Thursday, October 29, 2015

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!!

Wonder Woman,
Captain America,
and their super hero dog are ready to gather some serious treats!

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Fall Break

We got to visit Waterscape, and Okaloosa Island for the third fall break in a row.

 The first full week in October has become such a special week to us.

The kids love having Nana & Buddy to make memories at the beach.
They always find ways to make the days and week extra special for all five of us.

 While the first 2 1/2 days were COOL, it wasn't long before we were 
back into full beach mode for some beautiful weather and fun in the sand & water!
Boat rides, kayak adventures (but no dolphins this year),

and, of course, the SAND!

Friends also made this vacation special for us.
This year, we vacationed alongside the Crosby, Hunt, Byers & Bledsoe families.
For a couple days in a row, this crew dug and dug and dug....a huge! hole on the beach.  It was big enough for all of them and when Luke would get down in it, you couldn't see him until you were a few feet away.

The kids played and played all day long together each day of the week and got along so well.
They really had a ball!
The girls tried volleyball, while
the dads and the older boys played football til they wore themselves out.
We enjoyed great seafood and some extra fun at night, including shopping, putt putt, go karts, 

and the first time to try these giant beach balls that blow up while you are in them:
After it's blown up around you, it's time to go in the water and run around inside the ball, while trying to bump into your brother and sister:)

One morning we made our first drive to Navarre Beach and had a great time collecting seashells.
Their beach had bigger shells and our three were thrilled with their findings:

We sure were blessed with such a wonderful week and cherish every new memory!
Sydney says we are beach people and she's right again-

Can't wait til next time :)

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Sydney's Baptism

Sydney began asking seriously about baptism last fall.  After additional time studying and praying with her, we thought it best to wait a while.  She became much more persistent this summer.  Through our prayer and study time with her, and in watching her grow, we knew she was ready.  After she met with her pastor at church, and completed another study, it was time.  She wanted to be baptized in the creek at the parent's of our dear friend Craig.  This is a place she knows and loves.  September 13 was the big day!  She was so excited.  When we woke up, she had written this on her easel:

She was baptized by her awesome daddy.

We have prayed about this day since before she was born.  We know that this commitment is the biggest of her life and will influence her path more than anything.
It made the day even more special to have Sydney's 
family and special friends who have poured into her and invested in her beside us.

 She is truly blessed.

Time at the creek would not be complete without a spin or two with Craig through the fields.


Congratulations sweet Sydney,  
We are so happy for you.

It is so sweet to have you,  our precious daughter, as a sister in Christ.
As much as we love you, he loves you SO much more.
He died for you and you are his forever.  Being a part of your special day was indescribably beautiful.