Friday, August 28, 2015

Arts Alive

Sydney and JJ attended Arts Alive camp in late July. 
I was so excited that JJ could experience what Sydney has for the past two summers. 
They loved being able to go together and it was a great week!

This year's performance was focused on parables. 
Sydney played the "lost sheep."  She had more lines this year but did a great job remembering them and speaking loudly. 

JJ was a turtle and was proud to say his lines. 
He only needed help with one of them, and it was the longest one! 
He really enjoyed being a part of Arts Alive as well.

The mission of Arts Alive is to help young people be bold and confident to share the news of the gospel.  I am so thankful they have an opportunity to participate in their summer camp and we certainly make it a priority when looking at the summer.
It's a real highlight of year for our family. 

Kudos to the lost sheep and turtle!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Dive In

Sydney wanted to learn to dive this summer.
If you are planning to work with dolphins someday :), diving is a must.

Mission accomplished!
....Brother JJ wanted to learn and made some good progress too.
Love watching my sweet divers!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Luke's Pre K start

Luke started off his school year this week , his final year of preschool. 

We are so thankful that he can be with Karen for his preK year. 
Her new co teacher is Ms. Deanna and I know she will be great also.

He was so ready for the first day!  Of our three, so far, he loves school the most.

This school year is going to be his best year yet-I just know it!

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Goodbye Lion Vest

For the past four summers, Luke and his lion vest have been inseparable.
Summer when he was 1...2...3...4.
Fast forward to the present, and he's decided it's just about time to bid farewell to the lion vest.
Luke has taken 2 lessons with one of the lifeguards at our pool in the past week or so.
He started off like this at his first lesson-
 and very quickly(!!!) moved to this:
We stood there watching and couldn't believe what he was doing by just his second lesson...

After the lesson was over, he had more plans:

You are doing awesome Luke-proud of you big big boy!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Panthers First Day

Today, my Panthers returned to school for another year.
I'm still not sure how summer slipped by so quickly.
Sydney is in 3rd grade, and Mrs. Rather is her teacher.  She got lucky to get the teacher she wanted- and is excited to be with Hailey in the same class this year.

 JJ is in 1st grade.  His teacher is Ms. Hatley, who is starting her first year of teaching and seems to be a good fit for him.  He was most excited that he and Conner are in the same class again together. 


 Our summer was amazing we have all been hesitant to watch it slip into it the rear view mirror.

 Here's hoping you have the very best 1st and 3rd grade possible!!!!
I am so thankful you have each other.