Tuesday, June 14, 2016

More of May

Mother's Day was a beautiful spring day. 
I had a great day at church and home with my precious family.
Sometimes they tell me they don't want a certain day to end. 
I felt the same way on Mother's Day and told them so at bedtime.  The day we had was a blessing!

In May we also met up with Big Red on a beautiful night at the ballpark,
celebrated a friend's birthday with a scavenger hunt at the mall,
battled against (and finally won) a nasty case of poison ivy,

fed ducks, including babies at the park,
 and took plenty of time to play too.
We picked strawberries at a new to us place in Woodburn.  It was a hit!

We made Election Day a family day and headed to Mammoth Cave.  We live less than 45 minutes from the world's longest cave!!, and the kids are all now old enough to take advantage of more of what they have to offer.

We went on the two hour Domes and Dripstones tour.  500 stairsteps (mostly) down into the earth and they LOVED IT!  We can't wait to take advantage of another tour and check out more at Mammoth Cave.

On the Sunday before her high school graduation, we got to celebrate our niece Makayla at her graduation reception.  I know it was a special time for her!
Lukey and I had a couple special outings to cap off our special times together heading into summer with the whole crew.

On May 26th, we celebrated our 9 year old!!! , and at her request,
 met friends for dinner at our new Blaze Pizza,
and enjoyed a homemade milkshake by Daddy for her birthday treat.  She loves his milkshakes.
 May is just such a great month...so much going on with the end of school coming up, and great weather with the promise of a special summer on the horizon.

 The last Friday in May was Plano Elementary Night at the Hot Rods.  Sydney and JJ were both chosen by their teachers to participate in game day festivities. 

JJ helped hold the flag for the national anthem, and
\Sydney got to do an in game promotional relay on the field. 
Luke just enjoyed being a part of the fun that night.
 The month of May also brought the end of spring
volleyball , and a time to get together and celebrate a fun season.
This team has a great group of girls, coaches and parents involved
and it's been a real blessing this year.
Memorial Day weekend has traditionally been a weekend we spend with the Linn's, usually in BG.  A few months ago, we had decided to switch that up and head their way to stay, play and go hiking at Natural Bridge.  The kids and I had never been and Jeff hadn't since he was a little boy.

It's hard to explain how special this family is to us. 
It's always fun times when we can adventure together.
 The kids get it.
 We hiked a trail Sunday, with water along the way to play in,
but then made it to Natural Bridge and beyond on Monday. 
It was great and of course the two days passed by too quickly!

It was time to return home for the last two days of school.   We capped off the month with a night at the golf course.  Jeff and I took Sydney & JJ to Riverview and walked 9 holes, finishing 7 before dark.  We are not fast!  We served as caddies and Daddy helped them know what club to use and how to aim, etc.  They have been practicing but this was their first time to play that many holes.  I was so impressed and excited for them because they did such a good job.  They have a great set of clubs that Nana and Buddy purchased for them at Christmas, and a great Daddy and grandfather to help them-I'm sure there will be more golf soon. 
And with a wrap on May, onto June and full summer mode ...

That's it for May and June 1st was the last day of school...let summer begin!

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Baseball with the Twins!

Luke has just finished playing his second season of baseball-this season with the Twins.
It is so fun to watch him play and he enjoyed it a lot.  He got experience playing catcher this season (not his favorite), and in the outfield. 
Of course his favorite part is hitting the ball and running the bases.  In Division 1, you get 6 pitches to hit the ball.  They play two innings, giving each player two chances to hit the ball.  He got at least one hit in every game and two in most games.  He loved to tell us about when he would hit the very first pitch :)

After a game where he got two hits and stopped two balls with his glove!, he was the winner of the game ball!!  He was so proud. 

The only thing that might have topped that moment was when his coach
gave him a trophy at the end of their final game. 
First trophy ever! 
...front and center on his dresser in his room.  ....already reserved for show and tell in kindergarten!

Love you Lukey-great job this season. 

Monday, June 6, 2016

Sydney's 3rd Grade Year

Sydney, you've had a wonderful and (seems so) quick 3rd grade!
It's been a great year of learning, growth and maturity.

Having Mrs. Rather as your teacher has been such a gift. 
For 9, you are such a good judge of character and you've been telling me you would be sad to move on from her since before Christmas.
She has challenged, loved and pushed you-and it has really paid off.
You have the confidence to excel in the classroom and more.
This was your first year of big testing and I know you rocked it!

You have some of the sweetest friends we could hope for.  We are thankful for their solid Christian homes and are enjoying getting to know their parents through school, church, sports and activities.   
We closed out your school year on Wednesday with a visit to your classroom.  We were so proud to learn that you won the principal's Overall Academic Achievement award for your class for and also Ms. Vincent's Library award.  We are poised for a spectacular summer together and the only sad part was saying goodbye to this special lady.  After three years of hoping you would land in her class, we have enjoyed every second. 
...4th grade, here we come!

Saturday, June 4, 2016

JJ's 1st Grade Year

JJ, you've had a super 1st grade year!

You built on a fantastic K year and marched right through 1st grade with great success.
We are so proud of your math skills, test scores, reading achievements and that you tested into
primary talent pool.

Daddy and I have to practice some of your spelling words ourselves sometimes-just to make sure we can also actually spell them. 
It's been a successful year and a fun year too!
 Of course, everything was better because you and Conner got to be in the same class together, again!
 And Ms. Hatley, a first year teacher, was so good.  She cared so much about growing as a teacher. I loved how she looked for opportunities to encourage you and we were lucky to have her.  You are now 2/2 in having great teachers....and you are more than ready to be a big 2nd grader. 
We got to attend your end of year celebration on the last day of school when we visited your classroom for awards.  You won an award for most AR points in your class which is a goal you had been working toward all year long!! Ms. Hatley commented that you read so much and racked up so many points that she could no longer reach to move your monkey up the tree any higher-so as high as your monkey was, it should have been higher!! 

It was great to see you get that recognition-and I know you were proud.  You did awesome!
 Here's to a great first grade year buddy!

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Luke's PreK Year

Luke has just finished his PreK year and final year of preschool! 
We were so blessed that he was able to attend ELC for three years!  It has been a special place for all three of our kids to learn and grow.

He did so well this year.
We enjoyed his Christmas program, end of year program/graduation
and hearing all his stories and what he was learning & doing at school.

His end of year assessment went very well and his teacher was so proud of the things he had learned.  Besides the basics of letters, numbers, etc, he is reading several words and also can add and subtract like crazy!  Last night he came up with "daddy, is 59+41 100?" 
Well, yes, actually it is buddy! 

Preschool has been a true gift for Luke-also helpful and fun.  He has always enjoyed school.

Onto even bigger and better things Lukey-you are ready to soar!