Monday, June 30, 2014

Month 1: Summer of Fun

We are on mission to make memories and have fun this summer.  Intentional about fun.  Summer is so precious! 

Even though Sydney wasn't out of school until June 4, we started summer fun a little early.  Here are some of the highlights of our first month or so, late May through June.

Sydney's birthday fell on Memorial Day this year, so with Daddy off work we headed to Holiday World for the first time this summer.   
Luke is still scared of Holidog but tall enough for all of the big waterslides-which he loves!
We have passes to HW this year, and were able to put them to use two times in June as well.

The weekend before school let out, we joined up with friends and headed out to the Hunts.
Canoe rides in the creek, 

 rides on the four wheeler,
 more creek fun,
 food and Smore's (JJ's favorite part) and even a game of kickball between the dads and the sons.
 The moms cheered for the sons-but the dads prevailed, Jeff serving as player & self appointed coach.
We celebrated the 8th birthday of a sweet friend on a 90 degree day at an ice skating rink!
We all got in on the ice skating action. 
The kids and I had never been ice skating and it had been over 20 years for Daddy.
 We started out using the crates provided because that was a necessity.

However, before long...four of us (sorry Luke-next time) were able to go hands free and get around pretty good.
The best skater of our crew was JJ by far.  No one could believe he had never been before and how quickly he picked it up.  He was steady and fast!
The ice skating party was in Owensboro, and we stayed over that night on the river.  They have the best playground we have ever seen.

 We visited to Holiday World the next morning.
Mid June, Jeff and I headed to Chattanooga for two days to celebrate our anniversary and go white water rafting.  We have so many of the same interests and cherish our time together.
One rainy night, Daddy took Sydney and JJ went to a favorite to play games
We love spending days together at the pool
and relaxing ?? whenever we can.
JJ said goodbye to his swimmies,
 and he's swimming better every day...
Sydney decided she really likes the high dive this year
We had a few cooler days earlier in June, but tried to make the most of that ..
Visiting the ducks and then playing at the park.  This day they were hungry! and aggressive.
All three kids started off feeding them close to the pond, but ended up standing on the picnic table for safety.
We stopped by one of their new favorite places, Lost River Cave, for a hike and visit to the butterfly house.

And later in the month, stopped by again for a picnic, hike and "mining for gems."
We thought that all the kids were finally old enough to make it through a late movie, and went out to Chaney's Dairy Barn for a hayride and Ice Cream and a Moovie (Smurfs 2).  It was a hit!
Father's Day and a Daddy worth celebrating meant church, his pick for lunch out and a fun family day at the pool...
 They were so proud of their Father's Day masterpieces.
With their individual style, each one says "You're Tie-rrific!"
 The kids and I spent several days in Georgetown, and Daddy joined us for the weekend. 
Nanny was moving while we were there, but Nana made sure there were lots of fun things planned for the kiddos. 
Buddy took Sydney and JJ to their first basketball camp:
He and coach Hicks made sure they had a great time. 
It was a fun experience for all three of them.
The kids got to spend lots of time at the pool swimming with Buddy,
our cousins and Granny and Papaw

Trips to Powell Co. to see our buds are always a hit for everyone.
Buddy told Sydney years ago that she could learn to drive the golf cart when she was 7.
Guess what?!
 She really did a great job.
Sydney and JJ attended Upward basketball camp the next week at First Baptist Church.
Two camps in two weeks...and they really enjoyed!
They have embraced late bedtimes, summer kids movies, catching fireflies, extra stops for ice cream treats and slushes, and just enjoying the luxury of playing together all day long.
They are very creative as they play around the house, even treating us to puppet shows :)

Sometimes, baby brother goes and goes until he can't go any longer.
I am so thankful for the season of summer & the first month+ we've just wrapped up with this silly crew.
 Here's to July!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014


We headed up to the Louisville Zoo for Character Day in mid May right before our zoo membership ran out.  Last year Luke was terrified of the Storybook Characters.  This year, he was still cautious, but was brave enough to see a couple. 

They visited the Mouse from "If you give...," Curious George and Little Critter.  The boys did not want their photo with Little Critter- they "only like him in the books." 

This was the first time we've had a chance to ride the train they put in last year and it was a hit.
We took our time and spent most of the day, checking out most of the animals besides the snakes/insects.
Luke's number one goal was to see the elephants, and we made sure he had plenty of time for that.  He wanted to hug them.
Although that wasn't possible, he had a lot of time to check them out.
It's a problem when the elephants are trying to hide behind
the tall bushes, unless you have a tall Daddy that is.
Goodbye elephants, until the next time!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

First Cave Trip

Our friends Todd and LeAnn recently gave us some free passes to the Lost River Cave boat tour.  This is something we pass by multiple times a week in our town, yet we have never been.

On Election Day, we changed that!
Before our boat tour, we took a hike on two of the short (but nice) trails.
At the end of the longer trail, we found this nice stream.
After the trails, it was time to go and meet our tour guide.
It was neat to learn about the history and folklore of the cave.

These two boys swapped hats for a while.
But the real exciting part for us was going into the cave and for the boat ride.
Once inside/on the boat, it is too dark to get good pictures, but I got this just beside the launch area.
The kids were amazed.  Jeff and I also enjoyed, and decided that
it was soon time to take them to Mammoth Cave for another cave adventure.

After leaving the cave, and walking back up the hill, we saw something very interesting...
a groundhog swimming in one of the "blue holes."  We stopped to watch.
At first, it appeared that the groundhog was enjoying the swim, but that was not the case.  He tried to get out on the bank multiple times, then flipped over...but then could not flip himself back.

After his struggle (upside down), he soon was completely still (and we thought a goner). However, he was then rescued by this employee who then gave him CPR!  It was a crazy thing to watch.
After receiving CPR, he began moving again and was transported up the hill to be released into the woods once again.  What an experience!

We really enjoyed our time at Lost River Cave and look
forward to going back soon for a short hike and to visit the Butterfly House.