Wednesday, November 26, 2014


These are three faces I am so thankful for :)

Being thankful is a topic we focus on at home quite a bit.  One of our November memory verses has been Psalm 75:1, "we give thanks to you, O God: we give thanks for your name is near.  We recount your wondrous deeds."

Recently, we worked on some turkey handprint placemats and I asked each one of them to list what they were thankful for.  They came up with great lists, giving me one idea per finger (x3 as they each made three), and some were repeated.  Here is one of Luke's placemats.

One of our coloring sheets in the Kindergarten class at church this past week said "Thank you God for everything-for family, friends and fun-But most of all for Jesus, my Savior and Your Son."  I say ditto to that.  Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Snapshot of Luke

Luke is our cute and funny "baby boy."  He keeps the four of us laughing all the time and we always tell him he is a comedian.  He is so full of life and energy and adores his big brother and sister.  One of his biggest goals is just to keep up with them. 
He loves going to school, jumping on our neighbor's trampoline and swinging, playing super heroes, waking up early and being tickled!  Pasta is his favorite food and chocolate milk is his favorite drink.  He dislikes cold weather just about as much as his mommy.  He always wants to know how old he has to be to play ____________ (any sport you can think of).  I think he will want to be involved in plenty when his time comes.
 For Halloween, he was the best Batman ever.  He may have been the cutest too :)
Whenever we ask him whose boy he is, he usually says "Everybody's boy."  That would be accurate because everyone loves him very much.  We are so fortunate to have Luke as a part of our family.  His personality is contagious and he is loving, sweet, smart and determined. 
You are loved soooo much Lukey-you are a wonderful blessing.
  We praise God for the gift of you!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Snapshot of JJ

JJ is healthy and very happy as a 5 year old and Kindergartner. 
One of the best times of my day is getting to recap the highlights of his day at school.  Having him start school has been a tough adjustment for me-but it really hasn't been for him!
He loves superheroes, playing outside, swimming, and playing games and Ipad.  He is excited about trying out his first team sport this winter-basketball.  JJ and Sydney are so very close, and he is so proud to be at the same school as her.  He is a great big brother to Luke and so patient with him.  As always, JJ is my big eater-favorites include pancakes, burgers, chicken and most anything.  His favorite food in the world is S'mores. 
He is learning to read and speak out in class.  The other day, he "clipped down" to yellow for the first time all year long.  He was devastated, but the reason actually made us laugh out loud.  He truly is blossoming and conquering some of his fears. 
God blessed JJ with an amazing teacher this year.  One thing I love about him is that when he faces a challenge, he meets and exceeds expectations.  Therefore, being in a K1 split has been a tremendous advantage for him.  While math seems to be his strength, he is also already reading at a 1st grade level.  However, what really gets him excited is taco day and PE!!

JJ is loving, sensitive and smart.  He's an exceptional listener too and really studies/processes situations intently.  We beam with pride and love him to the moon and back! 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Fall Means---

Fall Festival time at school! 
(These are two proud panthers-and they have one photo bomber baby brother)
Fall also means that soccer is just about wrapped up and it's time to play some basketball.
They recently had tryouts and we will soon find out teams etc.
Fall, of course, also means the fun of falling leaves!

Fall is also Granny's birthday-we got to meet for lunch to celebrate with everyone. 
And we even had a bonus quick photo shoot at a beautiful
spot near My Old Kentucky Home in Bardstown.
This past fall weekend, we got to make a trip in to see our loved ones
It's always a great day when we can see the Linn crew.
Another highlight was taking 2! golf carts out onto the course.
Buddy has a new (to him) golf cart, and hasn't sold the older one yet, so they took advantage...

BIG smiles for fall :)

Friday, November 7, 2014

Snapshot of Sydney

Sydney is having a great year and maturing so quickly at the age of 7. 
Several have commented recently about how tall she looks when standing next to me. 

She still enjoys playing soccer, making crafts, and has developed interest in basketball which she will try out on her first team this winter.  She enjoys reading Magic Tree House and has really taken seriously to memorizing scripture.   Her favorite treats are donuts and yogurt from Orange Leaf and she likes to collect handheld antibacterial gel from Bath n Body works :).  She is obsessed with dolphins and plays Sea World pretend games every day with her brothers.  Her goal at this point is to be a dolphin trainer when she grows up.

Sydney is such a great helper to me and is so helpful when I forget about something.  She is JJ's best friend and Luke's special buddy too.  I always tell her that someday she will be the one taking care of all of us. 

We prayed for a teacher that would really challenge her heading into 2nd grade, and that prayer was answered.  Between reading requirements, spelling tests, math sheets, reading sheets and comprehension exercises, along with special projects---we spend much more time on homework.  Luckily, she enjoys most of it.

Sydney is sweet, sincere and determined. 
She also is very mature in sympathizing with others.
I am so thankful to have a daughter like Sydney Grace.
She is my sunshine.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Halloween Week With the Crew

Last Sunday afternoon, Daddy helped the crew start off Halloween week the right way.
Hugs and kisses to a Daddy that enjoys carving pumpkins and digging pumpkin guts out with three little buddies-they are so lucky to have him!

Between the pumpkins they painted a few weeks back, and the two they carved-we were well decorated for the season.

Midweek we went to a Harvest Fest of local church where several of our friends attend.
We had beautiful weather-I just love my superhero boys.
Stealing an idea I saw IHOP promoting, we made "scary pancakes" for dinner one night.

It was a hit!
On Thursday, I rearranged my work schedule so that I could see Luke's costume parade at school.
He was very adamant about being Batman this year and, the blue Batman!
We found the costume for him and he was the best Batman ever :)
He also enjoyed his classroom party .

Thursday night we stopped by campus for the Greek community trick or treat.
This was the first year for us, but it was very nice and they gathered an enormous amount of candy in a very short period of time.
Friday, and Halloween Day, meant time for parties at Plano.
This was the first time for me to split my time between two classrooms.
JJ's room was the first stop.
I enjoyed checking in with Captain America, and his best school buds Michael Jackson and Mario.
There are only three boys in his K class....and sweet friends these three have become!

They also paraded through the hallway, 
and decorated pumpkins before eating their Halloween treats.
Captain America had a great school party and he told me it was even better than his parties at preschool because I got to come .
He told me a couple of months ago that I needed a Halloween costume-this shirt is as wild as I got with that :)
Before long, it was time to head down the 2nd grade hallway.

Elsa had some crazy characters that joined her for their party.
They were making a craft and getting ready to eat cupcakes when we arrived.
This sweet boy made it to three different Halloween parties on Thursday/Friday, cashing in with treats at every stop!
After school, we met up with another Elsa to try out trick or treat in the neighborhood.
These two Elsas had this night planned out for a long time.

Unfortunately, on Halloween, it felt as if Elsa herself had been at work was so cold, and windy.
We tried to make the most of it and did for a short while.

Luke was done after about 15 minutes so he and I headed home.
The other three were close behind us, and we decided to stop by our church's indoor event for a bit.
After all their candy filled celebrations,
it's safe to say that we have a supply that will last us until next October
Three big cheers for Halloween!