Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Summer of Swimming

What a great summer of swimming it's been! 
It's been the first summer for the renovated pool and also the first
summer that no swimmies or vests are needed.  AND, since we have all outgrown afternoon naps, our pool days are often longer than in the past.

They've learned to dive and flip and enjoy playing for hours and hours together.

There's not much I enjoy more than the pool on a hot summer day....especially if I'm with them.

Looking forward to a few more visits to swim before the season wraps up!
And thankful for the great summer it's been....

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Training Wheel Free

Our home is officially training wheel free! 
Luke was determined that this was the week to begin riding his big boy bike and he has done it!

He moved quickly from just being able to ride a few feet, to a few houses and running into a yard,
to riding all the way around the circle and more in just a couple nights.
He is going up and down hills, using his brakes, and steering successfully. 
He is a proud proud boy!

Way to go Luke-you are doing so well at riding that bike!!  Now I will have trouble keeping up with you when we go out for a ride.

Jeff-you did a great job----and you are 3/3!
The kids are so lucky to have a dad like you helping and running alongside
of them, in this and many other things.
 Enjoy :)

Friday, August 12, 2016

K, 2nd & 4th

Wednesday was the first day of school for all three of my sweethearts.
It is such a blessing that they can all be at the same school for the first time ever. 

Luke is starting off his first year of school in Kindergarten.

He is so used to being at Plano that he walks around like he owns the place.
His teacher is Ms. McAnelly.

JJ is a big 2nd grader! 
His teacher is Mrs. Henderson. 
He is most excited to be in another split class and
somehow got all five of his best buddies in his class!


It is hard to believe by my Sydney is already in 4th grade!

Her teacher is Mrs. Tinsley.
She is most excited that she got the teacher she wanted and
is in class with Audrey for the first time in five years at Plano. 

I hope it will be an awesome year of growth for all three of them. 
I think it's going to be a GREAT YEAR-
I know it will be an adventure!

Monday, August 8, 2016


Saturday was Little Panther Prep for you and we had a chance to meet your teacher, Ms. McAnelly.
Ms. Holcomb will be your aide, just like with JJ.
Wednesday will be your first day of school.

My selfish heart sinks when I think about this precious stage I've been blessed with over 9 years (and 5 1/2 with you) coming to an end.  But this week is about you---it's about you starting a new journey as you join big sister and big brother at school!   You are mostly excited but a little hesitant too. 

I am happy for you because I know how ready you are.  I am happy for you because you are smart, healthy, energetic and determined.  I am happy for you because you have a great school to attend.  And I am happy for you and all the opportunities you are going to have.  You are an amazing little boy and I have no doubt you are going to do great things!

I will miss you so so much and I am so incredibly thankful that I've had the chance to invest in you and your development.  I want you to know that we have had the best time playing at home, taking walks, playing with Holly, having lunch dates with Daddy, attending BSF together, preparing you for school, running errands, making fun stops, and so much more. 
I have made it my goal over the past 9 years at home with you 3 to never, ever take even one day for granted.  Every day is so important.  With God's grace, I've done the best job I could.

So, while you go to Kindergarten and make your new path, I'm going jump into this new stage of my life as Mom.  I am determined to do all I can to help you, Sydney and JJ as we make the most out of the years to come.  Love you sweet Lukey, and thank you to the moon and back for all the memories I'll have for the rest of my life! 

See you at 3:40 in that car rider line.....I'll be the mom with the biggest smile.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Rest of Summer Break

July was a great month.  We started off with a holiday weekend at home and pool visits, sparklers, grilling out and meeting up with friends to watch fireworks on the 4th.

Rain threatened the evening of the 4th but we lucked out and had a great evening.
After we returned from Texas late on the 9th, it was time for camp(s)!
Luke was so excited to attend WKU's baseball camp, and he had a great week.
Sydney and JJ attended Arts Alive the same week. 
This was Sydney's fourth year and JJ's second. 
It is a real treat to watch them in their performance to end the week,
and it's great for them to share the time with special friends.

To celebrate my birthday, we went to the drive in to see the movie they had been waiting for since last summer...Secret Life of Pets.
They are so into and sweet about our birthdays at this age.
It was nice and hot and we spent time at the pool together, as well as attending a special event for  kids at Chaney's Dairy Barn , put on by WKU Athletics.

In mid July, Jeff and I spent a couple days in Florida at Disney.  It was a quick trip but a great time.  I am so blessed to have the chance to do life with him.

One of the biggest highlights this summer was Sydney's first trip to church camp!
I was so excited for her and she was both excited and nervous before they left.

We didn't get to talk with her for three days. 
Thankfully it was a huge success and she loved it!!!
She couldn't stop telling us about it and what she experienced.
She built on some friendships, and made several new ones. 
She jumped out of her comfort zone and tackled some pretty cool challenges. 
We are so proud of her,

and excited for her and all the opportunities she will have in the years to come.

It's hard to reflect about summer around here without the pool.  We have spent many days at our newly renovated pool and we have all 5 thoroughly enjoyed.  They love having sweet friends and each other to play with day after day.  Sometimes we open it up, other days hit in the afternoon, but their favorite is probably going at night.  The pool will be open til late September, but we are all sad to see our routine pool days coming to an end.

The week before back to school, we took off for Opry Mills. 
I took them to their first visit to Dave & Buster's and shopping at the Lego Store.
I loved spending that day with the three of them.

The last few days before school have been/are filled with baseball practice and the beginning of Luke's season, pool parties and pool time together, and lots of playing at home.

The summer is such a precious blessing in my life. 

To my three sweet gifts-thank you for making summer break the best!
...wouldn't trade the time with you for anything.

Of all the fun things and times we've had, the most memorable thing for me is getting to enjoy you enjoy each other.  You play Legos upstairs for hours at a time, make up your own games, or whatever....sometimes I just pause and thank God as I listen to you laugh, talk and plan.  You sleep together upstairs together every single night and that is a big deal to all three of you.  Your relationships fascinate me, as so much of your lives revolve around each other.  

God's perfect plan was that you would be a total of 3 1/2 years apart and that becomes more apparent to me each day...beyond blessed that he trusted me to be your mom.

Although none of us are ready for school to begin, there is a lot to look forward to in August and beyond.  I am prayerful that it's going to be your best year yet.
Love you all more than you'll ever know!