Thursday, July 16, 2015

Early Summer Fun

Our summer fun officially started a bit before school was out. 

The night of Sydney's slumber party, the boys wanted out of here!!   
Daddy took them to the Hot Rods game and out for ice cream and they had a big time.

The Linns came to visit for all of Memorial Day weekend and we had a great time.  They brought their bikes and we had several adventures....capped off with everyone joining in for a 6.5 mile ride the last night they were here.  Everyone except Coby biked on his/her own. 

After Memorial Day, it was time to get ready for the last few days of school.  It was time to celebrate a great school year and give friends an extra hug that would carry into the summer.

The day after school was out, we hit the road as Nana and Buddy had invited us to join them on a very special trip to the Greenbrier. They spent their honeymoon at the Greenbrier 47 years ago and have treated us to a wonderful trip there 3 different times over the past 7 years.  We were honored to be there, making special memories at a place so special to them.
Jeff and Buddy enjoyed two rounds of golf at the same course where the PGA tour event is played every July.  The rest of us spent most of our time at the beautiful outdoor pool!

We also enjoyed the indoor pool, bowling, a movie, great food, shopping,
 and just exploring the beautiful resort.  We got to stay 3 days and 2 nights.

In early June, Sydney attended volleyball camp at South Warren.
It was a hit and she is excited to play on a team for the first time this fall.
JJ was invited to Beech Bend water park and to spend the night with his friend Bryant.  He had so much fun at his first friend sleepover.
The kids wanted to have a lemonade stand, and decided to sell Kool Aid, jelly beans & gumballs. 
 They each earned a little over a dollar.
We may or may not have called a couple friends to beg invite them to stop by.
JJ attended two different basketball camps in June-the Billy Hicks camp in Scott County with my dad; and then the Greenwood High School camp here in town.

That boy really enjoys basketball!
It's also been great to spend some time with our friends...
at the pool, at camp, at home, wherever!...
He got to spend the night at Conner's house in July.

Both JJ and Sydney got to have a special solo trip to Georgetown to stay with Nana & Buddy.
We are blessed that this worked out this summer.
It was very special for them to have individual time to spend going to camp, or going out for ice cream, swimming or playing games.

Luke and I joined up with the end of the week Sydney was there and got to spend a couple days hanging out and enjoying family ourselves.  One of the days, we were able to get together with Granny and all the cousins and swim.
The next day, we hit the aquatic center in Georgetown with my family, enjoying the big slide, playground and lazy river.
 The water was definitely the place to was HOT!
We had a great visit!
Of course, a lot of the early summer has been spent playing with and training our new puppy, Holly.
They adore her and she is definitely not short on attention.

We've spent several days enjoying the pool where we have a family membership-
it's been a great summer for the pool so far!
The high dive is the biggest deal for Sydney and JJ this year.
Luke used to be the only one who used to do the high dive, but not this year!
We celebrated Father's Day with one awesome Daddy too!
The lowlight of the summer was a nasty virus (plus strep) that sat JJ on the sidelines for a week; and the same virus that caught up with Sydney and JJ the next week.  Then Jeff battled a horrible eye infection.  It was such a relief when everyone started feeling good again and we could get back to summer fun...
Summer is a great time to get together with special friends and enjoy dinner out on a Friday night,
and celebrate the 4th of July.   This year they tried sparklers for the first time.
Someone special had a first birthday party and we were excited to celebrate with him too!
We spent a hot Sunday afternoon with friends at the Hunt's creek....

It is hard to beat jumping off logs/playing in the creek, canoeing,
riding four wheelers, and just spending time with great friends.
 The fish fry was a hit too.
Running short on time-but much more summer fun to fit in.  We are up for the challenge!...

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Sydney's 2nd grade year

Sydney-you have just wrapped up your 2nd grade year. 
I can't believe you are halfway through your time in elementary school.
You had a great year.

Your teacher this year was Mrs. Turner and you loved her.
We appreciate all that she taught you and did for you as you continue to mature.

On the last day of 2nd grade, you received two classroom awards from Mrs. Turner and the
Guidance Award for your whole class from Ms. Lindsey.

As you are getting older, your friends are becoming a bigger part of your world and you get to spend more time with them.  Sleepovers have hit this year!!!  I am so thankful that you've been blessed with such sweet friends.

In your Leadership Notebook that you brought home at the end of the year, here are the things you listed as favorites:
Color:  pink
Animal:  dolphins and killer whales
Food: watermelon
Book: Probably Magic Tree House
Subject: Spending time with family
Sport: Soccer
Thing to do at school: P.E., lunch, recess   (HA!)
Thing to do at home: play anything
When I grow up, I want to be: A dolphin trainer at Sea World
I'm a star because : I am and Christian and trust in God

Some of the highlights in your year included...
 *your Christmas performance with 1 and 2 grade. You were a cat and had a couple of speaking parts.
*dress up days are always a highlight for you.  You enjoyed dressing like a rock star.
You also got to go on two different field trips.  The second grade classes went to Lost River Cave.

You also got to go on a reward field trip to the Southern Kentucky Book Festival for your reading accomplishments this year.  Mrs. Vincent took a few from 2, 3, 4 and 5th grades-only 3 others from 2nd grade got to go.

We saw an increase in projects this year-your favorite project was for the wax museum.  You were Sally Ride, put a lot of work/thought in and did a great job!
At Halloween, you were Elsa-and class parties (whatever the occasion) are always highlights.
From the first day, to the were so excited that JJ was at school with you this year.  It was so sweet to watch you help him, walk him to class and I know you were such a big reason he was able to adjust to full time school so well.

You love when our family can also be a part of what is going on at school.  Whether it is Daddy coming for donuts, Luke stopping in with me for lunch or parties, you always make us feel so special.

I love you sweet girl and I'm so proud of all you are accomplishing!
We'll be right there waiting to see what excitement 3rd grade is going to bring your way!!!!