Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Trip to Texas

We made a trip to Dallas, Texas early am July 5, as we tagged along for Jeff's annual work conference.  The kids and I had never been to Texas before, and it was his first trip to Dallas.

The meeting did not start til the 6th, so the first day we hit the Science Center in downtown.  It was a really neat place, highlighted by Daddy building a wood block tower taller than him.  He was proud of his creation, especially when an employee said he had the record for tallest tower.

 The Science Center, stop at the mall & a night in the suburb of Frisco, put the first day in the books.
 We moved to the Gaylord Texan early the next morning with excitement about the pool waiting for us.  The pool area was basically a water park, complete with four slides, a zip line pool, lazy river and water play structure.  I already knew where we would be spending most of our time for the next four days.

It was even nicer than we imagined-and at times, the area was nearly empty.  It was so neat to be in Dallas at the peak of hot summer days, with such a neat place to play and hang out.

One of the great joys of my life is watching these three precious kids play together and have fun.  This trip provided me with many hours to do just that, and I was so thankful.
And they are at such a great age to be able to enjoy it all...

This was their first place to do a zipline...but it will not be the last.

It ended up being a historic, and horribly sad week in Dallas as on our third night five police officers lost their lives in downtown.  It was such a sad day for our country, and especially for the town we were visiting.

It was best for us to hang tight and stay near the hotel. 

There was quite a bit to enjoy at the Gaylord itself,

and a great mall a couple miles away complete with a Lego store & Build a Bear.

We made it out to treat the kids to their first time to eat at In & Out, and found some good Texas BBQ and a famous to Dallas chicken place. 

After five days away, we flew home late Saturday. ...even later than expected after a lengthy delay... 

We had a great trip-love this crew.
 We are unbelievably blessed.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

First Month of Summer

The first day out of school the kids and I headed to Kentucky Down Under in Cave City.  THe boys had never been.  Sydney had been when she was 1 and for a school field trip.  This is a place they all wanted to go, so we took advantage of a groupon and knocked that item off our summer list right off the bat!

The first thing we did when we arrived was attend an animal show. 
And after the show was over, Luke and JJ wanted to touch one of the snakes .  Luke also wanted to HOLD THE SNAKE...THE PYTHON ...AROUND HIS NECK.  Oh my.

 They met all kinds of animals...emus, kangaroos, birds, more...

We enjoyed all the animals, and also the cave tour.
It was a great day!

 The pool where we are members has been under renovation over the past few months, and opened about three weeks late this year.  This gave us an opportunity to try out some other things we normally wouldn't have.  One Saturday afternoon, we took them to the "beach" at Barren River Lake.  They decided that was pretty neat.

 June has also been a time for some camps...JJ attended camp at Scott County with Buddy, and Greenwood High School with Conner. 

 Sydney really enjoyed her first Lady Topper volleyball camp too.

We checked out a ton of books at the library and have reading time several days a week.  Usually Sydney and JJ read on their own, and I read aloud to Luke.  Sometimes I read to all three of them from a chapter book.  And other times, they take a turn to read to Luke.  I love these moments.
On a beautiful and hot day in mid June, Jeff took a day off and we headed to Holiday World. 
It was such a great day.
Luke was thrilled that he was over 48 inches and could ride the big rides. 
There is only one ride which he can't do yet -the Thuderbird roller coaster-it was my turn to do that one with JJ!
He did ride the Raven and the Voyage(!!) and would've done the Legend
too but Daddy was roller coastered out.

We tried to do it all.  We spent most of the day in the waterpark but found time for big rides and kids area too.  They are at such a great age because they like it all.

They thought they beat their mom on the slide but I caught up and passed them at the end :)
It makes it even better that they have a great place for Holly to stay while we are there.
This is something they look forward to all year long!

 We took to the downtown one afternoon to cool off in and play in the fountains,

and played a little too much on the slip n slide at home....oops!
That just meant the sprinkler needed to come out and made for even more fun-
The Saturday of Father's Day weekend, we headed just south of
Nashville and went river rafting on the Duck River. 
What a great new experience this was for the five of us.  We completed the 1.5 mile float three different times and it was a great day.  This is something we will all be excited to do again someday.  The kids loved floating and swimming!
We celebrated one awesome Daddy for Father's Day with a morning at church and an afternoon at home.  It was a wonderful day fit for the best daddy.
After the pool renovation meant a late opening of three weeks, we were ready!
And we weren't the only ones ready either.  We joined a line on the first morning the new pool was ready.  And, let the summer pool days begin!
JJ earned bragging rights of being the first to go off the high dive, the low dive and the slide.
The new kids pool is a hit also. 

We've are blessed to spend many summer days with our friends the Crosby's and have done a day in Owensboro, play dates at each others homes, movies and pool days!  We enjoy spending time with them in any/every season, but summer is always extra special.

The last weekend of the month, we celebrated Sydney's birthday with a group of her friends at Chaney's.   We took advantage of the showing of Star Wars: Force Awakens at Ice Cream and a Moovie.  She was lucky to have all 8 of the girls available to come and of course her two brothers.  They had a great night of jumping, playing, eating ice cream and watching the movie...

The last four nights of the month, we were able to participate in a backyard bible club through our church.  Four beautiful summer nights were full of teaching, games, songs and fellowship.  The kids were excited each and every night and we are just thankful for all God is doing in our family. 

June was great but went oh so fast. July promises to be fabulous too.