Sunday, November 29, 2015


November is just about to pass us by.  Sydney said today that it seems like we were just getting ready for 2015 and now it's close to 2016-I agree!

Early in the month, the movie they have been waiting and waiting for
finally came out-they were not disappointed!
They were excited to get back to the Homecoming parade
 and grabbed just as much candy and treats as they had the week before for Halloween.
Their treat bags are so heavy now that it is hard to lift them.
 Homecoming theme was circus related this year so there were lots of neat floats.
Sydney wrapped up volleyball and she and JJ both finished up their first round of Super Saturdays with WKU.  Her class was Learning with Legos and JJ's was Fun With Science.
I enjoyed a fun afternoon out with Lukey one Saturday-and took him to an event for 4/5 year olds at Barnes Noble.  He volunteered to be in the play about the Three Little Pigs....he was so cute.

Jeff, Luke and I got to attend Thanksgiving lunch with Sydney and JJ at Plano. 
They really go all out to make it special and I'm thankful I can be a part of their special school lunch.

We ended the month with Thanksgiving at home and it was just a wonderful time.  I cannot remember a more special Thanksgiving, as we were able to host my Jeff's parents, my parents and my grandmother for food and time together.  I didn't realize until it was over that I didn't have a good photo of all of us and that was disappointing.  I did snap a quick photo of what has become a tradition for me and Sydney to make for a Thanksgiving appetizer.
I think at this point there were only a few bites gone !

Later that night, Buddy and I headed out for some traditional "Black Friday" shopping and this year Sydney joined us.  She was great and so patient as we waited in line over an hour at two stores.
This is where our line started at Walmart-registers not even in sight.

The next morning, Jeff, my Dad and JJ headed to see WKU play Marshall. 
Since both my parents attended Marshall and I grew up cheering for the Herd, it was a neat matchup.
JJ ran into my favorite childhood mascot :), and I love this photo.

This Thanksgiving weekend was one to be truly thankful for.

Here we come, December....

Sunday, November 15, 2015

First Try at Volleyball

Sydney has just finished her first season of volleyball.  
She played on the Orange Crush, and was #6.  She had a great time.
It was neat to watch her try a new sport and get excited about it.

We are proud of her!

Her team was 3rd and 4th graders and all but one player were brand new to the sport.

She was lucky enough to have both sets of grandparents come to one of her games,
Some family friends from church also made it to watch her.
Her teacher even came to her last game.
The girls spent the season learning many of the fundamentals, and by the end they had improved SO much.  They actually won their last three games!
It was a great experience and she is looking forward to more volleyball in the spring!

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Halloween Fun

The kids really enjoy the extra fun Halloween brings to school at their parades & parties.
This was Luke's last year to participate in the Halloween parade at ELC...
and my last year to have a kiddo in the parade.  
 I enjoyed every second of watching Captain America in his 
parade and taking in the precious moment.
 The next day, Jeff, Luke and I all got to attend the parties at Plano.
Superman had a lot of fun and good food to eat!
 Wonder Woman was disappointed that 3rd grade= no more wearing costumes, but she had a great party with games, food and friends just the same.

Of course, the big event was on Halloween night.  
The superheroes teamed up with Olaf (and Holly ) for a night of fun.  
They had so much candy that they could barely carry it when we wrapped up trick or treat!

It was a great Halloween and at the end of the night their only regret was that it was over.