Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Beginning of Fall Fun

We have been having such beautiful fall weather.  Really, the weather has been much more like summer-which is fine by me!

A couple weekends ago, Granny and Papaw came for a visit.  They were able to watch all three kids at swim, and Sydney play soccer.  The rest of the day we just hung out at home and enjoyed time together.  They came to church with us on Sunday and treated us to lunch at Outback-yum!
Silly boys!
This past weekend, we had a chance to go to Jackson's for the first weekend of their annual fall festival.  Since our soccer game from Saturday was being rescheduled, we were able to head out right after swim lessons were over at 9:30.  We hit it just right-perfect weather and low crowds.  The kids were able to move from thing to thing without having to wait.

It was a great Saturday morning for a hayride, feeding/petting animals, riding horses, playing on the playground, and making a sand art craft---oh, and enjoying an apple cider slush.  Hello fall !

Sunday, September 28, 2014

One on One

The majority of our special memories are made as a crew of 5. 
We love & truly treasure living life that way.
However, we also embrace the special one on one moments we are blessed with--- when one of us gets that special time with just one child. 
Sometimes, we plan special dates in advance.  Other times it's just the spontaneous bike ride with Luke, a time for reading with JJ, or the exciting experience of being there by her side for Sydney's first roller coaster ride.
Sydney and Daddy after her first roller coaster ride at Holiday World

Enjoying my time with Luke at Jackson's on a beautiful fall Friday
He's real upset that his big brother and sister are at school-ha!

Daddy and Sydney had a date night recently- a treat and her first college volleyball game.
It was super hero night so she borrowed one of JJ's shirts
JJ and I had a date night at the bowling alley and Gigi's cupcakes a couple weeks ago
Looking forward to future dates and one on one time with our sweethearts.

Thursday, September 25, 2014


Sydney is really into reading!  Although she learned to read in K, it has been in the past 6 months or so when her love for reading books has grown.  Recently, the kids had a Monday off from school for teacher training.  Sydney's request?  ...."Mommy, can we go to the library ?"  I was glad that we could.

Besides their time playing on our neighbors new toy, (that they are lucky! to get to use whenever they want).
 the rest of the afternoon was spent reading to her brothers.
Reading on the patio,
 and the porch,
 and in the garage,
 and in the front yard,
 and even back on the trampoline to read some more.

It was fun to follow them for a while-as they chose a different spot with each new book.
JJ is also learning to read.  We work on his sight words and he knows well over 100 words now.  He is reading good portions of the easy reader books, and the beginning reader booklets that come home with K.  He seems to also enjoy reading very much!  The thing I am most proud of is that he is trying so hard and wants to be able to read well.
Much love to my sweet little readers!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Soccer Fall '14

Sydney is enjoying her 4th year of soccer and we are already 3 games into the season.
She is doing well and has already scored at least once in 2 of her 3 games.  We got our first win Saturday !

Daddy and Sean are her coaches this fall, and the girls are doing a great job and playing hard.
They all get plenty of playing time because (due to injuries and other things out of our control), our roster shrunk from 8 to 5 before the season even started.  So, even when every girl is there, we have one sub.

I am so thankful that Jeff has been able to coach every season with her.

 I love watching her compete!

And, this year I get to watch more than ever!  My sweet boys have grown and matured so much that I am not having to chase them, or keep them off the field, or wonder if they are going to run away.   They play/wrestle together and even watch her some so that I can too. 
For the first time in 7 seasons, this past Saturday I even sat in a chair and watched :)- I will have to say that was nice.

Looking forward to two more months of soccer this fall.

Go Sydney, Go Zoom!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Corn Maze

 Last weekend we went to Chaney's for one more "ice cream and a moovie."  Before the movie, we took the kids into the Corn Maze.  This was a first for all five of us.
They were excited and I was skeptical, but it ended up being a lot of fun.
It was supposed to take about 15 minutes...it did not take us 15 minutes :)
We walked through the maze of lots and lots and lots of corn.
Along the path we settled a dispute......
 Almost every field of corn we pass, the kids wonder "Is that corn even taller than Daddy now?"
Sometimes they think it can't be, and sometimes they decide it has grown
so much that it is taller than him.
Some of this corn was taller than Daddy!
After a few detours/dead ends and an extra 15-20 minutes, we made it to the end.
Time to celebrate!

Three cheers for the beginning of fall!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Luke Says....

These are the answers he gave about himself to his teachers.
We love this cute boy so much!
Luke, you are off to a great start this year.  You are learning so much and it is such a blessing to witness.  Your answers were pretty predictable and I think it's so sweet that Sydney is your special friend. 
She always has been.
 She was younger than you are now when you were born, and already was a big sister X 2.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Wrapping Up Summer

We headed over to Holiday World for the holiday weekend.
It was great to see the three of them riding some of their favorites again with those huge smiles.

 After being terrified of Holidog, Luke decided he wanted to meet him on this trip.
Unfortunately, we didn't get to see him, but he did stop to see Holidog's statue
and one of his friends.


One of JJ's favorite rides is the log flume called Frightful Falls. 
Jeff got some photos of us coming off the big hill,

 and getting soaked.

 The biggest news of the trip was that Sydney was ready to go on her first big girl roller coaster.
Outside of Disney (Big Thunder & Space Mountain), she has only done kiddie coasters to this point.
Daddy talked her into trying the Raven.
She was all smiles when they left .....
 and all smiles when they returned too!
 She was very proud of herself and was ready to go again.
She and JJ are already planning their ride together on it next year (when he is also tall enough).
Here's to a great summer of fun and memories made at Holiday World in 2014!