him to Dunkin Donuts so he could get one with chocolate sprinkles-ha!
So blessed that my kiddos have such a great dad to enjoy donuts with.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Character Parade

As a part of Reading is Fun week at school, one of Friday's events was a character book parade.  Sydney wanted to wear her Minnie costume and take one of her Minnie books.  We went to watch her in the parade.
 A special visitor showed up at school for the parade and the boys were excited to meet her :)
  This would be the mouse of "If you give a Mouse a Cookie"
All three of my kids love the "If You Give a ......" series.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

When Sydney Grows Up....

At the age of six, Sydney says she wants to work with and train dolphins when she grows up.

How do you dress up like a dolphin trainer for school?  Well you put on a bathing suit and take a little dolphin and a swim ring with you , of course .

Love you sweet dolphin trainer !
Speaking of growing up, she's now lost 6 of her teeth since mid December.  She has been racking up the $$$ from the tooth fairy and decided to leave her a "welcome" note last night.


Monday, March 10, 2014

BG DID NOT Miss it This Time!

Last weekend, Jeff was keeping me updated with the forecast for Sunday night into Monday-basically lots of ice and some snow.  I was skeptical because all winter long, every storm has missed us.  The kids have been wanting snow for as long as they could remember.  Sydney was 2 and JJ an infant the last time we had enough snow to really play in.

However the forecasts all said "Bowling Green is not going to miss it this time."  We had hope! 

We went to bed on Sunday night with the sound of ice hitting the windows, and we woke up Monday morning to lots of ice and a couple inches of snow too.  They were so so excited.

The roads were so bad that WKU cancelled classes for only the 2nd time in at least 9 years and Jeff was also home from work.  Living Hope had closed the office for the first time in his 4 winters there due to the bad roads.  A large part of our little town was shut down. 

This is just what we had been waiting for and I loved that we were all home together.  We had a great family day of playing in the snow!

In the morning when we first went out, it was still snowing/blowing and very cold and windy so about an hour was enough---Luke was crying because he was so cold :( and I carried him about a block home.  Sydney and JJ did not agree, but they wanted some hot chocolate so we headed inside.  We assured them that the snow was not going anywhere.

We came in to take a break and then went back out for a couple hours in the afternoon.
We got more ice than snow and the snow was not easy to move or pack so making a snowman was challenging-we did our best. They named him Olaf.

The ice was plentiful....from big chunks to carry around to icicles to eat
Every step you took you heard crunch crunch crunch.

I love my snow angels.

JJ had never made a snow angel or played in the snow.  I was so happy for him.

Even though making snowballs and snowmen were difficult,
this ice and snow mixture made for perfect sledding conditions!
We joined up with Arden and Steven and headed for the biggest hill in our neighborhood.

I am not exaggerating when I say that we took over 20 sledding videos.  This was so exciting for us that our kids finally got to experience playing in the snow. 

Here are a few short clips:

In all, they ended up getting to play outside in the snow for 4 days in a row.  
For some reason, Luke spent much of these 4 days pushing around his bubble mower (which oddly he calls "my gator.")

Here I was standing on top of our swingset platform and throwing snowballs at them.

Even though she missed a full week of school and likely will have to pay by going til June now, I am thankful for the great week we had. 

One of Sydney and JJ's favorite things is to hear stories about when I was a little girl.  After this snow event, she told me that one day she wants to tell her kids about having so much fun in the snow with her brothers and her parents during this past week.  I hope she can do that some day.  And I hope that this blog of their lives will be useful to her as she tries to recall.   

Friday, March 7, 2014

One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish

More Dr. Suess...

Handprints (fish) by Luke :)

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Reading Party

This was supposed to be a weeklong celebration of Reading Across America for Sydney at school with dress up days and special activities planned. 

However, we had the worst round of precip (mostly ice but also snow) that I have seen in 15 years of living in BG that came through Sunday night into Monday and we were out of school all week.

These three have had such a fun week playing together, inside and out.  I hope they always enjoy being together.  So thankful for how well they get along.
Thursday we had a Dr Suess party.  They colored,
 she read (reading Green Eggs & Ham to him here-our favorite)
 played green eggs and ham tic tac toe and "pin the eggs on the plate," (Luke won this round)
 and, of course, tried some green eggs and (not green) ham.
They are looking forward to two birthday parties and warmer weather this weekend.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

More February

Before we move ahead to the snowy fun that has become the first few days of March, a couple more notes about February:

We celebrated Buddy's birthday with him early in the month.

After a visit to the Nashville science center on a weekday with three of my mommy friends & their kiddos, we found a Saturday morning to take Sydney and Daddy along for a 2nd visit.
Another February birthday to celebrate....Jacy's 4th in Minnie Mouse style:
(Another highlight this month was finding out that Avery and Jacy will be big sisters to a precious little BOY!) There's even a decent chance little man and I will share July 17th :)

 JJ and I went to Plano for Sydney's Valentine's Day party.
 She moved her chair over to the table where he and I were so she could be with him
and on the way home gave him all of her "boy valentines."
He enjoyed spending time with her in her classroom and  all of the food!