Friday, January 29, 2016


We got over 12 inches of snow last Friday!
This is the most snow Bowling Green has seen in one day since 1960....55 years!
It started off as ice and then came the snow.

I have never seen such big flakes in my entire life.  
It snowed very hard, and accumulated super fast.
Poor Holly had a tough time adjusting at first.

It was already snowing when we woke up and continued til after dark Friday evening.
Of course, the kids were sooo sooo excited to have this much snow.

Good thing Daddy received a nice new snow shovel for Christmas.
Little did I know how much he would need it when I had suggested to my parents.
Sledding was difficult the first day ot so because it was so fluffy and there was just so much of it.
After it had a chance to freeze over a couple nights, it was great.
They learned lots of new tricks and jumps:

In between spurts of playing outside, we enjoyed hot chocolate by the fire, played lots of games, and watched the entire Star Wars series.

Jeff was off work for Friday and the kids ended up being off a whole week (5 school days) with the 
small and large snowfall events combined.  

We had a great few days.  I am so glad they got to experience a BIG BIG SNOW.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

First Snow

We got our first snow of the season last Tuesday night into Wednesday.  The kids had been waiting and waiting for snow so they were super excited about the 2-3 inches we got.  Some years we do not get any to speak of so we will take and enjoy what we do get!

The grass was barely covered, but it was enough to have fun with Holly in the snow for the first time.
This was a real highlight for them...

It was enough to get two snow days off school,
enough to do some sledding

and build a snowman with friends.

It was enough for a snowball fight too...
It is the joy of my life to spend time with these sweet kids.

...Little did they know, there was reason to be even more excited....
the biggest snow of their lives was on the way!!!

Monday, January 11, 2016

Luke's Birthday

Luke (Skywalker),
 I'm going to say you had a pretty good birthday week!

Your birthday fell on a school day and you enjoyed taking donuts to share with your friends.

 That night the five of us went to see Star Wars at the theatre-you LOVED it.

This weekend we celebrated you at home.....
 You had chosen your cake from the catalog at Kroger and it turned out super cute!
We ate pizza and pasta and watched you open your gifts. 
You played and enjoyed having your grandparents, great grandmother and your special friends.

They are blessings I hope you are able to really appreciate.

...So thankful I can be a part of your sweet celebrations...
wouldn't trade moments like this for anything.
Love you big 5 year old :)

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Happy 5th Birthday Luke!

Happy 5th birthday Lukey!!!

I cannot believe Thursday we will celebrate your 5th birthday!

You mean the world to us and we are so thankful God placed you in our family.  You are adorable, sweet, smart and make us all laugh.  Gotta add this in-you are also quite stubborn.  You are learning so many new things at home and school and have just a few short months left before you will graduate preschool.

My days with you are the best days.  We have so much fun!
We can be playing at home, or even stopping a few minutes beside a silly mirror at the car wash.
Either way, I treasure every single day with you.

At five, you love Holly, the color green, pasta, legos,
hot wheels, baseball and playing with your brother and sister.  

Your newest interest is Star Wars!
Chewy is your favorite.

When you met this guy last month, you ran in and gave him a hug-ha!
 Thank goodness, you were also able to defeat him-what fun that was to watch!

You are also (still) a big Mickey fan.

 We will celebrate your birthday with you by taking you to see Star Wars Thursday night!
This weekend we will party with your family. 
 Love you sweet boy and hope your 5th birthday is extra special!

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Visiting With Winter & Hope

We have this precious little girl who loves dolphins.  Not only, does she love dolphins, but her favorite movies are Dolphin Tale 1 &2.  I have been wanting to take her to see Winter and Hope at Clearwater Marine Aquarium for a couple of years.  The perfect chance opened up after our flight plans needed to change to return from Florida after the bowl game. 

When I realized we would be able to take her (and all 3 of them) to see Winter and Hope, I was so excited.  To say she was excited would be an understatement.
 Winter & Hope...

We spent a few hours at the aquarium, and took a boat ride to an exhibit hall with a lot of the props from the movies.  Then we had a beautiful afternoon to spend on Clearwater beach before our flight back home that night.
What a great way to end our trip!

Friday, January 1, 2016

Bowl Game

When I found out that WKU would be playing in the Miami Beach Bowl the very day we were supposed to be coming home from Florida, I knew I wanted Jeff and JJ to be able to go.  I thought it would be a great opportunity for our entire family.

It did not take much persuasion to convince Jeff-ha!

Soon after we found out that we would be playing South Florida and our former neighbor coach T-which made the game even more exciting. 

We made the 3 hour drive from Orlando to Miami and got there a couple hours early.....just early enough to take the kids and check out south beach, only a couple miles from the game site.
The bowl game was played at the MLB Marlins stadium and it was very nice.  Weather was great.
 These are the two big fans,
 but we all had a great time. 
A big win from the Toppers was icing on the cake for this special family day.
I am so glad we took advantage and that they will have this day to add to their collection of memories.  GO TOPS!

Disney in December

We took the kids to Disney in mid December. 
We were blessed with wonderful warm weather and made many special memories.

Since our last visit, some things have changed quite a bit. 
Gone are the days of looking forward to visiting princesses and the Disney Jr show. 

Welcome to the days of thrill rides, Star Wars! & Jedi training, and pin trading.

Some things, however,  haven't changed,

and hopefully they won't for a long while!
Granny and Papaw joined us for the last several days of the trip, and April, Tim and the kids also got to come for the last two days.

I know it must have been special for them to have all six of their grandkids at Disney together.

I know I'm thankful that our three got to experience
and enjoy the special time with their three cousins as well.

See you next time, Mickey and Minnie!