Saturday, August 30, 2014

Luke's Celebration

This is the face of a proud little boy!
He is holding his (full ) potty sticker chart. 
It has been tradition with all of our kids to treat them to fun at Chuck E Cheese as soon as potty training is complete.
Sydney's celebration was in early 2010.
JJ's was in spring 2012,
and Luke's celebration came today!
He has been talking about this day for a long time. 
We joked that this had to be the most talked about trip to Chuck E Cheese ever. 
His favorite thing was the little basketball game, and he was pretty good. 
It really made him smile, because he is not quite big enough to make baskets at home yet.
His brother and sister enjoyed being a part of his celebration too.

Of course, one of the best parts of going to Chuck E Cheese is "cashing in" for a prize.
Glad we got to take them and celebrate!  It was a great start to Labor Day weekend.
Way to go Luke :)

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Hot Summer Days

The past couple of weeks brought the warmest temperatures of the year.  We have been adjusting to our school/work schedules and enjoying some much needed time at home too.

More than ever before, these three just want to play at home nonstop any chance they get.
I love their creativity.

A couple weeks ago, we went to WKU football day at Knicely.  They had so many treats and freebies, it was hard to get to them all.  However, the kids were ready to take on that challenge!  Here JJ is enjoying a sno cone and Chaney's ice cream at the same time.
Two kids were really excited to see Big Red !
One little boy was not excited to see Big Red.  He wanted Jeff to carry him around and when he would see Big Red he would scream "go away," "go away!"

Although he steered clear of Big Red for the afternoon, he did enjoy all of the treats, bouncies and more.  He wanted his face painted with a tiger,
and everyone got a balloon animal too.
It was a great way to spend the afternoon.
My girl was looking beautiful for Rock Star day at school early one morning.

JJ and Daddy recently enjoyed a fun night with just the two of them. 
It was JJ's first time to play putt putt. 
 JJ loved that and the stop at Orange Leaf afterward too.

and this past weekend, we celebrated Daddy on his birthday.
Daddy is loved very very much :)

Tonight I had some special girl time with Sydney.  We fed the ducks at the park and went to Chaney's to play and share a treat.  She even got me on the slides.

We had a great time and she told me that time just goes too fast.....
couldn't agree more sweetheart!

Here's to continued fun on hot summer days!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Thanks to Luke...We are Diaper Free!

For the first time since early 2007, our family is diaper free. 
During the past 7+ years, I have always had at least one (and much of the time 2) child in diapers.
**We are no longer carrying around backpacks/diaper bags, extra changes of clothes or wipes! 

This sweet boy took his time in getting it all done but now everything that is supposed to go in the potty is going there every time :)
He is so proud of himself!
...And we are too.

Big boys get treats and to do lots of fun things like play on the ipad, sleep with Sydney & JJ and soon- a celebration trip to Chuck E Cheese.
It still feels strange that he is the only one home with me during the day, but I sure am enjoying my one on one time with him.  He is cute, funny and so sweet. 

 Way to go Lukey-love you!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Orlando in July

Jeff's annual conference for work was in Orlando this summer.  We are lucky that he likes us to tag along with him.  We headed south a bit early so that we could have a few meeting free days.

Our first full day in Florida was also Cow Appreciation Day. 
We took advantage of that at breakfast and lunch both !
We knew that we were going to surprise the kids with Sea World passes to use for the week.  We did not tell them we were going, but after breakfast at Chickfila on our first full day, Luke said "Mommy, when can we go to Sea World?"  I said, "How about today?"  SQUEALS filled the van! :) 

One reason that I knew Sea World would be a hit is that Sydney is obsessed with dolphins.  I knew that she (they) would all love watching the dolphins and then I read that they could feed the dolphins.

Our first priority after arriving was going to the dolphins.

We got to watch, pet and feed the dolphins.  It really was very neat!

 I think she might have stayed there for hours and hours if we let her.
....However, there was much more to do.
Over the following week, we visited a total of 4 different days.
The kids really enjoyed the rides,

and sitting in the "soak zone" at the Shamu show.

JJ was all excited about sitting where we would get soaked, and Luke was ready too.
Sydney talked Daddy into sitting higher with her,
 while the boys and I stayed on row 5 and, yes, we did get SOAKED!
Nanny sent all three of the kids shopping money and they had fun picking out a souvenir: dolphins!
We had our share of rain at SW (& throughout the week), and several rainbows

Luke kept telling us that he wanted to meet "Shampoo."  He got his wish :)
 Dolly the Dolphin was a bonus.
I am so glad we made so many special memories at Sea World with them !
We stayed at the Hilton Orlando until Jeff's meeting got started.  They had some pretty neat things...
a waterslide
 and a lazy river.
 All smiles!
They also had a nice fire pit where we could roast marshmallows and make S'mores.

Sydney and Daddy got pretty competitive at one of the games they had set up: 

During the first part of the trip, we also went to Downtown Disney one night to have
dinner at Trex Café
and do some shopping.
In the meantime, my little Buzz found Buzz and Woody in the Lego Store.
Thank you Nana and Buddy for the shopping money-we had fun picking out something special :)
Time was passing by so quickly, and it was soon was time to move over to the hotel where Daddy's meeting was being held.
We were blessed to stay at the Gaylord Palms and one of the neatest things there was the waterpark.
It provided a great place for the kids and I (when it was not raining, ahem.)
We did see our share of rainbows throughout our time in Orlando.
More rainbows...
It rained a lot.
The Palms also had some neat areas to explore and we took advantage of that.
The boys got to touch a baby alligator

Big sister wasn't interested in that but they thought it was very cool.
They had a scavenger hunt of flamingos set up across
the resort and one day we found all fifteen of them.
A couple of nights, we headed over to Disney's Boardwalk area
where we rented a surrey bike, got treats and found a spot to enjoy the fireworks at Epcot & the Frozen fireworks at Hollywood Studios.
My birthday was a very special day.
We surprised the kids with an early breakfast reservation to see Mickey and his friends!

We had a good and fun breakfast and they enjoyed the parade by Pluto's side


After breakfast, it was time to head back to the hotel for Jeff to go to work and the kids and I spent the day at the pool.  We had some of the best weather of the whole trip on my birthday.  I think it only rained once.

My best moment of the day and favorite gift was this:

It was also our last evening in Orlando.  They wanted to go back to Sea World and to watch the Frozen fireworks again so we did both. 

It was a great trip and highlight of our summer.  I am so lucky to have these four fun people!