Friday, March 27, 2015

Proud Boy

He's taken more interest in working on "school" at home-even if only for a few minutes at a time.

Learning how to write his name was a big accomplishment.  . !

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Las Vegas

Jeff and I were so excited to travel over WKU spring break to Las Vegas.
It was a great time to celebrate nearly 15 years of marriage (coming in June!)
We saw Jersey Boys and Love by Cirque du Soleil.
We relaxed by the pool, enjoying warm weather.
We watched the Volcano Show at the Mirage and the fountains at the Bellagio.
We walked over 40 miles! in a 4 day timeframe, as we enjoyed favorite spots along the strip.
We ate some amazing food.
We watched basketball in the sports books and enjoyed that side of LV too.
It was a BLAST. 
I have always cherished the fact that we were such good friends before we started dating and eventually got married.  It is such a bonus in marriage that we have so many of the same interests and what is fun to me is fun to him too.
We stayed at the Palazzo, which is the second and newer phase of the Venetian.  Together, they have over 7,000 rooms, making it the biggest hotel in the world!  It was beautiful.
We had a very special anniversary dinner at Prime, located at the Bellagio.
Our table was outside, with a direct view of the fountain show.

Having such a view was amazing and the meal was too.
I will never forget it.
Meanwhile, a couple thousand miles away , the kids were living it up with Granny!

We are so thankful that she was willing to come to town to spend those four days with them.
She made it possible for us to have a wonderful time together.
She managed everything beautifully and they had so much fun being spoiled.

...and the perfect end to the trip was getting back home to see these three beautiful faces!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

First Basketball Season in the Books!

Sydney and JJ just finished their first season of basketball and it was a big hit.  It was a blessing to be a part of an organization like Upward.

They told us before the last game that they both liked it a lot and would miss it.  JJ added that he was scared before his first game because he thought there would be way too many people there like the WKU games :)  ha!

I was so blessed to be able to coach Sydney's team and it was a very special time for the two of us.  I love that I can share that memory with her and she definitely improved as a player.  She scored in all seven games that she played in and she became a defensive specialist in blocking shots.  My favorite memory in her games was getting to watch her block a shot, steal the ball and take off all the way down the court and score a basket.  She had fun!

JJ loved having his Daddy as a coach and has already asked him if he will coach his team next year.  I think Daddy is going to be pretty busy in the next few years!  I loved watching him too and I was so proud of him and the confidence he showed.  He also scored in each of his games.  He was not much of a passer....he wanted to score and would do everything he could to get the ball in a place where he could get a good shot off.  My favorite memory in his games was when a little boy literally cupped his hands over JJ's face...he turned his head to look at me and laugh, and then shot the ball and
scored!  He had fun too!

#11 and #12 did very well this season indeed!

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Didn't We Just Do This?

Didn't we just do this?
Why, yes, actually we did!
.....less than two weeks ago.
Even though we did not get the insane amounts of snow that those just north and east of us did (15-20+), we did get over 7 more inches!  BG has had more snow this winter than since the mid 1970's.

And, we have taken advantage!
One little boy has really started enjoying the snow..whereas before , the cold was not his friend.
He loved rolling in and eating snow this time.
Tonight at the end of his prayer, he asked God to "please don't make the snow melt because we love it."
Playing with friends makes it even more fun.

All three love the movie Big Hero 6, and right before most of the snow started to melt, they tried to recreate Baymax.
Good job!
We love having special snow days with our sweethearts.  They've had a blast and so have we.

Thursday, March 5, 2015


We were watching JJ's game last Saturday am and Sydney and Luke were playing with one of Luke's Hot Wheels.  Somehow she grabbed it the wrong way and all of the sudden I hear screams for Mommy and see blood everywhere!  That Hot Wheels helicopter somehow took a nasty slice out of her finger.  I ran her to the bathroom and tried to clean it up.  Thankfully, a family friend who is a Dr. was there to check her out and clean it up properly.  He suggested that I do get her to the hospital because it was so deep and to cut down the chance of infection.

Off to Sydney's first ER trip we went!  At first the Dr. thought she would need stitches, but it turned out that surgical glue did the job.  She was a trooper.  ....And it wasn't long until she was all smiles for the gift her Daddy brought her after we were done at the hospital...

After a fun afternoon at a birthday party and then the WKU game, at bedtime she told me that she had a really great day all except her finger getting hurt.  She even said it was a good thing her right finger got hurt because now she could focus on using her left hand more :)

So sorry you got hurt princess-glad we were able to get it taken care of quickly for you. XOXO 

Monday, March 2, 2015

Sally Ride

Sydney's latest project for school was to get ready to participate in a Wax Museum.  She got to choose an American leader to study , dress like, and prepare a poster and speech about.  She chose Sally Ride, the first American woman in space.

Jeff and I both got to attend, and she did a great job.

Here's Sally...

We modified one of JJ's (size 4! ) Buzz Lightyear costumes into an astronaut suit-no wings, and complete with American flags.
The costume came just below her knees , but we made it work with the leggings & "astronaut boots."
All the parents and several students had a chance to walk around the room to meet and talk with the famous Americans.  This is when she would give her "speech."  Luke and I met Abraham Lincoln, Shirley Temple, Helen Keller, Amelia Earhart and Elvis among others.

Here is Sally with Clara Barton :)

Way to go Sydney.  You worked hard on your project and it paid off!