Saturday, January 31, 2015

2015 So Far...

It's been a great start to 2015 and time is passing so quickly.
There have been several ball game dates with Daddy,
and a fun trip to the circus in Nashville.
 We've all enjoyed being a part of the first few games of their basketball season
and time playing games in our pj's at home.
 At this age, projects for school are "fun" too.
 We saw Paddington at the theatre and they decided he was pretty funny!
Sydney is always blessing us with her sweet artwork...this time just on a tissue.
There have been a few days warm enough to enjoy playing outside,
 although what they've really been wanting is a decent amount of snow.
One night we got enough to play in but they had to be quick early the next morning before it melted.
One other afternoon the snow came for just a few minutes...

Sydney and JJ are still holding out hope for a snow day or two.
On to February :)

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Luke at 4

Luke is a healthy growing boy!  He had his four year checkup early last week with his doctor and measured 43 lbs and 43.5 inches.  This put him at 98th percentile for height and 90th for weight.  He is exactly the same height as JJ at 4, and just a half pound lighter. 

He had his first hearing test, eye test and two mean shots that bit back a little later in the day.  He was not himself again for a couple of days and had to stay home from school one day :(.  I am glad to have that checkup and all of the shots behind us now!  You are a champ Luke!  You don't even cry when they give you those shots-in fact, you handle them much better than Mommy----love you.

Friday, January 16, 2015


Sydney & JJ are both in the middle of their first season of basketball.  They are both playing in the Upward league, where the goal is to grow players in Christ and in the game of basketball.
Jeff and I are blessed that we can be their coaches.
Sydney is on the Lady Eagles.
JJ is on the Cobras.


They have only played in one game so far but JJ scored a basket and Sydney got two!
They both said that they really enjoyed their first game, and it was extra special because they had their own family fan club to cheer them on.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Luke's Big Week

Luke has just finished up a great week.
It was a great week to celebrate turning 4!
On the night of his birthday, the five of us headed out to Chuck E Cheese.
This is exactly where he had been telling us he wanted to go.
To this point, he has been scared of Chuck E, but I guess turning 4 changes that.
 We got him a birthday crown and the other two wore theirs from previous years.
He had a great time, and hit the ticket jackpot of the big 35 tickets one time.
He loved sharing the time with Sydney and JJ.
He had been asking me all day how much longer til we could go.
 The night was a hit, and they got a prize to take home too.
He got to pick a mini nerf gun and a green snake.
When we got home, it was time for some Batman cupcakes...
 and presents.
 It is so sweet to watch the kids enjoy each other's time in the spotlight.
Sydney and JJ were both so happy for him and his day/gifts.
 The day after his birthday, it was off to his favorite place-school!
He wanted to take donuts to share with his friends.
 Green icing and sprinkles-YES please!

Saturday was the day he kept saying would be his "home birthday."  It was the day his family would come to celebrate with him!
We had lunch and birthday fun at home after JJ and Sydney played their morning basketball games. 
The birthday boy requested donuts instead of cake or cupcakes. 
It was Daddy's thought and Dunkin Donuts agreed that they could do Batman donuts for him....:)

 He received many special gifts from his family, and had a big surprise at the end...a new superhero bike!
 He is lucky to have so many special people in his life....
special people who devote the day to coming to see and celebrate with him.
That is not something to take for granted when your loved ones live 2.5 hours away!

 This was also Coby's first trip to BG and he sure is a champ!
 It was a great day....
the kind of day we are very thankful to be a part of.
We love you Luke and are so glad that your birthday week was so special!
You are an awesome 4 year old !!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Happy Birthday Luke!

Happy 4th birthday Luke!!!

I can hardly believe that you are now 4!  You are a ball of fun, and we are so blessed to have you as a part of our family.  God made you such a special little boy.  You keep us laughing, and even though you don't like it when we call you a comedian-----you are one!

I will have to say that you are a Daddy's boy.  Anytime I ask you whose boy you are, you say "Still Daddys!"  I understand-the two of you have been big buddies ever since you were a newborn.  

I love being with you as much as I can and treasure each experience we have.  You will always be Mommy's baby, but you do not like it when anyone uses that word in reference to you!

You LOVE Batman.  For Christmas, you would tell me you wanted "everything Batman." You enjoyed dressing up like him at Halloween and play with your Batmen (and other superheroes) almost every day.  You did not use to like having toys in your room, but now it is superhero central!


You are the bravest little boy!  You jump off high dives with no swimmies, climb, run, and try just about anything.  Often we are watching you and holding our breath at the same time!

Part of this is that you HAVE to keep up with SG and JJ, but part of this is just your personality. When they don't want to volunteer for something, you do.  You can't wait til you are big enough to do certain things (ride big roller coasters, play on teams, etc).

At the same time you are so innocent and little as you are terrified of Big Red, Santa, etc.  You also love school and ask me if you can go every day.  I am just thankful that you are only gone 2 days a week :)  

I love you Lukey-we all really do!  
So thankful we get to celebrate this week with you.
Happy, happy birthday sweet boy!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

I Love Christmas Break

I have so enjoyed the last 2 plus weeks of having all of us together.  Besides getting to travel and enjoy Christmas with our families, and taking a fun overnight trip to Opryland, we have been able to play and have such a sweet time at the house.  Several days I gave them the option to go somewhere and they said no!

They've been able to have friends over to play:

We spent the whole day on New Years Eve with our buddies-skating, bowling, bouncing, putt putt....

They told me several weeks ago that they wanted to have a Snoopy Party for New Years Eve, and we did just that-snoopy food, movies and capped off by making 3 mini Snoopy gingerbread houses.

We've made/decorated cookies, a rainbow fruit pizza, and they've slept in one of Luke's gifts night after night.  We've had family game nights, and on the XBox and movies too.  They have stayed up late every night.

Sydney and I even had time to work on a big (to us) LEGO challenge.  
 We started out at this point with over 600 pieces.
4 hours and 140+ pages of instructions later we had a dolphin cruiser!
That was 4 wonderful hours I got to spend with my sweet girl one on one.
She was so proud when we got to this point.
She loved it and told me she would like other big lego sets for her birthday.  Can't wait ;)

I sure will miss having all three of them around this week.  Luke is the only one of the three that is ready for school to start again.  Maybe we'll get a snow day soon?!