Saturday, March 26, 2016

Bracket Challenge

This is the first year that JJ has been interested to fill out a bracket and follow the games through the NCAA tournament.  He and Daddy were all business filling in their predictions on winners.
He picked West Virginia.  Not going to happen this year, buddy.
After they were beat in the first round, his new pick was Kansas....  Maybe????
 They watched as many games as possible and then would run to JJ's room and let him fill out the big bracket.  It remains to be seen who will get to the Final 4 and cut down the nets,
 but that really is beside the point...March Madness 2016 was a huge hit at our house. 

Thursday, March 24, 2016


March has been a great month.  I love March-so much to look forward to with fun and nice weather coming for the next 7-8 months. JJ finished up his basketball season and continues skills training on Mondays.  Sydney has been practicing volleyball with her team a couple nights a week and games started this week.  Luke is just getting going with baseball.  They are each growing and finding out more about themselves and what they like or want to try.    

We took the kids to Cincinnati to see the circus the first Saturday of the month.  This has been one of our favorite traditions for years and always in Nashville.  They didn't make it there this year so we made the drive to more time to see the elephants before Barnum & Bailey retires them in May.

Sydney came home one day as the school wide winner of a competition during book fair week and she got a 25$ gift card to spend. 
Books on dogs, dolphins and Star Wars-perfect picks for her. 

Some days have been warm, beautiful and park worthy...
but we've had our share of chilly weather too.
I don't believe we've hunted Easter eggs in winter coats before.
Nonetheless, they all three had a wonderful time and filled their buckets to the top.

And before March wraps up, I sure am looking forward to celebrating Easter with this precious family God has blessed me with.

Someone had fun at his Easter party today :)

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Daddy's Little Sports Fan

Going to a WKU game anytime he can?
High school basketball?
Part of the SEC tournament in Nashville?

Watching a game/match at home? Football?  Basketball? Golf?

Yes to all of the above.   
It doesn't matter who is playing.

While JJ still loves to play with Sydney and Luke, there's been a change in the past few months.  More often than not, the two of them are playing their own thing and he is closer to mom and dad-watching a game, helping, or playing a game with us. 

I do believe that Daddy has himself a little sports junkie.  And a sweet little buddy too.