Thursday, July 31, 2014

July Summer Fun

We started off the first part of July with lots of pool time
(trio taking a break by the diving boards)
and backyard bible club in our neighborhood.
The kids enjoyed singing praise songs, bible stories, snacks and water playtime on hot summer nights.
Luke was all about the water balloons but did need some help.
When JJ and I were waiting in the ER on July 1, Sydney had Jeff call me with a message for JJ.  She said that if he was good for the Dr. fixing him up, we would take him to Toys R Us and buy him whatever he wanted-ha.  I did not give him that message :) but I did tell him that if he cooperated, we would treat him to Build a Bear.  
We made good on that promise the next night after Daddy got home from work.
We took them to Rainforest CafĂ© for dinner,
then onto Build a Bear...
where they "made" Elephant, Rainbow Dash and Spiderman.
After finishing there, we headed over to Opryland to watch the fountains.
My sweet boy had to cover up his face as he watched so that the water wouldn't touch his eye.

It wasn't quite the same for him, but he enjoyed it with Sydney and Luke.
It was time to head home-but we stopped for a treat.
Nothing much better to our crew than a hot krispy Kreme donut...
and watching them as they are being made.
We were invited to a "slip n slide" social ?! on July 3rd.
When we pulled up to the house, we found one MAJOR slip n' slide.
 It was 200 feet long and boy were those three kiddos excited!
 They really did have a blast and want to know when we can go back again.
Somehow, I'm guessing our slip n' slide isn't going to be quite as exciting next time ;)
We had beautiful weather on the 4th of July.  It was the kind of day you would order if you could.
Sydney and Daddy started the day off with a 5+ mile bike ride.
It's a sweet weekend morning tradition they have started recently.
After an afternoon at Lost River Cave, Sydney JJ and I made some patriotic dipped strawberries.
They were definitely a hit!

That evening, we headed out to Alvaton for fun and fireworks.
 It was a great family day.
The next week we met up with Granny, April, Tim, Makayla, Trace and Lilly for a fun day at Holiday World.It was a great day, and the kind of day you just don't take for granted.
All six cousins had a blast, and the grownups did too. 
Storms rolled in about 6 and cut our day a little short, but it was still a full day of fun.

Over the summer, Sydney has proudly mastered the monkey bars.
I took this video shortly after school was out, one day when we stopped by Basil Griffin to play.
All three were due a checkup at the dentist this month, and they think that is great fun. 
Mrs. Brooke always makes sure they are treated like royalty while we are there.


And we spent more time soaking in summer fun with friends at the pool, movies and park.
The middle part of the month was spent in Orlando as we tagged along to Daddy's meeting and a few days beforehand reserved for fun....
A little too soon, Sydney & JJ received their school supply lists.  Although they were not as excited as I thought they would be, we completed that mission .
We took our 2nd summer trip to Georgetown and had a chance to spend time with our families,
and meet one precious baby boy.
 I get excited when think about all of the fun we will
have with this little guy in the months and years to come.
We also decided this summer was the time to take the kids to their first drive-in movie and headed down to Franklin on one beautiful evening to see Planes 2. Jeff had never been either and it has been probably 30 years for Mommy.
The drive-in was a hit with them and I'm sure we will try to get back next year.
Another highlight of late July was watching Sydney in her performance with Arts Alive after a week of camp.  She is in the 6-9 age group, and 30+ kids spent the week learning about the heroes (and ultimate hero) of the bible and practicing for their play.  On Friday afternoon, they performed for an hour...singing, acting, dancing. 
She had eight different lines in the play and did very well.  We cannot think of a better way for her to spend a week of her summer.

Proud of you sweet girl!
And today, we ended the month with a fun play day at home.
Two highlights were the slip n slide and lots of water balloons!

 July has been a great month.  We are all sad to see it come to an end.

Friday, July 18, 2014

My Big Boy

I am so proud of JJ and all of his growth.  He is displaying confidence in many areas and is proud to be starting at Plano with Sydney in August. 

I cannot believe that this little boy

is going to basketball camps and swimming all around the pool with no floaties.

And I don't want to believe that he is going to K in just a few short weeks. 

He is going to be a Plano Panther...just like big sister.  She is thrilled.
Someone else is not going to be thrilled.

JJ-I am so proud of you.  I'm so lucky to be your Mommy and watch you grow and mature.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Last Tuesday, we met up with my friend Dwan and her crew to play at the fountains in downtown. JJ and Caleb were having a big time and then suddenly my boy was running toward me screaming with blood covering his face.  He had collided with another little girl playing and his head hit the concrete.

He had a nasty looking deep cut between his eye and eyebrows.  We headed for Urgent Care where they planned to do stitches but over two hours later, the Dr. directed us to the ER.  The Dr. at the ER decided that surgical glue would be better for him.

So we waited again for them to get him ready and numb the area.  A sucker and Winnie the pooh movie helped (a little) while we waited. 

By the time he was finally glued up and ready to go, it had been 4.5 hours since the accident. 
It was a double thumbs down kind of day.....but still I see that sweet smile :) 

You're a trooper buddy.  Love you.