Thursday, June 25, 2015

JJ's Year of Kindergarten

 JJ-Even if I could have written the script for your K year, I would have underestimated how awesome it would turn out.
It was scary to send you to school, and a little more scary when I found out you were placed into the K/1 split class.  We soon found out that your teacher, Mrs. Reynolds, was an amazing gift from God!
She would be the teacher that texted to check on everyone during breaks (and encouraged you to keep up reading!) and called me at night several times through the year to chat about your progress.  When we would send a photo of you reading to her, she would text back with a video.  She stretched you with lots of work and had special ways to help you learn.  She was your cheerleader and had several conversations with me about just how smart you were.   
You are an amazing reader and math wizard!  You started taking AR tests from your reading in November and your year end assessments were a cause for celebration.  During the second half of the year, you started your weekly spelling tests and it was simply amazing to see you excel in that too.  Once again, you proved that I underestimated how much you were ready to do, spelling words like marshmallow and against.
You also had the sweetest group of classmates and because there were only 11 in K, you all became especially close!

 Some of the highlights this year included Halloween dress up/party,

 two different field trips (Lost River Cave and a play at WKU),
the "Royal Ball" your teacher pulls off every year with the fairy tale unit,
 singing your heart out in a Christmas program, spring musical and an Autism benefit,
and of course field day! 
You also met your special friend Conner this year and you two are something.

The last day of school was certainly bittersweet. It was so exciting to celebrate your big year, yet none of us are ready to leave Mrs. Reynolds.  I will be forever grateful to her.

Your Daddy and I were in awe to hear her talk about you and watch you receive your awards.  You received three awards, including one for spelling and one for most dependable and thorough with homework ( I will also share some of the credit for that one!)  The most exciting was Academic Achievement raised your math and reading scores higher than anyone else in your class throughout the year.  We are so thrilled that your K year was so awesome. You are soaring!

First we come.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Luke's Preschool Year in the 3's class

Lukey had another great year in the 3's class at ELC this year.
His teachers were Ms. Carrie and Ms. Sami and they were wonderful.
We are so blessed that sweet Christian friends, like Carrie this year, can be his teacher.
She was always good about texting me photos of him and their adventures.
It is hard to imagine a better place for him.
This year he learned so much about his letters, numbers, shapes, etc an and of course, about Jesus.
He often surprises me with how much he really does know and understand. 
 A few highlights of his year were....dressing up as Batman for the Halloween parade/party,
 singing in the Christmas program with the 3's classes,
celebrating his birthday (with green iced donuts) with his friends,
and ending the year with a luau celebration on the last day of school.
His best friend in his class this year was Adam.

We are so thankful for a place like ELC where he can grow and learn. 
And of course we are excited to see what his PreK year brings!  It will be starting up before we can even blink.

Monday, June 15, 2015


Happy Anniversary Jeff.  I can't believe we have been married for 15 years. I love you so much and can't imagine being on this amazing journey of life without you by my side.  Can't wait to see what the next 15 years have in store for us.

Monday, June 8, 2015


Our new puppy Holly is a real cutie!!!

 We picked her up in Indiana last week-what an exciting day for my three sweethearts!
They adore her,
and carry her around/hold her a lot.
She is definitely not lacking in attention!
 She has found some favorite comfortable spots where she can
take a break from the summer heat or the kids:)

 And she even has a friend from next door that she gets to play with all the time.

 Looking forward to watching them make memories with their puppy this summer and beyond!