Friday, May 29, 2015

Slumber Party

Since attending her first big slumber party back in October, Sydney has been wanting to have one of her own for her 8th birthday.  It was exciting to plan and think about for all the time leading up to the big night.
I was a lucky mom to get to host all 11 of these sweet girls...
9 in 2nd grade, 1 in 1st and 1 in 3rd.
She sure is lucky to have so many sweet friends and Hailey is so special to her!

Sydney's smile was just about this big all night!

When I told her that the limit was 10 to invite, I didn't realize they would all be able to come!!!
...I was happy for her that they could :)

After a rainy day outside, it cleared up and they were able to play outside and inside both.  They ate pizza and ice cream cake, played outside, inside, watched both Dolphin Tale movies and did crafts.  They just enjoyed all being together!  

They all made a pair of balloon flip flops and a dolphin sand art to take home!
I am so thankful that I was able to do this for her....she had SO MUCH FUN.
I have a feeling I'll get the opportunity to do it again -ha.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Countdown to our PUPPY!

We are adding a new family member and she will come home with us NEXT WEDNESDAY!
We are looking forward to the summer and many adventures with our mini double doodle! 
We met her and got to choose her a couple weeks ago from among 7 puppies.  She is 1/2 golden doodle and 1/2 labradoodle, and has a big fan club anxiously awaiting her arrival at home!
She was born at a home a few miles away from Holiday World in Indiana.   Her name is Holly :)

Monday, May 25, 2015

Happy Birthday Sydney!

Happy 8th Birthday Sydney!
Your big day...May 26th is just about here!

The past year has been a wonderful year of growth for you.  You are truly a precious little girl and gift from God.  2nd grade has been a lot of fun and it's been a blessing for me to watch as your friendships with others develop.  I've learned that you are a good friend to others.

You LOVE dolphins!!!!  
This was absolutely one of the biggest moments of your year (and mine too!)

You also enjoy working on legos, crafts and playing with your shopkins.  You spend a lot of time playing with your brothers and enjoy eating chocolate, Daddy's grilled burgers and call watermelon "the best food in the world."  Your best friend in the world besides JJ is Hailey.  You enjoyed trying out basketball this year and just wrapped up your 8th season of soccer.  It's sounding like you are going to step away from soccer in the fall and try a new sport-volleyball! 
 You are a wonderful big sister to both JJ and Luke, and add so much sweetness to our family.
You are beautiful!
I have been so proud of you with your performance at school, evidenced through recognition, notes, conversations and even a (good!) call from the principal's office on your behalf this school year.
The first day back to school in August has become one of my least favorite days.  But we are on the brink of the last day of school a full summer together and I can't wait!!!

You are growing and maturing and 8 just sounds so much older!  Instead of being sad, I want to embrace that fact that we are so blessed that you are healthy and thriving.  In my heart, you will probably always be the little girl I see in this photo with your special rainbow dolphin stuffed animal.

 I love you so much and I'm so blessed to be your mom and for our close relationship.
After celebrating with your grandparents in early May, and then your friends last week/this weekend, the celebrations have been rolling along all month long.  .....AND , the five of us will celebrate you,  our sweet princess, again tomorrow!  LOVE YOU !

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Thumbs up for Strawberries

We started the tradition of picking springtime strawberries together several years ago, and have made it every year since except 2014.  Luckily we found an early Saturday morning a few weeks ago to continue the tradition. 

This was the first time we had three little pickers! 
AND this little sweetie had a great time.

They each filled up a basket and we helped some too.  It got HOT even though it was early, and it was soon time to move ahead to our soccer game.
We were all happy to take lots of strawberries home.
Thumbs up for some sweet pickers and yummy strawberries!

Friday, May 22, 2015


It is hard to believe Sydney has been playing soccer for 8 seasons,
over the last four years-half her life!

She had such a fun team this semester, with Daddy as coach and Hannah's dad coaching too.
It has been a joy to watch her play every second.
 Love you sweet girl-proud of you!
I know the celebration and the trophies (and the frozen yogurt!) were a great cap to your season...
 Yhea Zoom!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Singing at School

In April, JJ and the Kindergarten classes presented their springtime program, Baby Beluga.  He did a super job learning his speaking part, singing in the program, and speaking loud and clear when it was time to talk into the microphone. 

His buddy Caleb was the star of the show....the rooster.
He was an awesome rooster!
 Here is a video of JJ speaking and singing one of their songs. 
About a week later, he participated in a benefit concert for autism and the Kelly Autism program at WKU.  This was the Kindergarten service project for the year and I was proud of them. 
Proud of you JJ!  You did a great job in both your programs and I'm so blessed I got to see it and that I get to share in all you are doing big 6 year old :)

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Celebrating 6 and 8!

We celebrated JJ's 6th birthday and Sydney's 8th birthday with our family on the first Saturday in May.  We were so excited to share their celebration with all four grandparents, their great grandmother and cousin Lilly Grace!

We started off the weekend celebration on Friday with Nanny, Nana and Buddy coming to town in time for lunch at school ...and then to celebrate them and Mother's Day on Friday night with a yummy dinner at home.
Then it was onto Saturday ....and time to celebrate with the birthday boy & birthday girl!
My dolphin lover and Big Hero 6 boy!
It was so sweet to have a double celebration. 
They are so close and loved the idea of sharing the day from the first time I mentioned it.

We had beautiful weather, great food and a wonderful time.

Sydney & JJ...the two of you are so loved----and I hope all your birthday wishes come true!
Happy Birthdays!!!!!

That evening, we were able to celebrate Mother's Day with Granny over dinner and the derby.
It was a great weekend of celebrations.  One that makes you even more thankful that you've been so incredibly blessed with such a wonderful family!



Friday, May 15, 2015

Field Trips

Sydney and JJ have both been on two field trips each over the past few weeks.  Sydney earned a reward field trip to the Southern Kentucky Book Festival with a group of about 30 from her school. Then, a week later she went with all of the 2nd grade classes to Lost River Cave.  JJ and his class went to a performance of James and the Giant Peach with the 1st grade classes, and then the Kindergarten classes went to Lost River Cave a couple weeks later.
I was so glad that I was able to go on one of the field trips with each of them!
Sydney's day at Lost River Cave was beautiful.
Luke and I were happy to tag along!
They did not get to go on the boat tour because the water levels were too high in the cave.  However, it was still a great day with the Birds of the Wetland tour, a hike, the nature explorer playground, picnic lunch and time to see and interact with some animals.
 Luke touched a boa constrictor!
 Sydney didn't take that option but they both liked "Lucky" the bunny.
She was very sweet to Luke and glad to have him there with her which I always appreciate.
A sweet friend's mom made 9 of the friends matching tie dye tshirts with their names, and matching bows.  I didn't get all 9 at the same time because they were split into different groups, but got close!
I am so glad I could be there with Sydney Grace for a great day!
The next week, it was time for another trip to Lost River Cave...this time with JJ's class.
Luke was in school this day so he missed out the 2nd time around.
He is with such a sweet group this year. 
We did not have good luck with the weather-it was cool and rainy. 
However, he still had a great time which = I did too.
His class got to play in the nature explorer area, tour
Birds of the Wetland and make a craft before their picnic lunch.
 He and Conner tried to take all of the fun in and I tried to keep up with them.
 I am one lucky mommy!....and blessed that I can be there for special times like this.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Next Level Basketball

JJ has really taken to basketball and wants to play whenever he gets a chance.  Every time we go out to the van, he has to go to the goal to make "just one shot." 

Our church offers a basketball skill development program at the Connection Center called Next Level.  They work with the kids in small skill centered groups on dribbling, footwork, ball handling and shooting.  After finding out more about the program, and telling JJ about it, he wanted to give it a try.

We are two months in & he is loving it!  He is in a group with three other 5-7 year olds.  We drop him off right after school on Tuesdays and Daddy can swing by to pick him up at 5.  We snapped a few photos of him one week.